We have been notified by several cruise passengers aboard the Oasis of the Seas that they became sick with gastrointestinal symptoms including severe nausea, diarrhea and vomiting.  

The cruise line has not disclosed how many passengers or crew experienced symptoms like this yet, and there is no indication whether the illnesses are in fact due to norovirus or some other virus.

Royal Caribbean sent passengers embarking today on the Oasis the following information:

"Hello, this is Royal Caribbean International. We would like to provide you with some important information regarding your Saturday, December 28, sailing onboard Oasis of the Seas out of Port Everglades, Florida. During the ship’s last sailing, a number of guests experienced a gastrointestinal illness. We will conduct enhanced sanitizing onboard the ship and within the terminal to help prevent any illness from affecting your cruise. Therefore, your check-in and boarding will be delayed. Because space and seating in the terminal is limited, we ask that you not arrive to the port before 1:30 PM. Check in will take place between 1:30 PM and 4:00 PM. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation and we look forward to welcoming you onboard."

If you have any information about the situation aboard the Oasis, please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.  


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  • Jaro Schollar

    I was on the Oasis from 12/14 to 12/21, since I came back I spend my time in the bathroom and everything that I eat I can not keep in my stomach. The same thing
    happened to me last year when I cruised from New Orleans on the Navigator. At that time the captain announced that there was a norovirus on board m my cruise was spoiled . When I asked the Company if they could do something for me, they stated it is not our fault and there is nothing they can do. I hope the company will do something this time for me..
    Thanks, J.S.

  • lauren m

    I was very ill with a stomach bug for 24 hours. Supposedly 10% of the boat had the same illness. I was on the 7th floor, where most of us were ill. Thye medical staff was excellent and cruise was amazing. It just sucks to be ill on vacation!

  • Polly

    Not at all surprised, Just sailed on the Grandeur of the Seas last week and not once did I hear washie-washie; All passengers should at least sanitize their hands prior to dining and arriving back on board! Not many people stopped to use the sanitizing machines!

  • G. Lewis
  • SM

    Six in my party were also on deck 7 and fell ill for 24 hrs over course of the week (as Lauren M. also noted above).

  • Julie Rabe

    Same thing is happening on land. We had 12 of 15 family members sick in one week. Pretty sure it is not cruise based. There was a post on one of the FB boards from a nurse saying if you are cruising to call your Dr to take Tamiflu along because the outbreak is pretty severe this year.

  • Cruise R

    It’s all crap.

  • Arthur

    People blame the cruise lines for everything and they have to look first at the bad habits they have. What do you think people do when counting the money before giving it to the dealers in the casino? Of course they lick their fingers first…. and if they have only 20’s they will lick them back to finish counting them. People just don’t think that money is one of the dirtiest thing you can imagine and I do not want to think where all those bills where before. And in the end the cruise line is the one guilty because they become sick….WRONG!!!. You just need a few individuals like this in the casino and the whole ship will become sick easily. One thing is true most of the people are lack of cleanliness habits. You can wash your hands and sanitize them a thousand times but if you lick your fingers touching money is the same as doing nothing.

  • anette rosati

    I was on Oasis Dec 14-21 and had the 24 hr bug Friday Dec 27th… Nasty thing.

  • Carolyn

    I was on the “Oasis of the Seas” sailing November 30th through December 7th. My four-year old son and myself became very ill with a gastrointestinal virus on our last day at sea. My husband and three-year old daughter started with it the next day as we got off the ship. My kids were lucky as it lasted only 24 hours. My husband and I unfortunately were sick for over a week. Very nasty bug.

  • David

    After being in the cruise industry for over 25 years, this could happen anywhere. Am sure this occurs in many locations throughout the world from Disney World to Las Vegas…WASH,WASH,WASH YOUR HANDS !!! Even coming home from your local mall or grocery shopping store, WASH,WASH,WASH YOUR HANDS,MANOS,MAINS,手,MGA KAMAY,हाथ,BRACCIA,mãos,hender…

  • Emilio Lebolo

    We sailed iut of the ort of Fort Laderdale on 12/21/13 on the Oasis of the Seas and three ot of my four chldren between the ages of 19 and 21 came down with the same symptomsas other including vomiting, diahrrea, stomach pains and fever. The first one came down on the 23 and the other two got sick on the 25. The three of them were staying on the 7th floor and two of them were sharing a cabin. The curios thing is that I attended them and clean the bathroom with soap after every event and I did not catch the bug.
    I do recognize that the medical staff and the facilities were superb and attened my children with great cara , compasion and professionalism.
    With respect to the ship facilities, it was an unforgettable amazing experience, I highly recommended

  • Tim

    Sailed oasis dec21 to 28 and both wife and I spent the 29th and 30th on
    the toilet, body aches, fever. Think we narrowed it down to Starbucks ( lady fixing drinks was hurting). All 3 kids were fine. Nasty stuff but went away in about 3 days.

  • Tim

    We were on deck 7 if it matters, and wash our hands constantly

  • Constance Irwin

    I fell ill on the Oasis of the Seas on December 24 at 9:30 a.m. and spent the next 2 days in my cabin alone, sleeping and visiting the bathroom.

    While I was able to enjoy December 26 in Cozumel, December 27 was a write-off – I was simply exhausted from having been so ill.

    Because I was too ill to visit the infirmary until December 24 at 10 p.m. I am only being credited with 1 day in isolation, according to the letter Royal Caribbean delivered to my cabin, even though I feel I deserve at least 2 days, if not 3.

    How about if all of us sickies get 3 days free on the trial cruises for the Quantum of the Seas next November?

  • Sergio

    we sailed Oasis on 28 Dec in my cabin in Deck 9 two of us fell ill for 24 hrs over; Same as Lauren M.

  • Russell

    We just returned from B2B on Oasis, first week (Jan 11-18 Deck 11)was fine, 2nd week (Jan 18-25 Deck 8)was a write off, first I was ill for 3 days then my wife was ill for next 3 days. We reported it to Guest services and was told it was the air conditioning! Had to cancel all tours and spent the week in our room, absolutely no help from RCI.

  • Kimberly

    I sailed on the allure of the seas December 21. Having never sailed I took antibiotics with me just in case I need them. I was caught off guard by all the sanitization stations and how I was blocked from entering the buffet until I sanitized. I saw crewmember sanitizing every time I’m around the ship. Another thing I noticed was many people and their children not washing their hands after using the bathroom. I actually heard a conversation between a three-year-old and her mother the girl want to wash her hands and the mother kept saying no you don’t have to do that you didn’t touch your bottom….. really? I think the crew did an amazing job trying to keep this virus down…. Unfortunately even people who sanitize get sick because of other people’s careless acts.

  • Julie

    Hello, For those of you who got sick on the Oasis of the Seas? Which cabins did you stay in?

  • Melissa

    I was quarentined to my room Christmas Eve and morning on the 10th floor. On the last day of the cruise, we recieved a letter indicating that we would receive a credit for a future cruise. They were supposed to notify us within 30 days. We haven’t heard anything yet. Anybody else?

  • Thomas Weintz

    Deck 7 on oasis. Seems to be a trend 7718. Partner came down with it after eating scallops at the izuami resterraunt. We had to cancel thurs-fri-events. We had an excursion in Cozumel Friday but had to beg to cancel and get a refund from the manager level.

    It’s Sunday night first day home and now I’m sick as a dog with it. It hit me today.

    Our cruise was Dec4-11th 2016. No fun and not impressed. They better figure out how to sanatize a ship.