WAVY.com reports that the U.S. Coast Guard medevaces a cruise passenger from a carnival cruise ship last night.

The Carnival Splendor notified  the Coasy Guard around 10:45 p.m. last night that a 66 year old man was in medical distress. An MH-60 Jayhawk helicopter was dispatched from Coast Guard Air Station Elizabeth City, North Carolina to assist.

The helicopter crew arrived at the cruise ship around 1:30 a.m. about 50 miles east of Wilmington and hoisted the passenger. The Coast Guard took him to Wilmington International Airport where he was transported to New Hanover Regional Medical Center.  



  • Andy Smithers

    I will ask it again! Why is the Coast Guard the ambulance service for the cruise industry? What price is exacted for the service either by the victim or the cruise line if any? This is a very common news item on the blog. Are the tax payers footing all of this? If a person is medical evacuated by chopper land side you can be sure that 2000$ or more will be expected in payment usually from the the victim.

  • Amanda

    I took a behind the scenes tour on a cruise and the patient will be billed if they are air lifted. It’s not free. Everyone travelling should be purchasing travel insurance. They will provide coverage usually up to $30,000 should you need to be air lifted for emergency medical treatment. There are doctors on board but they can’t handle life threatening emergencies.

    What would you expect the cruise lines to do, let them die or call for help?

    You can’t call the coast guard an ambulance service for the cruise line! They are there to help and would go out to any private ship who had someone injured as well or if in distress.

  • Amanda:

    The U.S. Coast Guard does not bill anyone for the services which it provides. The U.S. tax payers foot the bill. The cruise line pays nothing.

    Cruise passengers who are dropped off at ports of call, such as in Mexico or the Caribbean, and need air ambulance services back to the US. will have to pay for these type of services. The expenses easily could be $30,000. All passengers should purchase insurance to cover medical evacuation and medical expenses expenses.

  • Alysha Newman

    I was on Splendor when it happoned. It was a dangerous rescue. We had 15-20 foot swells and it took the chopper like an hour to rescue the man. The rescuers did an amazing job. They almost had us dock in SC but we couldn’t get there till 7 Wednesday morning. Waiting would have lessened his chance to survive. I hope he is doing good.