I returned from a two week vacation last week to find that our blog was picked as one of the top 20 cruise blogs by readers of USA TODAY.

The newspaper and "10 Best" are now asking the public to pick the best blog out of this group.  At the end of the voting on July 11th, a "top 10" list will be published.

You can see the listing here.  

Best Cruise BlogI have picked my top cruise bloggers over the years and have listed the most popular cruise bloggers in terms of traffic.

The USA TODAY top 20 list includes many of the bloggers who I have picked in the past: Chris Cruise, Captain Greybeard, CruiseMates, Expert Cruiser, Peter Knego’s Decked (Maritime Matters)(which is really outstanding), and Cruise Maven.

At the moment, Carnival Cruise Director John Heald is the top vote receiver. 

I was surprised that this blog made the list. The other 19 bloggers promote the cruise industry and never criticize it. Our motto, on the other hand, is "everything the cruise lines don’t want you to know." 

The voting continues for the next three weeks.  You can vote once everyday.   

Vote here.


  • Astrogal

    I voted for you Jim because your blog is unique, it’s not all fluffy good news stories about the cruise industry but tells the cold, hard truths that many people don’t want to know. I enjoy cruising and have never had a bad experience while on a cruise vacation, however, I do appreciate being informed about the “what ifs” as it makes me a more educated and safe traveler. Thank you!

  • Kristoffer

    I put in my vote for you too, because you speak the truth.

  • tinikini

    Same here Jim, I voted for you as well. Your blog makes us better, well informed travelers. Thank you!!!