Cruise Ship CrimeToday, "America Now – News You Can Use" aired a video about the issue of cruise ship crimes.

The video shows images of 15 cruise passengers who were victimized during cruises. 

Although cruising appears to be a "hassle-free" vacation, there are crimes which occur. The number one crime is sexual assault, with over 30% of such crimes involving minors.

One of the problems with crimes on cruise ships is that there is no independent police force.  The security personnel are employees of the cruise line. There is a conflict of interest which occurs when a passenger is victimized, particularly when the assailant is a crew member.  

Interviewed during the program are Jamie Barnett, the President of the International Cruise Victims (ICV) organization, and Laurie Dishman who was sexually assaulted during a Royal Caribbean cruise to Mexico.

Photo Credit: NBC



  • John Goldsmith

    Is there a place where one can go to see the actual statistics on all cruise ship crimes and over a certain period of time. I would like to see all the overall numbers. There are so many sides of so many stories that I would like to see more actual facts and less sensationalism.What site can I access?

  • Stir Fry

    Thank you for your site. I’m smiling along with you at the trolls on this board defending this awful industry.

    The low wages, long hours, lack of background checks, finding that life aboard is different than the recruiter described, and economic disparities between passengers and crew must certainly breed frustration, exhaustion, and bitterness.

    Add to the mix, passengers who have had too much to drink or are criminals to begin with on a floating city where security videos and photos disappear when there is an incident and little cooperation from the cruise lines makes for a risky vacation.

    From everything I’ve read, I think it’s clear there are criminals working and traveling on these ships. So easy to hide and move cargo including people off the ship. I think this is what happened to Amy Bradley – drugged in the early morning by Yellow in the disco, then taken down the disco staff elevator.

    Royal Carribean’s recent project of fast Internet and virtual balconies but no man overboard system says it all. So easy to throw someone overboard to cover up the crime.