Carnival Victory Cruise Ship ABC News reports that a U.S. Coast Guard helicopter (MH-60) and aircraft (C-130) were dispatched from Clearwater Florida in response to an emergency request from the Carnival’s Victory cruise ship this morning.

The cruise ship was reportedly near Cuba at the time of the call.

Cruise passenger Herman Lebron, age 88, was suffering from internal injuries and needed evacuation. 

Mr. Lebron was flown to Lower Keys Medical Center in Key West, Florida.

His current medical condition is unknown.

You can see the video of the medevac below, courtesy of  defense video and imagery distribution system.

Two days ago, we posted a story about the Coast Guard medevacing an ill woman from the Carnival Miracle cruise ship. 

Photo Credit: Carnival Victory – Wikipedia / Tomás Fano

  • Kristoffer

    I wonder if Mr. Lebron appreciates you whining about non-existent rubbernecking and spelling his last name wrong.

  • marianne

    the real news is that the us taxpayer is paying for all this meanwhile the fat cats at carnival get away scot free.

  • employeevictory

    3rd person died in 4 days. every cruise every month someone dies on carnival victory . many crew members have hanged themselves inside the ship and no rituals done . body hv been send home , thats it. last cruise also someone died and the cruise before . even a kid died in the pool 2 months back.
    IS IT A GHOST SHIP ???????

  • we where there

    The ship did every thing they could, we were there.We are sorry if you take decreped people on the ship, we seen many. Caregiverers should not drop off people in their care and LEAVE. Carnival does the right thing. Families need to take care of their own and not blame it on the ship. Carnival is great and the news should butt out. We were on the ship and know.

  • passenger

    I am curious as to why only the second helicopter rescue is posted. There were two helicopters sent to the Victory during the cruise.