Norwegian BreakawayThe Royal Gazette reports that Bermuda customs officials arrested two cruise passengers from the Norwegian Breakaway for possession of marijuana and drugs. 

A passenger from New York pleaded guilty to possessing ecstasy, cocaine and cannabis. 

According to the newspaper, cruise officials notified customs officers of a smell from the passenger’s cabin. The customs officers entered and woke up a the passenger, who was sleeping. He allegedly admitted that he was in possession of the drugs. He opened the cabin safe which had "25 green pills, five yellow pills and a white powder," later determined to be ecstasy, a prescription drug and cocaine.

A local magistrate fined the passenger $3,950.

A second passenger from California also pleaded guilty to possessing pot. Cruise ship officials and customs officers searched her cabin when she was not there. They opened her cabin’s safe where they found the pot. She explained she had been prescribed pot for medical reasons.

The magistrate fined her $1,000.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Dickelbers


  • Tim

    I will not cruise to Bermuda. Period. And, I don’t do drugs. While ashore, I would be wondering the whole time if a previous cruiser left something illegal between the cushions.

  • Tom

    Tim, clearly you are not aware of basic law. There is a distinct difference between finding illegal drug locked in a safe along with other personal items belonging to the passenger and some leftover weed found in the cushions of the couch that cannot be linked to the current passenger. You would never be arrested and convicted in your couch scenario.

  • tinikini

    Uh, Tom I wouldn’t be so sure of that… are in a foreign country, basic American laws don’t apply to you….anything can happen to extort money out of you and make that bag between the couch cushion yours…not the previous passenger’s. Clearly, you are not in touch with reality.