Nassau Bahamas Crime Cruise ShipOur article listing the top 10 most dangerous cruise destinations in the world hit a raw nerve in the Bahamas. 

The Nassau Guardian published two articles quoting government leaders’s responses to making the list. The Guardian first published Bahamas’ Spot on Crime List Causes Skepticism, Concern." Later, the Guardian published  "Official: Most Dangerous Cruise Port Claim Not Accurate." 

In a blog article entitled "Crime Levels Continue to Be Major Problem for Destination Bahamas," the Journal of the Business of Caribbean Tourism, Travel & Hospitality writes: 

"In the NB12 report (below) Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe does well in showing his clear understanding of the situation and the potential damage that can be inflicted on the country’s number one industry. Conversely, Minister of State for National Security Keith Bell – also interviewed in the NB12 report and one of the primary figures leading the fight against crime – appears to be in denial and suggests that the country is being painted unfairly. While both Ministers have different portfolios of responsibility, the Government of The Bahamas would do well to send a more unified and coherent message about their specific plans to address crime, making the city safe for visitors and locals alike." 

No one wants to make a "top 10" list for something like this. But unlike other countries which made the list, the Bahamas has shown a respectful and polite tone and demeanor in responding to the criticism. 

After a one minute commercial, the news story starts at the 1:02 mark:


  • William Rembowski

    Took a recent cruise to Nassau. I hadn’t been to Nassau for 45 years, when it was a British ruled colony. I wasn’t expecting to see such rife poverty. My girlfriend and I walked to the Bahamas Museum of Art and got into a seriously sketchy neighborhood. It was the middle of the afternoon. Saw signs of gangs everywhere. Was warned by a couple people that we shouldn’t be in that area. Took a different route back. Will never go to Nassau again, I don’t care if the cruise was free.

  • Tammy

    William, go to your nearest church and thank God that you and your girlfriend are still alive. What you did most tourist don’t make it back to their hotel alive. Our country is going through a drug gang war that is clamming two to three young kids a day by murder. Again William, bless God’s name as soon as you can. God bless you my brother……Tammy