A former employee of Carnival Cruise Lines sent us two short videos of rough weather striking an unidentified cruise ship.

The first video is from the bridge camera and shows waves striking over the bow.

The second and more dramatic video shows water smashing through a window and engulfing the interior of the cruise ship with water.

The videos both show a date of November 5 2011.  I’ll post additional information as it becomes available. 

November 2 2013 Update: Several readers indicate that this was the Carnival Pride. If you have other info, please leave a comment below or join the discussion on our Facebook page.  Thanks! 

November 3 2013 Update: Check out the video of the fire which broke out in the children’s area (Circle C) on the cruise ship





  • dmorgan

    Carnival Pride. We were on it. Wow, scary!!!

  • Be sure to read the comments from passengers beneath the article.
    Also, you can see the circular window in the second video… the only Carnival ships with those at the bow are the Spirit class. Carnival Pride is Spirit class, so that helps to verify.

  • Johnny Cespedes Delgado

    Oh men I love that, I use to be a sailor, and saw many of those moments, moments I truly enjoyed very much. When a wave strikes the ship from de side (starboard) or from the prow, you can tell you there is nothing more enjoyable than that. You can feel the entire ship shift like a horse who doesn’t want to be mounted. I miss those moments very much.

  • Sea1

    This was Carnival Pride – suffered serious framing and structural damage on entire bow section. Poor decisions by bridge team, Captain and shore side management to send the ship out.

  • Larry Mckenzie

    Won’t forget that cruise!!!! Not the best way for your first cruse.

  • Jack

    The flooded room is the ‘kidzone’ room deck 14 or 16. Waves do go over that area dn during rough weather the deck and that area/room are closed to public for safety reasons. Obviously someone forgot to close the doors as thats where the water comes thru. As for this website I am suprised that you are using stolen cctv footage from carnival cruises stolen by an indian cctv female operator ! Is that legal ? using stolen property and using it to try and defame a corporation ?