This week I ran across a video of a "quadcopter" (also called a quadrotor helicopter or a quadrocopter) flying over the beach in Fort Lauderdale.

What’s interesting is that the quadcopter quickly catches up with Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas. It flies behind and far over the giant cruise ship for a few minutes. 

It seems rather amazing that a little copter like that can fly so far and high and fast, and it can be safely controlled from so far away.

The video was shot and edited by Carlo Vaccari.  You can see his Facebook page RC Copters here.  

It was disappointing, however, to see an incredible amount of diesel / bunker fuel smoke billowing out of the ship. It’s particularly nasty around the 5:00 minute mark. 

A year ago we blogged about a quadcopter buzzing the Costa Concordia – QuadroCopter Operators Arrested in Giglio for Filming Costa Concordia.


  • J Christie

    I presume there will be some sort of police investigation into why this guy was able to overfly the ship with his quadcopter. OK, on this occasion, the rationale behind doing so appears to have been entirely innocent but one doesn’t have to have an overactive imagination to come up with other potential uses to which these devices could be put.

  • Gary

    I agree on all the issues of buzzing the ship, but as a commercial pilot I find this unbelievable. Not only should these quadcopters not be flown over 300 feet, but he is flying in the control zone for Fort Lauderdale International (surface to 4,000 feet) and in an area of helicopter approaches. Neither of which I’m sure this operator understands. Quadcopters have a great potential, but it is instances like this that will require strong regulation. This video really needs to be addressed by the FAA.