In less than three days after Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernández declared that guns are prohibited in Roatan and the Bay Islands, a young man was gunned down early on Sunday morning. 

Teledifusora Insular reports that Henry Alexander Almendarez Orellana was shot by two men in the early morning hours of July 13th.

The crime reportedly took place where the young man lived in Barrio La Punta of Coxen Hole. 

Roatan HondurasThe online source says that police are trying to figure out the identity and whereabouts of the perpetrators of this killing. The murder occurs just when the Government of Juan Orlando Hernández has declared a general disarmament of Roatan to safeguard this main tourist destination. 

Last Friday we reported what we predicted would be a futile policy, Roatan: Gun Free Zones.  

President Hernández blamed U.S. drug policy for sparking violence in Central American countries and driving a surge of migration to the United States, according to an interview published today in a Mexican newspaper.

The U.S. State Department updated Honduras travel warning in June mentioned Coxen Hole as a place to avoid after dark.

Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world. 

Murders against local residents in Roatan, like this or this, are rarely solved. 

  • Cathy

    So sad your just trying to thistroy suck a small Island. Why you don’t post all of the cryme that goes on in the United State, and other Country’s. Sad to see your making money of slandering and Destroying this paradise.

  • I will like to aske a question why are y doing not only in Honduras has crime all over the world their is crime so please stop it what you are doing trying to harm that country.

  • Sue

    shame on you. shame on you. Roatan is a wonderful island. although all the attention you bring to our wonderful island only makes her more popular. She is growing rapidly and with growth comes crime, anywhere in the world. We are a very close group of people on the island, we march together, we help each other. Tourists come to Roatan to party, drink and flaunting all their high tech items and wealth. If you go to NYC you dont do that. Our new mayor is working very hard to make Roatan a more safe place and kudos to him. Walker why dont you get off your butt and come down here and see what a great place it is. I would gladly take you around the island and show it to you and the wonderful people of the island.

  • Carmen

    I was just in Roatan last week and had the most wonderful and safe time, people were nice and helpful. I don’t know what you are talking aout, crime happens all over the world, in Roatan or Honduras there are no mass murderes, or people that go into schools and shoot innocent children. Roatan is such a beautiful place, wonderful beaches and some of the most amazing coral reefs you’ll see. I love Roatan.

  • Jayson

    Hi, I am Jayson Morales Mechanic Engineer I cam to Roatan las January
    I see is a wonder Island like paradise, and listen clear I work on Cayman Island
    The last 7 years, and i See many crime a raund and the people still can to that
    Island to enjoin on vacation, what you loking for ahh! You now Roatan o course not,
    Please stop to said that thing from my Island you don’t now nothing abaut to this beuty full
    Island, Thanks.

  • Russ

    Just like anywhere else in on this planet the island will have their share of crime,I an island native and do not depend on tourism but many of my friends and family do and your just slandering the island for what purpose? This is not a tourist related or expat crime that it should be relevant to this site, are you going to report about someone who stole coconuts or the the lady who walked away with my Flip Flops next?. Be fair in your reporting, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, Houston,Tampa are a few places you can find higher crime and murder rates that in the islands. Yes Honduras has a high Crime Rate “Per Capita” but I’ve seen women and children go missing on a daily basis on the news in the US in Ports where Cruise Ship are and yet jump to this about the islands for no reason. You seem very bitter towards the islands just because people have written to you about your reports, your an educated man, your beyond this petty stuff so please show it and be a little compassionate with the people you get up every day to cater to the people who visit. You are damaging someone’s livelihood and trust that the residents are trying to make the islands safer and most of these crimes do get solved. I’m sure if you check in all the Caribbean islands Roatan probably has one of the less percentage in crime rates in the Western Caribbean (Cayman, Jamaica, Mexican Riviera, Belize, Puerto Rico Etc)

  • I live here

    Roatan is a shit hole check my ip i live here. Come get shot if you like. Aside from the beach, everywhere is void of any life aside from crackheads and prostitutes past 8 pm

  • Tricia Rolston Power

    Mr Walker,
    Has it occurred to you that the people of Roatan and the Ex-patriots who live here defend our island so fiercely because you are reporting false information and lumping us into the crime and murder sprees that are happening on mainland Honduras?. You have unfairly chosen our island to pick on and yes, we are all very tired of it. It is not perfect here by any means but as close to paradise as one will find in todays world.

  • Stir Fry

    Darn. I’m late reading this. I had hoped to welcome all the regular business and travel shills to spew their tired rhetoric in response.

    This includes but is not limited to the shills inability to face facts and statistics, the detract and deflect approach sprinkled with irrelevant and incomparable opinions passed off as fact somehow, the hostile defense including false accusations, and the just plain nutty like Russ who for some reason felt the need to work flip-flops and coconuts in to his post.