Yesterday a cruise passenger was murdered while ashore in Venezuela’s Margarita island.

The international press reports that "a gunman shot dead an elderly German tourist on Venezuela’s Margarita island," in the latest incident "illustrating the country’s rampant crime." 

Reuters identified the dead man as Goldhahm Hors Kurt, age 76, from Germany.

A German cruise blog explains that the cruise tourist had gone ashore on an excursion from the Carnival owned Aida Aida LunaLuna cruise ship. The crime occurred at a tourist shop in a shopping center.

The El Universal newspaper says that two armed robbers on a motorcycle tried to rob the tourists. A struggle ensued and Mr. Kurt was shot and killed.

Venezuela’s murder rate is one of the highest in the world, and reflects a trend we have observed of substantially higher crime against tourists in the Caribbean region. Last month a former Venezuelan beauty queen and soap opera star Monica Spear was shot and killed when she returned to her homeland. 

The Venezuela Tourism Minister tweeted (@IzarraDeVerdad) his condolences and said that authorities were pursuing the criminals. However, newspapers state that over 90% of murders in Venezuela remain unsolved.

The Aida Luna is a Sphinx class cruise ship, owned by Carnival Corporation and operated by AIDA Cruises.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Frank Schwichtenberg / GNU Free Documentation License 

  • monique

    OMG!! What a tragedy. My condolences to the family.

  • Deli

    We all want to see the world but maybe some places are best left unexplored for our safety. Unfortunately, Venezuela will suffer on a whole if tourism is continuously affected negatively.

  • I have to wonder why Cruise Lines are not boycotting these extremely dangerous parts of the world. They certainly crossed Cartagena off their port lists when that country was overrun by drug lords. Venezuela is in tumult, the most violent country in the hemisphere where poverty is rampant. It should not be on anyone’s itinerary until such time as it is safe again.

  • samuel

    Mi pais Venezuela tan hermoso y tanto que dar al turismo pero lastimosamente gracias al mal gobierno, la inseguridad de mi pais es terrible. Mis condolencias a la familia del señor fallecido ayer en Margarita producto de la violencia. I’m sorry

  • yhon

    It is very weird, I have noticed that in other countries like Colombia, Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, I have heard bad news about tourists that have been murdered there, and there is violence with Bombs including,and that it is worst than the situation in Venezuela, in Mexico tourists have to tied their children with a chain, if not, their children can be kidnapped, kill and they put drogs inside their dead bodies, and no site like this one publish this kind of things saying e.g. This or that country always those things happens.
    I apologize myself cause of the cruel examples, but these examples are as cruel as the German guide killed in Venezuela, there are not excuses for none of the situations described above.

  • John Goldsmith

    Many years ago, my wife and I booked a holiday in Caracas.
    The day before we were to leave a coup happened.The holiday was cancelled and the money returned. I will not travel to Venezuala, or a few other countries in the area.I have wanted to travel and I have to take care for safety. I’m not young enough to run anymore and I need to relax. I will cruise into safe areas, and take care of where I go. I do take personal responsibility for my actions and plans.

  • Ennio Olmedo

    I got a advise for any one who wants to come venezuela, Do not come over here ‘cus it may happen to you, i am the one who take care always about people from others countries, go somewhere where safety is first, there are so many tropical country but do not come over here, it is a shame but even for us is not secure.

  • richard

    For as crew I ve really noticed that valencia is not safe for the cruiser,its better not to go that area condolence for their family,

  • richard seguera

    Omg condolence for their family, I dont really undetstand why many cruiship still visited this place, if the place is unsafe for the tourist, I highly recommended that all the cruiseship must be take away this place so that the goverment recognized it that because of those tragedy crime and everything nobody wants to go their place, dont wait for the next tragedy, this is the sign that this place ia n.ot good for the tourist

  • Eddie Price

    I unfortunately lived in Margarita for a while.The mainland of Venezuela is even more dangerous. If you do find yourself there never put up a fight against armed men and dress down with no watches or necklaces. They target foreigners. I had a gun to my head several times. I was in the end robbed of 42000$ by an expat on the island, Simon Staff who pretended to sell me property