The Bahamas Weekly reports that Nassau police officers – on a tip from cruise ship security personnel – arrested two U.S. passengers from Massachusetts. One was a 27 year-old woman and the other was a 28 year-old woman.

Around 9:30 AM on Friday April 25, 2014, police officers from the "Tourism Police Unit (TPU)" went onboard an unidentified cruise ship docked at the Prince George Dock and arrested the two passengers "who had a quantity of marijuana in their possession."

Nassau BahamasThe newspaper said that the cruise passengers were arrested for possession of "dangerous drugs." 

At a time when cruise passengers are afraid to go ashore into Nassau because of crime and the harassment of tourists by locals hawking drugs at the docks and in the straw market, the Bahamas tourism police are raiding the cruise ships and arresting guests who have no intention of bringing pot ashore?

We have talked about this foolishness before:

Reefer Madness: Bahamas Magistrate Taunts & Shakes Down Royal Caribbean Potheads.

April 30 2014 Update: The Bahamas Weekly reports that yesterday "A 58 year old man of Spring Hill, Florida is in custody after he was arrested for possession of dangerous drugs on Tuesday 29th April 2014.

According to reports, around 3:30 pm, Officers from the Tourism Police Unit (TPU) acting on information, went onboard a Cruise ship docked at the Prince George Wharf, where they arrested the man who had a quantity of marijuana in his possession. The man will appear in later today to be formally charged."


Photo Credit: Wikipedia / TampAGS, for AGS Media

  • Gl Greene

    Jim I’m not sure where you’re coming from in these two posts. Are you saying it’s ok to break the law if it’s just a little pot? Or are you are saying there are more important things for the police to be doing than busting pot heads? If the latter, then we need to clean up our own act…we have a much bigger problem in that regard right here in the U.S. What about the police in the U.S. arresting and detaining people for just taking a photo in public spaces? And that’s not even a crime! The Bahamas should be the least of our worries.

  • Dumbfounded

    Where’s the ships security when passengers go overboard? But, they have time to focus on an issue that is fast becoming a non-issue in the U.S.?