Coast Guard Medevac Cruise ShipChannel 7 San Diego reports that a Coast Guard aircrew medevaced a woman from a Carnival cruise ship today after she began internally bleeding approximately 600 miles south of San Diego.

The Carnival Miracle contacted the Coast Guard last night, requesting a medevac for the 34-year-old woman.

A helicopter flew from San Diego to met the ship, which was nearly 300 miles south of San Diego at the time of the rescue.

The helicopter crew hoisted the woman and transported her to San Diego where she was transferred to emergency medical personnel for further medical care. 

You can see a Coast Guard video of the amazing medical rescue below.

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  • Eileen Flynn

    Carnival Cruise owns Princess Cruise Lines. On October 27, 2012 the management of Carnival/Princess made the reckless decision to board passengers in Red Hook, Brooklyn and go ahead with Voyage B 237 on the Caribbean Princess. The ship sailed into Hurricane Sandy, putting passengers through a horrible, dangerous experience. If a medevac had been needed on Voyage B237, it would have been impossible due to gale force winds and seas of thirty feet and more. Laws should be passed to insure that cruise ships never again board passengers and sail into hurricanes. Passenger safety should trump profits.

  • stephanie

    Thank for rescuing her. And thank you letting her boyfriend go with her. She is resting well. Carnival did an excellent job and so did the coast guard. From our family. Thank you and God bless. Stephanie

  • Steve Smith


    Please educate yourself before you start slandering any cruise line.

    Any Captain will tell you that you never NEVER NEVER leave a ship in port during a hurricane.

    The passengers were NEVER in any danger.

    Laws should be passed to stop people who have no clue what they are talking about from speaking.

  • Kate

    We just got off the Carnival Miracle where this rescue was done. Watched this rescue from our aft room. The coast guard did such a great job. This was unreal to see up so close. Good to hear that the guest who had to be rescued is doing well.

  • Donald Veale

    We were on the ship and watched the rescue. Thanks for the professionalism of both the Coast Guard and the Crew of the Carnival Miracle. There was a big applause when our fellow passenger was rescued.
    Sad for anyone to have such a wonderful vacation cut short. However, the crew of the Miracle did a great job of making sure this lady had all the help they could provide, along with other medical people on vacation.
    Once again.. great job by the Coast Guard yesterday..

  • Lori

    Thank You to each and every crew member, medic, the coast guard, and emergency personnel who showed patience, hard work and compassion getting this passenger the help that she needed.

  • Cris

    We too were on this cruise, and I think Carnival did a great job in assisting the passenger and getting her the help she needed. Excellent job to the crew of the Carnival, and for those that complained that serenity was closed after the rescue was completed. If the trip had to get cut short for all passengers, to save a person’s life so be it. At the end of it all, it’s only a trip and not a life. Thank God and the Doctors for saving this womans life.

  • Cc

    Saw this rescue and hope this woman is well. God bless USA. We are very fortunate to have these awesome men and women serving us. Whether in Mid East or on North American coast. My son learned a valuable lesson being aboard this ship and seeing first hand what being a US citizen is all about. Merry Christmas and thank all people who serve at sea and over seas