The owners of the Atlantis mega-resort in Nassau are worried about the U.S. report on the high rate of crime there, according to the Nassau Guardian

The U.S. report from Department of State states that armed robbery and sexual assault are all on the increase in Nassau and these crimes are affecting tourists and cruise passengers, including around the hotels, resorts and casinos. 

Over the years, Atlantis has experienced significant problems with crime. Tourists have been robbed at Atlantis Resort Bahamasgunpoint and the resort’s own employees have attempted to rob the casino. You can read about the crime here:

Official: Security foils robbery at Bahamas resort

Tourists robbed outside Atlantis

Last September, the Nassau Tribune reported that Atlantis was “very concerned” about a crime warning issued to cruise passengers by Carnival cruise line.  Atlantis seemed afraid that the cruise line might scare off the resort’s potential customers by warning its passengers of the crime problems ashore before the passengers disembark.

You can read our article: Atlantis Discourages Carnival from Warning Cruise Passengers of Crime in Nassau.

Nassau needs to get a grip on crime and its effect on tourists and cruise passengers.

Atlantis has to reassure its lenders that the situation is under control as it tries to refinances its debt. But the cat is out of the bag. Few rational people can dispute that the island has a problem. The cruise lines are seeing fewer and fewer people actually get off the cruise ships.  

It’s a house built of cards. They could all fall down. Atlantis, the cruise lines, and the Bahamas tourism people are all hoping, and praying, that a tourist doesn’t get shot. 


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  • clardel

    Do not worry about the heresay, the Bahamas is a safe and fun destination for all American tourists.

  • Ronald Redman

    Clarel, go smoke another crack rock, because you must be a Bahamian travel agent or Bahamian realtor trying to sell me the Brooklyn bridge. Your country would sell nails to Jesus and tell him there for hanging photos on the wall just for the tourist’s money. Your country’s murder rate record is broken every year, and your telling the public it’s safe? I thank God for people like Mr. Walker who is keeping us Americans safe from dishonest governments such as the Bahamas.

  • Don Sayman

    like many things in life there is no simple answer.
    money is the key issue as always. most cruise lines have stock holders, crime costs money lots of money.
    fighting crime costs money lots of money. sorry the country of the Bahamas does not have enough money to fight crime properly. building jails is not cheap, adequate police cost lots of money. I am sure cruise lines weigh the profit to be made with the danger of losing money. take a chance. OK converting from tourism to industry is a solution. takes time. we do four to six cruises a year, most going to Nassau. we rarely leave the ship or dock. safe not sorry.

  • Bahamian

    What is your beef with The Bahamas?

  • Debbie

    I don’t think anyone has a beef with the Bahamas. What all of us are saying is that many of the cruise destinations have a very high crime rate and unless this problem is fixed, and soon, you will lose the cruise ship dollars. People do not want to come to a country where they do not feel safe. Bahamian you need to see the bigger picture that we are seeing. I have been visiting Nassau since the 70’s and have seen a steady decline in safety and cleanliness over the years. The vendors have become far more aggressive towards tourists as well. People do not respond well to this. They already do not feel safe and then to have a vendor up in their face as well. I for one can tell you on our most recent visit to Nassau we made a wide berth around the straw market and even then we had a vendor come up behind us and try to sell me one of her necklaces by trying to place it around my neck without my permission. That is not right at all.

  • marianne

    Let me tell you about my long time bahamian national partner and friend. His american wife was robbed in their home in front on their small children with a gun wielding bahamian robber. They called the cops who never came citing they didn’t know the location, amazing but true story. Not only is there crime but the cops are inept, to be kind. She ended up trading her wedding ring, laptop computer and TV’s for their life.

    There is is no beef with bahamians its the unfortunate truth.

  • Kristoffer

    Bahamian, what is your beef with low crime rates?

  • Don Sayman

    sure cannot understand why most people on this blog seem not to understand it is all about money, money please leave out how much you love Utah,florida,or Africa it is about money get over it thanks kids

  • Steve

    I don’t think Atlantis is being truthful when they say Carnival’s warning about crime is affecting their business. I was on the Carnival Sensation a few weeks ago, and no warning was given during booking, boarding or when they were pitching their tours on the first day. Only the night before docking in Nassau, when we returned to our cabin after dinner, did we see a warning on the bottom of the Fun Times newspaper. By that time, if someone had booked a tour, it would have been too late to cancel, as the no refund policy had kicked in. It might discourage some people from going the Atlantis on their own, but that’s about it.

    We always read your blog and took the cruise knowing full well what was going on in Nassau. We just wanted to get away for a few days and stayed on the ship. Carnival’s warning is hollow. They should warn passengers of the problem when they book the cruise, purchase tours on line or at the tour desk.

  • Don Sayman

    having visited Nassau about 32 times since 2000 we feel that if you book a tour on the ship and follow along carefully, you will have no problem. it is the thrill , drug seekers off the path that get in trouble. STEVE is right the warning by the different cruise lines is totally useless. when you receive it. It is too late. Caveat Emptor

  • Shelly

    We honeymooned in Nassau (Atlantis) in 2005. It was perfect. We took a Carnival cruise in 2011 & went back to Atlantis. Debarking the ship we were met with strict military officials with guns out & ready to go. I was put back a bit, but thought maybe that was the norm for their port. As we stopped at our other ports we never saw anything like that. We are currently booked on a Royal Caribbean cruise in 2015.. the first stop (which wasn’t the reason we wanted this route) is Nassau. I’m now worried after reading these articles. Maybe we should stay on board. Thanks for alerting us, keep the news coming.

  • Fred Collman

    Bahamians are the most pushy, uneducated, rudest people on this planet. Where else can you find drugged out drunks cat calling sexual advances at an 11 year old girl; my daughter? Yes, believe it or not, that was our vacation in so called “Paradise”. And cable beach should be called “Beer bottles and empty marijuana bags beach”, what a filthy place. We ended up leaving two days early because my wife threatened to divorce me if we stayed any longer. Picking this dump for a vacation was, is, and we be the worst mistake of my life, and I will have to hear it from my wife for the rest of my life.

  • T.T.56

    Mr. Collman, didn’t your travel agent inform you that
    Nassau, Bahamas is a crime ridden ghetto? Next time do your research before endangering the lives of your family.

  • Annie

    LOL! Holy mackerel! Fred Collman! If I was your wife, I would have divorced you! LOL! You cheap bastard, LOL! Take her to a nice place like Cayo Coco,Cuba, Kaya,Bonaire, Rum Point,Grand Cayman; NASSUA, that’s like telling her life sucks!? LOL! I would have loved to seen her face when she told you “I want to get the Hell out of the Bahamas”!….HAHAHAHA! OMG! I’m going to wet my pants! Oh my God, I forgot my adult diapers! LOL!!!!!