Belize 7 News reports in an article "BTIA Gets Their First Day In Court Against NCL" that the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) is trying to block the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) "mega cruise development" on Harvest Caye in Southern Belize.

BTIA argues that under pressure from Miami-based NCL, Belize’s Department of Environment (DOE) rushed the massive and environmentally unsound project and avoided consulting with the public in Belize.

The news source quotes the lawyer for the BTIA saying that the DOE refused to provide the public with notice of the project and an opportunity to object to the Miami-motivated project:  " . . . they were Harvest Caye NCL Projectrushing the thing and doing it in breach of the law which is set up there to make sure that the public has full opportunity to participate."

In April, the San Pedro Sun reported that there was resistance to the project with local residents objecting to the flawed Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and the procedural impropriety of the DOE for failing to follow statutory procedures.

The newspaper indicated that NCL and local supporters of the project hosted a wine and filet mignon party on the Norwegian Jewel to convince the local media to support the Harvest Caye project.

Read NCL Wines & Dines the Media While Frosting the Harvest Caye Cake.

This area has beautiful, ancient coral reefs (see video) which will be destroyed by the dredging to accommodate NCL’s large cruise ships.   

Consider what Royal Caribbean did to the coral reefs when it expanded the port in Falmouth, Jamaica


  • Sylvia Eiley

    Please don’t allow this to happen…..not just because I grew up in this area, but because it is so bad, I have seen what these cruise ships destroy….the environment …..please save this beautiful place for our future generations to see and we all know the environmental impact this will be in this area….please people in charge of stopping this, stop this….now!!!!!

  • Jerry

    What a nightmare…..

  • John Willms

    Go get them.. The people of Belize do not want this and the government should be taken to task for accepting the “bribe” NCL paid for the permission to go ahead without the proper vetting.

    I am behind BTIA. GO Belize!!!

  • Andrea

    Have seen too much damage in the wake of cruise ships. It will destroy the reefs, which are already fragile enough. Can’t stand to think of the environmental impact on this beautiful part of the world. I own property here and I didn’t buy it for this to happen.


    I just booked a cruise with NCL and was looking forward to coming to Belize. We have always went on the Bannister Island excursion and shopping in Belize city. I just noticed that we will be going to Harvest Kaye instead. I’m disappointed that NCL pushed this. I guess they were trying to copy the Disney cruises and their private island. I’m sorry, belizians. I really am

  • Aretha K.

    This is so tragic for the Belizean people and environment. The money pocketed by the greedy politicians who approved this will never compensate for the immense long term damage that will be a continuous nightmare for our people and natural resources. Unfortunately, politicians are easy to buy in Belize. These are representatives whose secretaries have far more impressive qualifications than they do. Go figure!