Veendam Cruise ShipThe U.S. Coast Guard Sector in San Diego sent a helicopter to a cruise ship approximately 150 miles west of San Diego yesterday (January 23rd).

The Defense Video and Imaging Distribution Services reports that a 69-year-old woman fell down a stairwell and suffered head injuries and internal bleeding.

The video was taken by U.S. Coast Guard Petty Officer 1st Class Henry G. Dunphy.

The name of the cruise ship was not released. However, an AIS tracking site indicates that the Holland America Line Veendam turned around and began heading back toward San Diego.

You can watch the helicopter land after transporting the injured woman from the HAL ship.

The Veendam was last in the news when an elderly woman went overboard earlier this month. 

Photo Credit: Holland America Line via L.A. Times 


  • Trucker Mark

    Repost – wrong topic

    My wife and I sailed on Carnival Miracle from LA to the Mexican Riviera on a 6-day cruise between January 12th and 18th. On that cruise she got extremely sick with what was later diagnosed as a lower GI infection, and as the cruise progressed at least 50 other passengers got really sick either from the same lower GI issue or from seasickness even though seas were quite calm the entire voyage.

    I am thinking that the diagnosed lower GI issue was really food poisoning. I suspected either the chicken or lettuce on the January 13th dinner service, after 28 hours at sea, or perhaps their house blue curacao cocktail mix, or even the ice that one or more of their bars was using to make frozen drinks.

    While Carnival refunded our planned Puerto Vallarta shore excursion they refused to refund even a portion of the all-you-can-drink alcohol pass that we purchased, even though my wife was too sick to even drink alcohol for half of the cruise. Carnival did not charge us for my wife’s two visits to the ship’s infirmary too, and on our 2nd visit my wife saw a computerized list of passengers on sick restrictions that was more than a single webpage in length.

    We also were forced to make an unscheduled stop on our way back to LA from Puerto Vallarta when an older male passenger had to be evacuated at Cabo. We don’t know whether he got really sick, whether he had a heart attack, or maybe suffered a fall, but one of the port tenders came out after we stopped and he was evacuated on it. That stop would have been on Thursday, January 16th, which was supposed to be a “fun day at sea”.

    Other than my wife being confined to our cabin for two days the Miracle is a decent ship and we very much enjoyed their Nick and Nora Steakhouse experience as well as their Beatles show and their comedy club, and we also enjoyed their adult only lounge out on the end of the Lido deck too.

    We were in Cabin #5273 if anyone wants to know, which is a balcony toward the rear of the ship, two decks above the dining room.