Wayan BarsianaThe Bali Discovery reports on the sad case of a young man who died at sea.

The 21-year-old Balinese man was working as a crew member on the Carnival Splendor and died shortly after joining the cruise ship.

Wayan Barsiana died on December 23, 2013 after joining the cruise ship on December 6, 2013.

The young man’s body was returned to his family in Bali three weeks later on January 13, 2014, after undergoing a post mortem examination. 

The Bali Discovery states that:

"The young man was said to be diligent in calling or texting his family and girlfriend on a daily basis, contact that suddenly stopped on December 21, 2013, when he told his family he had developed a cough. Two days later on December 23, 2104 a manager from Carnival Cruise Lines telephoned the mother to advise her son had died in his crew cabin."

The family reportedly received no further details regarding their son’s death. Wayan Barisana’s body was buried in his home village shortly after it was shipped back to Bali.

The Bali Seafarer’s Centre Facebook page shows photographs of the return of the crew member’s body home.

The KPI union and hiring agency in Indonesia contributed to the funeral expenses in respect for the family.

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Photo credits: Bali Discovery – top; Bali Seafarer’s Centre – bottom. 

Death on Carnival Splendor

  • Lori

    My heart goes out to his family. He was so young and wouldn’t he have had to undergo a physical before employment on the ship? From this report his death sounds preventable and needless.

    What ever gave him the cough that turned to something that could kill him should be identified.

    It seems as though the cruise lines, even from a monetary standpoint, would cared more about the physical and mental health of their employees. A happy healthy employee is more productive.

  • sam magus

    If there’s a bug on that cruise ship that starts with a cough and kills in 2 days, that’s pretty alarming. It’s a cruise ship after all. So what’s the follow-up?

  • Jillian

    I was on Carnival Splendor when this happened. The cruise director announced that we are delayed because police have boarded the ship