Holland america Line Bare NecessitiesCruise Critic reports that a Holland America Line (HAL) crew member assaulted a woman aboard HAL’s Nieuw Amsterdam yesterday.

According to Cruise Critic, HAL released the following statement:

"A 31-year-old female U.S. citizen on board ms Nieuw Amsterdam was assaulted by a crewmember in her cabin early this morning. The female guest was cared for in the ship’s hospital and was in stable condition prior to disembarking the ship today in Roatan, Honduras, for air transfer back to the U.S. Holland America Line is providing full support to the woman. We are shocked and deeply saddened by this incident. The safety of our guests is our utmost priority.

The crewmember was placed under guard where he will remain until remanded to authorities. The FBI and other appropriate authorities were notified. A thorough investigation is in progress.

The ship is on a seven-day Western Caribbean cruise which departed on Feb. 9, sailing roundtrip Fort Lauderdale."

Holland America Line - Bare NecessitiesCruise Critic says that the cruise was organized by "Bare Necessities" which is a nude cruise travel company.

We last wrote about "Bare Necessities" when the Royal Caribbean cruise line kicked off a disabled cruise passenger from its cruise ship during a Bare Necessities cruise.

We have attended six Congressional hearing where crimes against cruise passengers have been discussed. Cruise lines will suggest that such incidents are "rare" but sexual assaults occur more often than companies like HAL will admit.

The HAL cruise ship returns to port in South Florida tomorrow. Will the FBI arrest the crew member?

February 18 2014 Update: HAL crew member held without bail after raping passenger and trying to throw her overboard.


Photo Images Credit: Bare Necessities

Read the Sun Sentinel data base of cruise lines assaults, including HAL.

  • John Goldsmith

    I will make a guess here, In light of the recent publicity I would hope that the suspect now in custody will be arrested and charged. I know that Jim will publish all the information as it becomes public.Looking forward to reading the reports.

  • monique

    Let me guess. The victim gave consent. That’s always their defense.

  • tinikini

    I will keep my fingers crossed that HAL does what they say they are going to do with the perp and not let him go…..it will be interesting to watch this story develop….fact vs. fiction. I hope when she has somewhat healed she will tell her story to expose who needs to be exposed and protect future passengers from this horrible act. My thoughts and prayers go out to this woman, may she remain strong!

  • Jeni

    I happen to know the woman this happened to. I can’t even begin to imagine how this could happen to someone so kind and gentle. This sickens me. Details are being held very close but from what I hear, the FBI is involved. She is still out of state in a hospital far from home. I am just so distraught this could happen to her. She is an amazing woman. Compassionate, strong, artistic, creative, gentle and beautiful inside and out. The man better get the highest sentence that can be given to him for having damaged such an amazing soul.

  • Manuel

    Surely, any act of rape is revolting, I agree and have no pity on one who commits such action. Nonetheless, even with what is stated above, there is little valid information on which to base judgement.

    I am concerned by how Mr Walker (author of above article) is creating a link between the responsibility of Bare Necessities for this ISOLATED action. Based on my experience (3rd cruise with BNTT), this probably has nothing to do with BNTT or the fact this was a nude cruise.

    Again, caution is recommended as there is very little valid info about this particular case.

  • Cholis

    Don’t judge anybody you don’t know but think rasionally

  • DNA

    This story is horrific and it really terrifying to think that you are not safe in your cabin -period. It seems very simple to me, 1) Assign entry to female and children’s cabins to female employees only and/or 2) each employee must turn their key in at the end of their shift to security; OR 3) at the end of each employee’s shift – they turn their keys in to their supervisor; while this might be cumbersome it is in eveyone’s best interest, including HAL. It seems many folks commenting on here are blaming the victim or calling her a liar. That is very unusual. I do, however, agree that BN crusies is a BAD BAD idea, it seems that this type of environment invites and perpetuates abuse to occur. Add alcohol to the mix and it becomes downright dangerous. Why people would want to be parading around naked or half dressed is rediculous. Jim, thank you for creating and maintaining this site.

  • Frances Taylor

    Whilst not wanting to waterdown this horrendous attack, why didnt she activate the internal door lock whilst she was in the cabin by herself?? We use the lock if not wanting to be disturbed during the day and every night. Makes sense to me especially for a lone person travelling.