In an exclusive story, Cruise Line News has learned that cruise industry giant Carnival Corporation recently incorporated its business in the United States (in the state of Delaware). Carnival intends to announce this historic development tomorrow, April 2nd, at Carnival’s headquarters in Miami.

Since 1972, Carnival has incorporated its business and registered its cruise ships in the country of Panama. For over 40 years, Carnival cruise ships have flown the flag of Panama in order to avoid the onerous safety regulations, excessive labor laws, unreasonable environmental laws, and high taxes of the United States of America.

Cruise Law News’ discovery of this historic event came about when prominent maritime lawyer Jim Walker bumped into Carnival’s Chairman Micky Arison at court side when Arison’s championship basketball team, the Miami Heat, won another game. Maritime ace lawyer Walker asked Arison: "Micky, if Dwayne Wade and LeBron James earn several hundred million dollars from Carnival and pay tens of Mickey Arison Miami Heat Carnival Cruisemillions of dollars in U.S. taxes, don’t you think it is fair that Carnival – which earns over 15 billion dollars a year in cruise ticket sales – pays its fair share of U.S. taxes?"

Perhaps it was the euphoria of the Heat beating the Portland Trailblazers by two points in a close victory, but Micky was ecstatic. "Yes, let’s do it!" he said handing maritime lawyer Walker a half-eaten hot dog and three-quarters of a warm Bud Light which a Miami cheerleader handed Micky in the first quarter of the previous game a few days earlier.

While quickly consuming the beer and hot dog in the excitement of the moment, expert cruise lawyer Walker happened to have U.S. articles of incorporation which he handed to Micky to sign as well as U.S. flags to fly on the Carnival fleet of cruise ships.

Arison has been under intense pressure lately following fires, collisions, sinkings, poop-cruises, pirate-attacks, flounderings, Concordia-disasters, norovirus outbreaks and a Jon Secada concert which have ruined the last 37 Carnival cruises.  Senator Jay Rockefeller recently called Arison a "scallywag" on national TV. Rockefeller challenged Arison to pay his fair share of U.S. taxes on the billion-dollar bounty his foreign-flagged cruise ships collect from the U.S. taxpaying citizens on the high seas.

Micky commented that he was embarrassed that his father Ted, the founder of Carnival Cruise Lines 40 years ago, denounced his U.S. citizenship in order to avoid paying some 10 billion dollars in U.S. taxes.

Arison admitted that he felt guilty selling 1% of his Carnival stock for a $395,000,000 profit while suspending the crew member’s retirement benefits.

"I want to make certain that Carnival pays one hundred % of our U.S. tax obligations (estimated to be over $5,000,000,000 a year) plus be subjected to the most rigorous U.S. safety, wage,and labor laws and the most stringent U.S. environmental regulations, Micky announced over the arena’s PA system! "I want Carnival Cruise Line to be synonymous with Old Betsy – the U.S. Stars and Stripes – what the U.S. stands for! Its time that indigent crew members from India and Nicaragua who earn $500 working 360 hours a month be entitled to the full benefit of U.S. employment laws, a 401(k) retirement fund, severance pay, and a college fund for their children!" 

While appreciative of Arison’s change of heart, sources say Walker was miffed that Arison demanded that he pay $6 for the remains of the hot dog and $7.50 for the rest of the Bud Light.

  • Mr Cynical?

    This IS an April Fools Joke, right?

  • John Goldsmith


  • Richard Tipton

    Is this for REAL or APRIL FOOLS? haha…that would be unbelievable if true…but incredible news for Carnival employees. Would that mean they would actually earn a U.S. minimum wage??

  • This is the same story posted last year on April 1st. Is this going to be another April Fools joke from Arison?

  • Yes, April Fools. Unfortunately, it’s the same joke every year.

  • Saugat mohanty

    That was the best april fools joke i ever heard.Thanx to Mr.Arison.

  • Karla

    Arison feeling embarrassment and guilt – dead giveaway if I missed the other fools cues.

  • tj

    If it is so they are not going to hire workers from Philippines or India. They need to apply for work visa and so on. This is April fool s×××

  • Seadog

    If Mr. Arison makes the mistake to incorporate his profitable business in Delaware, he will probably end up Bankrupt like many of the large American corporations. There is a positive spin about this April fools…the taxation rules in Delaware are great !

  • I hear that incorporating businesses offshore is a good way to avoid U.S. taxes, wage & labor laws, and safety regulations. What do you think about cruise lines incorporating in Bermuda Seadog?

  • John Holland

    Yes Jim, I remember it from last year.

    Still funny, but think of something else next year.

    On QM2 in Singapore next Thursday. Will be in touch if the soup is cold!

  • Jayne

    Aww… I was about to quit my job and work for Carnival! This is never going to happen, is it?

  • John thanks for your comment; the joke is now 3 years old; I’ve run the same story for three straight years . . .

  • Rejikumar

    If Mr.Micky Arison had declared this one year then I would have never taken my retirement after 12 years of service and would have continued working in Carnival cruise lines in US.