A reader of Cruise Law News sent us a humorous tweet from Royal Caribbean. The problem is that the cruise line didn’t intend it to be funny.

Royal Caribbean tweeted a photograph of the Allure of the Seas (below left) with the caption "Full speed ahead."

Of course everyone following cruise news knows that the Allure of the Seas is experiencing a problem with its propulsion system which we have written about a couple of times. Read here and here.

Allure of the Seas Propulsion ProblemsThere is currently a debate in the cruise community between those die-hard cruise supporters who think the propulsion problems are a lot to do about nothing and those cruisers who are annoyed that their expensive cruise vacations involve leaving some cruise ports early and arriving late at others and missing some excursions in the process.  

I won’t jump into that argument except to say that the cruise line is not helping its reputation by keeping its usually loyal-to-Royal customers in the dark.

I’m not the first to comment on the "full speed ahead" caption showing the Allure tearing up the waves.

Others on Twitter have had their fun.

@MartinosCafe tweeted: "@Royal Caribbean Is that your way of telling us the ship is fixed?"

And @linerlovers tweeted: "I wish they WERE at full speed!"

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  • Tom

    I don’t think rccl is keeping anyone in the dark. They have admitted they are having issues and looking at several possible solutions. This is to be expected with anything that uses an engine, including your car.

  • Tom. What exactly has RCCL admitted? What are the “issues” and what are the “possible solutions.”

    Is the problem really an “engine problem?” I have heard talk of azipods, rotors, propellers, ball bearings and other things but not an “engine.”

    Regarding your car analogy, I certainly wouldn’t let my mechanic just tell me my car has “issues” and ask me to pay for “possible solutions.”

  • Tom overlooks the fact

    I think Tom is overlooking the fact that Royal isn’t being honest with their passengers. They know there is a problem, they know they have to change the itinerary, and yet they don’t tell their guests until they are already on board? They should have been up front about the problems, notified their guests as soon as the problem came up, and allowed the guests of changing their cruise if they didn’t like the reduced port times. Most Americans only get a week or two of vacation, and most Americans plan one of these weeks to be a spectacular vacation. Kind of sucks when you aren’t told before hand that what you bought and paid for is now going to different. It’s like buying a 2014 vehicle and when you go to pick it up they tell you the 2014 had a problem so they are giving you the 2013 vehicle instead.

  • jack

    sometimes they tell u the truth…depence in the situation….sometimes not…

  • Tracy

    was wondering if it will be solved by Jan 2014 since i will be on it then. I am really looking forward to cruising with the allure of the seas. Last year was on the Oasis of the seas.