The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 111 out of of 2122 passengers (5.23%) and 6 out of 790 crew (0.76%) have reported ill with gastrointestinal illness involving vomiting and diarrhea. The Royal Caribbean ship was on a 7 day cruise from Baltimore.

You can read the CDC report here. The CDC hasn’t figured out yet whether the gastrointestinal outbreak was caused by norovirus. 

Cruise expert Professor Ross Klein reports that cruise passengers have received the following Grandeur of the Seasinformation in an email:

"Hello, this is Royal Caribbean International. We would like to provide you with some important information regarding your Saturday, April 5th, sailing onboard Grandeur of the Seas out of the Port of Baltimore. During the ship’s last sailing, a number of guests experienced a gastrointestinal illness. We will conduct enhanced sanitizing onboard the ship and within the terminal to help prevent any illness from affecting your cruise. Therefore, your check-in and boarding will be delayed. Because space and seating in the terminal is limited, we ask that you not arrive to the port before 2:00 PM. Check in will take place between 2:00 PM and 4:30 PM."

I always wonder about the effectiveness of "enhanced cleaning" when the CDC can’t determine what the disease is much less how it can aboard the cruise ship.

Any passengers cruising this week please let us know whether the virus was eradicated or whether the outbreak continues.


 Photo Credit: Wikipedia / J. Glover

  • Ray Smullen

    I was told someone on board the Grandeur of the Seas passed away during the cruise. All I know is the person that died, was on Deck 8.

  • Marianne Cashman

    This is upsetting . We are due to leave this Saturday April 12th ,,,and we just got a message that our boarding will be delayed …by four hours….. This apparently means that it was not irradiated during the cleaning last weekend after the previous cruise!

  • Kerry Thomas

    I am sailing this Saturday the 12th and just got the same exact message. I’m disturbed that this means there was an outbreak two weeks in a row!

  • Carl

    I was on a cruise in Feb. on Granduer, and I was appauled by watching several people going in the area to eat with out squirting hand sanitizer on their hands, I mean the staff stands there to squirt it for you, I say no squirt then you don’t eat.

  • Keith

    I leave tomorrow on Grandeur of the Seas. Worried? Yes a little but if you take precautions everything “should” be ok. They (staff) do take precautions as well.

    I agree with Carl!

    Washie, washie or no foodie, foodie!

    See everyone tomorrow!

  • Nancy

    I will be traveling on the Grandeur this Saturday as well and our check in time was delayed 4 hours! I will be brining my own bleach wipes and anti emetics on board. Wish us luck!

  • Ken

    Carl, Those hand sanitizers don’t mean a thing. Why? All it takes is for someone to rub their mouth, their eyes, even their nose, anything with a mucous membrane/bodily fluid, and they are not sanitized any longer.

    What the cruise lines need to do is upon embarkation, is to take every single passenger coming aboard aside and take their temperature. If they have a fever, they don’t get to sail.

    These sicknesses get aboard ships because sick passengers board the ship when they should have stayed at home. And when you think of it, we have the technology today to perform temperature checks without even sticking a thermometer in a person’s mouth.

    In the meantime, I hope for the best, I wash my hands frequently, and stay far away from anyone who even remotely appears I’ll.

  • It would be a good idea for cruise lines to allow those who are sick to cancel, with a doctor’s note, to avoid infecting everyone else on board. Of course, passengers could lie to cancel for other reasons, but it would be better to take that chance than to have this cycle continue to damage the industry that needs to be proactive about outbreaks.

  • Jessica King

    We just got off the Gradeur of the seas. The April 5-12 sailing. Very nice cruise. We were in a suite on deck 8. I have read the post about a passenger passing away on deck 8. I am glad I did not hear that before the cruise. Very sad. They were crazy with the sanitation on the ship during our sailing. I have been on 8 other cruises and nothing compared to it. There was one person on our floor who got sick. It was interesting there room had a small round fluorescent sticker above the door. I did not see any other stickers on any other doors on our floor. I did not look on other floors as I figured they had the situation under control. I guess they had the sick guest quarentended in their room. There was another guest that mentioned 2 of the people they were traveling with we’re sick in their room. My daughter said that a kid got sick for a day. We did not hear anything else so I would think they are doing a very good job handling a horrible situation. Hope it helps anyone boarding the next sailing.

  • June McNett

    I was on the Grandeur of the Seas cruise March 28-April 5. We heard there were many sick people but it was still a great cruise. The crew took such good care of us keeping everything clean. No salt & pepper shakers or creamers on the tables, could not even pick up your own plate in the Cafe. We ate most of our meals in the dinning room. You just had to be very careful about touching anything and keeping your hands clean. I am glad I had no children on the cruise, I saw kids sliding down the stair railings, touching everything they could. One lady thought it was a good time to go to the infirmary when we were all waiting on the stairs trying to get off the ship one day, touching everyone trying to get around them on her way down! The crew did a great job.

  • Brian

    My daughter felt ill after the day at cocoa cay, they wanted to blame that on the neurovirus instead of actually checking her out. She was in the sun all day and did not drink any water, most likely dehydrated. She also ate at the buffets late, after one was closed and the other was preparing to close because the lines were so long.

  • Rick Du Bose

    My wife and were aboard Grandeur during the April 5 – 12 sailing. Great cruise but they overdid it with the hand sanitizing. We even noted crewmembers in Tyvek on our initial trip to our stateroom. Think the issue of illnesses stems from too many drunks on board. Case in point, we had to navigate a pool of rum punch puke on our way back to the ship from Coco Cay. Too much sun and booze is the recurring problem!