This week we have been asked questions about rough weather which apparently bounced Royal Caribbean’s Grandeur of the Seas around. Today I ran across this video about a passenger;s experiences abord the Grandeur.

A Pennsylvania news station, WHTM ABC 27, reports that passenger Patti Hill Bocassini was ending her 10 day vacation aboard the Grandeur when rough weather struck as the ship was heading back to Baltimore. 

The passengers had enjoyed great weather but the cruise ship encountered 20 foot waves and high winds which the captain said were caused by the Nor’easter ahead of the ship. A "rogue" wave allegedly hit the Grandeur and caused some damage.

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abc27 WHTM

  • JaNiece

    She must have had a lot of “cocktails”. I was on the same cruise. There were horrible winds/waves and there was damage, a crack in the top deck and we lost some railing. However, the deck did not collapse into the deck below.

  • Martine

    I was on the same ship also. I have to agree with Janiece, there were strong winds/waves but the deck didn’t collapse into the deck below. The captain explained the situation really well to reassure the guests. There was some damaged to deck 10 which is above the promenade deck on top of the ship. That part is made of aluminum, there was a crack and one of the top railing was gone.