Popular Mechanics - Cruise SafetyThe March 2014 edition of Popular Mechanics is out. It has an interesting article about cruising. 

The article is entitled "Troubled Waters – Cruise Lines Have Stumbled Badly Over Safety. Here’s What They Need to Do."  

The article takes a look at some of the disasters and debacles over the last few years, including the Costa Concordia capsizing and the Carnival Triumph poop cruise. Its also takes a look at some of the lesser publicized although very deadly incidents such as the lifeboat failure two years ago on the Thomson Majesty which killed 5 crew and seriously injured three. 

Popular Mechanics interviews the who’s who of experts in the cruise industry, including former NCL cruise ship captain Bill Doherty who has testified before Congress on cruise ship safety issues, International Cruise Victims (ICV) organization CEO Kendall Carver, and a Carnival security director Barry Marushi. It cites cruise safety expert Dr. Ross Klein’s data base of man-overboard cases.  

The magazine takes a look at 4 problems with the cruise lines: (1) crew incompetence; (2) "breakdowns and blackouts," (3) poor passenger training, and (4) "security holes." The article analyzes the problems and offers practical solutions.

The article is an eye opener if you are an average family just looking for a fun and safe vacation.

One issue with the cruise industry is that it is crippled by its own arrogance, in my opinion. The cruise lines tend to instinctively reject anything proposed by victims groups or neutral and well-intended parties. 

Unfortunately, there is not a link to the article currently available.

If you are interested in these issues, be sure to head to the newsstand and pick up a copy. I bought 25 copies for friends so if you want a copy, send me an email with your address. I’ll mail you the magazine while they last. (February 18, 2014 – No Longer Available)