Oriana Cruise ShipThe British press is reporting that the Oriana cruise ship has returned to port in Southampton with “dozens” of passengers sick with norovirus.

The 19 year-old P&O cruise ship ended its cruise around the Canary Islands early because of propeller problems. The Daily Echo newspaper in the U.K. is calling the ship “cursed” because of the norovirus outbreak.

The Daily Echo says that the ship returned to port on Wednesday due to propeller issues and passengers were permitted to stay on board and using the facility until Saturday. However, 57 passengers on board were then struck down with the highly contagious norovirus.

P&O Cruises offered refunds and credits to passengers, but some passengers said they might sue.

The cruise line said that it started “enhanced sanitation” protocols.

P&O Cruises also released the familiar PR statement: “the safety and comfort of passengers and crew is always our number one priority.”


Photo Credit:  Wikipedia / Pjotr Mahhonin

  • Valerie Smith

    We were on Oriana on it’s 1st March cruise “In Search of the Northern Lights”. This was the cruise following the Canary Island cruise when the ship returned to Southampton early with propeller problems. We were 10 hours late sailing as the divers were still working on the ship. At no time while we were waiting to board or indeed to sail were we informed about the Norovirus outbreak. I myself contracted the virus.

  • m.

    We sailed on the Oriana Northern Lights cruise 3rd March. Lots of people ill with norovirus, including my friend. Specialist cleaning team flown in at Alta, people were still going down with it. Blocked toilets (four times in our cabin with an overflow of sewerage on one occasion)Flooded cabins including ours. Not once did we receive an apology. Break down of cooling system for engine on leaving Alta which meant we were then behind schedule, we then hit storm and didn’t make last port call in Bergen

  • Ian Linn

    March 24th 2014
    Now back in Australia after a disgusting experience on the Oriana Northern Lights cruise, in simple terms damaged ship, full of Norovirus, late start, late in ports, did not even make Bergen, food poor, service non existent staff rude. The salient point is that we were not informed of problems prior to sailing and constantly harangued about our personal hygiene whilst we witnessed untrained staff slopping disinfectant all over tables and walls. We will never travel with P&O again.

  • P & G Hansom

    Our first and last cruise with P&O. Excited at the prospect of seeing ‘Northern Lights’ – not informed of problems ‘Oriana’ had experienced prior to our late boarding in Southampton. Problems aboard took away our excitement of the cruise. Mechanical breakdowns, Norovirus (which we were not informed of prior to cruise departure-but constant reminders from Doctor on board regarding personal hygiene). Staff who were, we felt, not trained sufficiently in people/passenger skills, some even quite rude to passengers. Big disappointment not being able to see Bergen, admittedly refund of our tour cost and a compensation amount given to each passenger, which to us appeared their guilt at happenings during our cruise. We appreciate storms along the way cannot be foreseen, however, surely these happenings are taken into account prior to planning cruises, and itineraries planned accordingly.

  • A. Smale-Saunders

    lust returned on 23th oct.2014 from a holiday from hell on the Oriana. so many problems, and 11 days from home were told we had norovirus on board. we spent the next 10days trying to keep away from public areas to try and avoid catching, but the day of disembarkation we both went down with it, also 2 days before we returned my husband developed respiratory problems.
    reported on several occasions unhygienic staff, wiping there noses on there fingers or arm and then serving passengers with food. Never again will we cruise p&o

  • Sandra Pooley

    Just returned on the 31st March 2015 from Oriana Northern Light cruise which went up to a level RED for Norovirus. Seems the same old problem, they are unable to clean the ship properly and blame the passengers for bringing Norovirus on board. It is my opinion that P&O are cutting staff and not giving them the materials to do the job properly. This lovely ship is being run into the ground.