Earlier this morning we posted an article on Facebook about a terrible maritime disaster involving a South Korean ferry carrying 462 passengers and crew members.

The ferry is the Sewol and was carrying hundreds of school children. The official count was 325 students and 14 teachers

The ferry was sailing south to the resort island of Jeju. it apparently hit something, listed and quickly sank.

There is no indication yet what caused the disaster.  

Many students on the sinking ferry sent heartbreaking text messages to their parents.

A CNN video is below:


  • RS

    On gcaptain.com, by someone’s count this is the 100th pax vessel lost since 2002.

    “As an exclamation point on the seriousness of the tragedy unfolding offshore South Korea, the sunken RoRo-Passenger (RoPax) vessel Sewol is officially the 100th passenger vessel lost since 2002”

  • Lorianne gerghty

    I’m sadden and sicken that another ship without safety precautions, had caused another devastating lost!!!!