Carnival Triumph Power LossYesterday a television station in Louisiana reported that the infamous "poop cruise" ship Triumph suffered a power story.

Carnival told KATC that the power outage was extremely brief – "8 minutes."

Because it was Friday evening, no major news stations covered the story. We published a short article and reported the Carnival quote that the outage was allegedly just "8 minutes." I placed quotes around eight minutes because it sounded bogus to me. 

I thought that as soon as the passengers got off the Triumph, we would hear a different story that what Carnival was saying.

All of the popular cruise bloggers, who are essentially cheerleaders for the cruise lines, repeated the Carnival quote – "8 minutes." The bloggers took the Carnival PR statement hook, line and sinker. They "reported" on the brief power loss as no big deal. 

This morning, passengers are beginning to leave comments on our article. The first person said the power was out for almost one hour. The second person said there was considerable confusion with the crew telling them to put on their life jackets and go to the muster station while other crew members told them to take their life vests off and report to the Lido deck. A third person said that the outage was 1 to 2 hours and there was substantial confusion. A fourth person said the power was out for one hour but the crew handled the situation well.

Another person said there was burnt and frazzled wiring which caused the smoke. Carnival said yesterday that it was just some smoke from an incinerator. 

Carnival Triumph Power LossYou can read the comments here.

The cruise lines’ problems with their image and reputation have more to do with how they act and what they say after a problem like this than the problem itself. Being dishonest about a loss of power on the high seas is a serious breach of the public’s trust. 

If the cruise line is lying about the length of the power outage the question arises whether it is lying about the cause of the power loss too?

If you were on the cruise, does anyone believe that the power was for just eight minutes?  How long was it?

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Update: Carnival Triumph: "Frazzled Wires" Caused Smoke & Power Loss"

  • robert

    My family and I were on the triumph and the crew and the passengers stayed calm through most of the situation and made the best of it with some mingling. It is true that the power was out for about an hour but emergency lights were on within about 8 to 10 min. This is our 3rd cruise with carnival and will continue to cruise with them. We actually spoke to very many fellow cruisers who felt the same way.

  • Drew

    Was on this cruise and this link on cruisecritic by a fellow passenger gives a very accurate account of events.

    Did we have full electrical power with engines running and underway in eight minutes? No.

    Partial electrical power was probably restored within eight to ten minutes, and as explained in numerous PA announcements by the Cruise Director, it was going to be a graduated power back up culminating in engines getting underway again as the last step.

    We were two couples traveling, both men fairly recently retired military. Following initial announcements, we made a thorough 360 walk of the ship on our own (down to deck 1 up to deck 10) for any evidence of smoke and every staff member we ran into was calm and we noticed no panic on anyone’s part. We were aft deck 4 in Paris dining room when the shutdown occurred and when we left, there was a faint smell of fuel in the elevator area, but no hint of smoke at all.

    Very professionally handled from our standpoint. Absent any hard evidence of a more serious situation that was kept from passengers, I felt all announcements were timely and informative.

  • Doug Matheson

    I was also on the Triumph yesterday at about 3:00pm when the power and propulsion went off suddenly. Within about the 8 minutes stated, the lights and other electrical systems started coming back on. The PA never lost power and the Cruise Director, Jen gave regular updates as to the status. There was no “considerable amount of confusion”. Propulsion was restored within the hour.

    If there had been any kind of electrical fire as you intimate, there would have been no way that all systems and propulsion would have been restored within the hour.

    Give it a rest. You weren’t there.