Multiple news sources are reporting that an outbreak of a gastrointestinal illness has stricken "at least 66 passengers and 17 crew members" aboard Princess Cruises’ Crown Princess.

A spokesperson for Princess Cruises says that the nasty digestive bug is likely norovirus. 

There have been 6 prior gastrointestinal outbreaks on cruise ships calling on U.S. ports this year. There were just 9 in all of last year.

We have been contacted by passengers complaining that passengers were sick and there was a strong smell of vomit in the hallways.

Norovirus has plagued the image of the cruise line. There was a massive outbreak aboard Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas in January. A recent Harris Poll revealed that norovirus was one reason why the public does not perceive cruising as safe or reliable.  

We previously reported on a norovirus case involving the Crown Princess – Here We Go Again: Norovirus Sickens 100 Passengers on Crown Princess Sailing to Galveston

April 10 2014 Update:  The infected count is now at 104 passengers and 25 crew members on the Crown Princess.


  • Charles Allen

    Just got off the ship. Do not believe the ships outbreak numbers it is way higher than that. We sat at a table of 8 and 6 of which had the virus and my girlfriend was the only one who reported it. Then they never picked up any of our CDC paperwork to turn over. We still have it. When guest learned they would be confined to there rooms they stopped reporting it so they could get out a little when feeling better.

    My point is if they lie about reporting cases to CDC then could they be held liable???

    I will also contact CDC regarding this but right now I am in pain again.

  • Anonymous

    I was on the ship and was confined to our cabin for 72 hours. I feel I should be compensated for the lost days. I was told to write a letter to Priness???? I too have the CDC paperwork.

    I believe the numbers were much higher.