Roatan HondurasThe La Prensa newspaper in Honduras reports that President Juan Orlando Hernández approved legislation last night at a cabinet session to declare that guns are prohibited in Roatan and the Bay Islands.

The article is entitled Gobierno de Honduras declara desarme en Islas de la Bahía.

The newspaper says that the initiative is part of a program to free tourist areas of violence in the country to encourage tourism.

The president declared the Bay Islands as a zone free of weapons with the objective of substantially improving security and promoting the island as paradise. 

Emilio Silvestri, head of the Institute of Tourism, said that it is urgent to remove firearms from the tourist sites.

Seems like it a desperate policy to me.

Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world, with some of its police and national soldiers corrupt. The islands are supposedly safer than the mainland although a crew member was shot and killed this year and cruise passenger and tourists were robbed at gunpoint. 

What the saying?  When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.


Photo Credit:  La Prensa

  • Cesar A. Gonzalez

    Czar Gnzz Dear Jim, needless to say and regardless of your extensive coverage on Roatan, the Caribbean Ultimate Destination, new port calls and airline arrival are happening every week with an incremental flow of visitors at a sustained rate of 15% p.a. Restaurants such as Beacher’s Bar & Grill, Blue Marlin Roatan, Wilson’s Blue Lagoon and prime destinations like Gumbalimba, Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort, Tabiana and West End Beach, Roatan, Honduras are busy. Summertime and the livin is easy!! Well you need to come see this bring your family or your girlfriend, Don’t be shy, pack some cool T Shirts and flipflops. Want to play golf I can arrange an appointment. Want to discuss business with me Roatanlawyers, lets sit down over the best tea on the island at LALA Gallery and Garden Cafe .Want to eat some good baleadas lets go to Los Fuertes! Call me!

  • Nancy

    We are retired from the U.S. and live in the Bay Islands…this is NOT a good idea. This WILL NOT keep the bay islands safer and will have less retirees or anyone wanting to buy property…WE would have not moved here if this was a law in effect when we bought!!!! These islands are more like living in the wild west and you must protect yourself…the crime will increase no doubt.

  • Tulio del Cid

    So sad to hear about the assessination of a crew member in Roatan. The fact of the matter Mr Walker is that if you feel unsafe in Roatan, stay at home! But bear in mind, that there were 69 murders in Miami alone in 2012!! Let us make honest to good efforts to let visitors come visit Honduras where 99% of the population is honest and good. We are caught in the crossfire of narco activity. Guns or not, Roatan and the whote Honduras Caribbean coast is the safest, accesible and awesome destination.

  • Kasandra

    all my life that I’ve been here on the island, I have not yet been robe by gun point, but I can say I’ve been broking into but that is every where in the world, one thing for sure, at lease I can still walk into town without looking over my shoulder, I don’t need guns to protect myself, all I need is God, and he has been protecting me since….

  • That idea is just as idiotic as gun control laws in United States – by the very definition of the word “criminal” – criminals will not care about obeying the law prohibiting them from having guns, but law abiding citizens will be denied the right to defend themselves.
    Idiocy know no geographical preference sadly…

  • Edward du Monceaux

    Hi Jim, You do need to research your facts. We share the flag of Honduras but little else. We are physically, culturally and demographically removed from the country. Roatan has a murder rate 1/3 to 1/2 of the majority of the popular tropical tourist destinations. This includes the Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc. Its documented. So while you are welcome to spew out bad press about the mainland if you so wish, do your readership a service and provide accurate information on the destinations you cover. Drop in to the island. You will change your opinion more in line what the rest of the world who has been here knows. I don’t believe you have actually ever been here, correct? Makes it pretty tough to be an expert then, doesn’t it?

  • tinikini

    Your last sentence took the words right out of my mouth, Jim. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. You must control the ones behind the guns. Law abiding citizens use guns for their protection, criminals use them to break the law and kill people. It is not rocket science.

  • Kristoffer
  • Jones
  • Bob Mac

    Question. When was the last mass shooting at a Cinema or school in Roatan?

  • Kristoffer
  • Stir Fry

    Edward du Monceaux:

    You get a grade of “F” for failing to include statistics and scholarly references in your glib posting.

    Makes it pretty tough to be an expert then, doesn’t it?

  • Yo!

    Not sure about this one Jim.

    Honduras’s’ notoriously lax gun control hasn’t stopped it from becoming murder capital of the world, or from being a particularly violent country going back many years.