Pullmantur EmpressA newspaper in Brazil reports that the police arrested crew members on a cruise ship who were smuggling 100 pounds of cocaine.

The Globo newspaper identified the cruise ship as the M/S Empress, owned by Royal Caribbean and operated by the Royal Caribbean brand Pullmantur.

The police officers arrested Honduran crew members after finding 333 bags of cocaine weighing 100 pounds. The drugs were found in the crew members’ cabin in several bags hidden in coffee pouches.

The drugs were intended to be delivered to Europe.

Royal Caribbean said that it has a “zero tolerance” policy regarding illegal drugs on its ships.

The cruise ship was previously operated by Royal Caribbean International as the Nordic Empress and Empress of the Seas.

Photo Credit: Top – Reuters / Bottom – Wikipedia (Borodun)

Pullmantur Empress Cruise Ship

  • Mario Haddad

    I´m motivated to share this post because in this week alone, this is the second article I´ve read that Jim posts bashing Honduras.
    I am trully sorry about the Philipino murder, and now lord knows who the hell those Honuran blamed crew members who smuggled blow on a crusie ship were….
    My point to you Jim is, the way you are bashing our country is devastating our small tourism industry and I think your interests are so totally away from protecting tourists by informing them of crime activities in our small country. I believe your ultimate goal is to have some eyecatching material & apparently interesting content to write about so ur blog continues to sell, in the meantime, your utter disregard to bash our small tourism industry continues to fluorish!!
    My point is, why NOT write about the hundreds of crimes that occur DAILY in Manhattan, LA, Honolulu or Miami???? Or better yet, the daily assaults of tourists in Jamaica and Bahamas???
    JIM, you have NO idea of the damage ur articles are causing on our very small tourism industry, which by the way is the means of support for islanders living in Roatan…thanks to your article, after the Philipino incident, the Norwegian cruiser cancelled its weekly visits to our island…
    I mention Manhattan as an example of the point Im trying to come across U and your readers cause I´ve gotten mugged and assaulted many a times in the big apple, and you don´t see any articles bashing tourism in NYC and any other US city for that matter, just because some low life idiot robbed you…..
    I would urge you to reconsider your thoughts about your articles, and for the love of GOD, please focus on publishing some of the most beautiful atributes ROATAN, Guanja and Utila, (Bay Islands) in Honduras has to offer to the world of tourism….for example, our snorklin and scuba diving experiences are amongst the BEST in the world…we´ve got people flying in all the way from Sidney my friend and leave our small but drop dead sea shores amazingly stunned by its natural beauty which its rare to find now a days….
    Hope you trully meditate on the content of your next article regarding Honduras….I trully hope you would focus on our countries attributes and NOT on our weaknesses….
    Mario Haddad

  • Zero tolerance???

    Zero tolerance? They must be having a laugh!!! What about those Atlantis charters????

  • Hao Luo

    we are chinese crewmember,recently ,more and more chinese crew menbers are being recruited by the cruise companies,which gives everyone the chance to work overseas,however,there are also lots of discrimination to us.we meet some racists call us “yellow man”
    “chinaman”or other abusive words.most of us have no chances to get promoted unless you offer something to your supervisors,and all the chinese crew member cannot get their next contract as other nationality crew members can get it as soon as they get onboard,thus makes us have to wait a long time at home

  • Hao Luo

    actually very few chinese crew members dare to complain about it onboard as they are afraid if they complain the situation would be worse.and the ship company are trying to block those negative information,which they think will damage the image of the company.

    almost nobody care about the situation inside the ship and in the chinese sociaty as cruise industry is seldomlly know to most people,and crew member for sure is the minority group,they don’t want to tell those sad stories to their parents,and they cannot seek any kind of legal assistance from anyone or anywhere as there is totally no that kind of things in china.