Splendor of the Seas - Rough WeatherTwo weeks ago, a storm hit Royal Caribbean’s Splendor of the Seas, breaking plates, bottles and glasses and causing concern among the passengers.

According to the Brazilian newspaper Diário Catarinense on the night of January 23rd, passengers who were aboard the Royal Caribbean cruise ship reported "moments of panic and tension" after a the ship faced a storm between Argentina and Uruguay.

The newspaper says that the cruise ship tilted 7 to 10 degrees, permitting water to enter parts of the ship.

The captain of the cruise ship had warned the passengers earlier in the afternoon that the ship would be encountering rough weather.

Nonetheless, the events that evening surprised and frightened many passengers.

"Many people shouted that the ship would sink, and all were going to die," said one passenger. Others screamed and some laughed nervously about the effects of the storm on the ship.  Watch the videos below.






Photo and Video Credit: Diario Catarinense 

10 Responses to Rough Weather Rocks Royal Caribbean’s Splendor of the Seas

Unsurprisingly, the wait staff performed exceptionally, even under these additional difficulties. They did not abandon their guests, and helped to maintain a level of calm by their own behavior. I doubt that they were, or ever are commended by corporate for their selfless service. I sure hope that at the very least, at least a few of the guests personally commended them.

if the Captain knew that he was heading for bad weather, why didn’t he seek shelter as freighters do or run with the weather or was keeping to the schedule probably under instructions from the company the priority – would be interesting to know!

I can say this staff who works on Caribbean are very well trained, I sailer whith them and are awesome persons, kind, helpful and very good people!
I want to congratulate the Caribbean for the such good work of all tge staff who works here!

Interesting in the video there are no announcements on the PA telling the guests and crew that every thing is okay. Makes you think this was unexpected and captain wasn’t on the bridge, or in the very least, a cruise director, to make an announcement.

When you are on a ship at sea, you have to expect movments! I see people wanted the ship to seek shelter??? She is not listing much at all, never i danger!
There is not many places to seek shelter at high seas!!

And as I can see, the ship was never close to 10 degrees listing at all!!
!0 dergees listing, you would see all people struggling to hold on, and all loose thing flying away!!

And yes I know theese ships, more than 10 years in RCCL!!

OMG, really??? The screaming. This is ridiculous. You’re on the ocean, what do you expect? Things like this can happen.

The ship has a schedule and you can be sure that if it missed a port or came in late, the screaming from passengers would much worse than this.

Stop being stupid people!!!

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