A number of news sources are reporting that the national police and special forces in Honduras arrested a suspect last night for the murder of the Norwegian Cruise Line crew member in Roatan.

The Honduran newspaper Tiempo reports that an arrest of Guzman Ramirez has been made in the murder of NCL assistant cook "Jacob."

The suspect was hidden in the home of relatives, located in Coxen Hole, just 400 meters from the murder scene.

Guzman Ramirez Roatan MurderWhile capturing the suspect, the police seized a .38 caliber revolver, allegedly involved in the murder. (The newspaper states that the crew member had two gunshot wounds, one in the left arm and another in the chest).

The newspaper states that the suspect was detained for drug possession in January but was quickly released by the police. 

The Honduran police originally arrested two other suspects but released them.

The newspaper also states that the suspect is originally from the Bay Islands and is not from the mainland of Honduras as many people thought. Many people in Roatan have informed us that the Bay Islands are peaceful and their crime problems mostly stem from the mainland.  

You can see other photographs of the suspect and the arrest here – CAPTURADO HOMICIDA DE FILIPINO.

We were the first in the U.S. to report on this terrible crime. You can read the initial accounts here.

NCL quickly announced that it is pulling its cruise ships from Coxen Hole for at least a week. 

Royal Caribbean is continuing to sail to Roatan although passengers from that cruise line have been robbed at gunpoint.  

Carnival is still sailing to its facility at Mahogany Bay in Roatan despite cruise passengers been robbed at gunpoint

Honduras is one of only two countries (the Bahamas is the other) subject to a critical crime warning from the U.S. state department.  You can read the warning here. Honduras has the highest murder rate in the world and has had such a record since 2010.

  • Russell Munoz

    He is in fact not a native Bay Islander, his father works as a caretaker on property and that’s how this scum ended up here on the island. There are only a few Spanish communities on the island who’s inhabitants have been around for more than 5 years. Most houses in these towns are rented and the turnover for tenants are a few months, people come cant find work and return and some stay to do just what this person did, commit crimes and ruined the islands good name, native islanders are passive in nature.There is a crack cocaine issue in most of these areas so Non Violent crimes such as petty theft happens same as any slum areas in most countries.

  • Cyndra Hess

    Why do you not raise the responsibility of the cruise lines to assure proper behavior of their employees when on shore? Cruise ship clientele waving expensive phones and IPads make themselves targets for theft. Employees should know better!! But perhaps there is more to the story?? It is being said by credible sources here he was with the man’s wife in an act of prostitution and did not pay. This story has been relayed so quickly as one about someone being shot over the stealing of a phone. It is much more complicated than that and it would be good to wait until the facts are known to publicize denouncements and categorical charges about Roatan. I am sorry for the man and his family and wish him the best but please what is your grudge against the Caribbean? It is obvious you have an agenda!

  • Kelvist Espinal

    Toda la razón Sr. Russell la mayoría de os isleños nativos son pacíficos y de buen corazón, lo mas importante es que esa escoria ya esta bajo las rejas de la prisión, los hondureños somos pacíficos, yo no soy isleño pero en mi propia ciudad se esta dando estas cosas porque el gobierno no se interesa en purificar el trafico de drogas de las ciudades de honduras, a mi parecer ese bandalo andaba drogado para cometer tal delito.
    Pero si el gobierno no hace nada hay que trabajar nosotros en comunidad para sacar a Honduras de esos problemas.

  • Cyndra:

    Your IP address indicates that are in Honduras.

    Your comments are completely untruthful and disgraceful.

    Our agenda is to warn cruise passengers and crew members of dangers ashore in port of call. The most dangerous ports of call are in the Caribbean, like St. Kitts, Belize, and the Bahamas. Honduras is at the top of the list.

    Jim Walker

  • Francisco

    For a week?, is an one time case.

  • K Akrdge

    Thank you, Jim, for responding to Cyndra. She, indeed, is not seeing this incident without bias. I lived in the Caribbean for 2 years and constantly “watched my back.” I sincerely hope that the cruise ships teach a valuable, fiscal lesson to Honduras by not using any portion of it as a port stop for a minimum of a year. When the other crime-ridden ports see how that impacts Honduras’s economy, government officials will, hopefully, implement better safety measures for tourists as well as stiffer penalties for those who commit the crimes.
    By the way, I was on the Norwegian Pearl when the crew member was callously murdered. The Captain made the announcement; his heavy heart was evident by his words and many of us shed tears along with him.

  • steven liuzza

    i was on this very cruise when the murder occurred.

    I was scared to death in Roatan. the port itself is safe, but to wander past the closed area is very dangerous. After leaving the confines of the port, i was immediately bombarded by locals who wanted to show me from one bodega to the next (they were right next to eachother and no need to assist. they would try to lead tourists further and further from the safe areas; which in my opinion there were none. i pretty much ran away back to the ship in fear.
    the murder happened much later in the day after i had retreated in fear back to the safety of the ship.

    i have never been on a cruise before, and expected beautiful shores and safe ports. boy was i wrong!
    the ports all were very poor countries where tourists were constantly the pray of choice for he local riff raff. particularly Roatan and belize were sad scary places to be. the beautiful shorelines and countryside were only safe on expensive cruise line excursions.
    i have no intensions of ever going back to the south american caribean.
    I have to wonder why these cruise lines even go there…certainly it is not in the interest of passenger safety. i advise that any one planning to go to these cruises and areas reconsider.

  • Ed Toadvine

    I was on the NCL Dawn when our captain announced that a crew member of the Perl had been shot and died in Roatan. NCL canceled our stop their for Tuesday. I have found NCL and all the other cruise lines that do the Caribbean to be very concerned and do inform its passengers of problem and dangerous areas around the ports. Most of the Caribbean is safe and many of the natives to these areas respect Americans. It is sad to see the Caribbean changing. My wife and I have been on many cruises with the different cruise lines and we will continue to do so. They deliver a excellent product at a very affordable price. I also, applaud NCL in there decision to drop Roatan from their ports of call until the Government of Roatan takes serious issue with these thug like criminals.

  • Richard

    I was also on this cruise and listened with a heavy heart as the captain made the announcement (which I have a lot of respect for him doing so). My experience on the island of Roatan was a very nice one. That being said, I NEVER go exploring on my own in any unfamiliar area. If I leave the protected port area it is strictly on an organized shore excursion booked directly through the cruiseline. My hopes are that the cruise line has checked out these excursion companies to verify that they are legitimate. My girlfriend and I went on a Snuba excursion on Roatan and had a wonderful time! The only time I was the least bit nervous was on the drive to the resort on the extremely narrow mountain roads LOL

  • John D

    I lived on the island from 2006 to 2011. It was a beautiful place but is riddled with crime and murder. My family and I moved back to the states after our neighbor (another X-Pat) was raped and brutally attacked! My wife witnessed a tourist get his throat cut in West End. As I feared it sounds as crime has only worsened.

  • Vivian

    My husband and I were on the Pearl when this crewmember was killed. In fact, we went on an excursion that day, which included a walk through a jungle area. My husband was not drinking enough water, and passed out on the trail through the jungle.

    The tour guide insisted we stop at a clinic, and we received wonderful treatment from the clinic staff, the tour company rep, and the rep. from the port authority who stayed with us and delivered us back to the ship safely.

    We were thankfully not aware of Honduras’ crime history at the time, and I am grateful for the caring and careful assistance we received from everyone, and especially our native Honduran tour guide Lisa.

  • Mario

    I have just read the review you have about the killing of the crew member, the government of Honduras need to give out the identity of the killer