Travel Weekly published an article today entitled The New Wave of Attacks on the Cruise Industry. It was written by a contributing editor, Richard Turen, who runs a travel agency and a marketing group.

Its an interesting article which discusses who Mr. Turen views as the critics of the cruise industry.

He discusses cruise expert Ross Klein, a professor in Canada, who has testified before Congress several times about man overboard cases and crime against children on ships. Dr. Klein also operates the website CruiseJunkie which is the definitive compilation of most everything which goes wrong while cruising.  

Travel Weekly Richard TurenHe also discusses me and rewards me as the "king of anti-cruise tirades" and the "most visible critic of the industry."

Here are a few sentences from Mr. Turen’s article:

"To give you a flavor of Walker’s site, let me quote some of the reasons he does not recommend cruise vacations:

  • ‘Cruise lines are a perfect place to sexually abuse children.’
  • ‘Carnival, Royal Caribbean and NCL are corporate felons.’
  • ‘If you are retired or a child, the cruise line considers your life worthless.’

Jim Walker has appeared on every major news outlet and frequently testifies before Congress. So his impressive background and litigation record against cruise lines must be taken seriously. His goal is clearly stated on his website:

‘If travel agents are going to hawk cruises by advertising all the reasons why you should take your family on a cruise, trust us that we will provide you with the other side of the story.’

Check back on our blog later this afternoon. I’ll publish my response to Mr. Turen’s article and place some of his comments in context and perspective. He has raised some interesting issues which deserve discussion and a larger audience.

January 24 2014 Update: Don’t miss reading our response to the Travel Weekly article.


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  • John Goldsmith

    Good Day Jim,
    I have read the article in question. It was informative.Like any differing points of view, I’m sure that Richard Turens view and your view of the cruise industry are at either end of the spectrum.
    I read all points of view, and as you know from previous comments made by myself, I am not a fan of large coporations whose bottom line is their sole concern. I do enjoy cruising though. Now being aware of the pitfalls of cruising and ports of call I believe enhances the trip. Personal responsibility and
    being aware of ones environment is crucial, whether on a cruise or shopping at your local mall.
    I look forward to your response to this article.
    Although we disagrre on many points, Please keep up the pressure on the industry—it keeps them on their toes.

  • Steve Levinson

    Hello Jim,
    We are retired and cruise three times a year. Can you please cite some examples attributed to this quote?
    ‘If you are retired or a child, the cruise line considers your life worthless.’

    We read your blog on a regular basis and find this quote disturbing.

    Thank you

  • Steve:

    Here are some articles:

    What Does BP, Al Qaeda and a Cruise Line Have In Common?

    Cruise Industry Joins Forces With BP to Deny Death Compensation to Grieving Families

    The Death on the High Seas Act – Screwing American Passengers for 89 Years

    Thanks for reading my blog . . .

    Jim Walker

  • Samantha

    Dear Mr. Walker,

    I work in the cruise industry and believe you me, we do not find the elderly to be “useless”. Some cruise lines cater to the elderly more than others, as do some itineraries. I find your point to be very melodramatic and nearsighted. To say all cruise lines treat the elderly’s lives as “useless” is about as ignorant as saying all Muslims are terrorists.