MSC Magnifica PiraeusEarlier this morning we reported on the allision between the MSC Magnifica and a breakwater / pier at the entrance to the port in Piraeus Greece.

High winds reportedly blew the cruise ship into the structure, causing damage to the hull on the port-side of the MSC ship.  A light on breakwater was destroyed by the ship.

MSC issued a statement stating that the damage was minor and that the vessel’s itinerary was not affected.

The ship was suppose to leave port hours ago; however, the cruise ship’s bridge cam still shows the ship in port as of the time of the posting (10:55 PM) of this article tonight (image above).  A team of repair personnel reportedly are working to try and fix the damage

We received photographs from a person on the Magnifica who wishes to remain anonymous. We are told that the damage to the hull measured approximately 8 & 1/2 feet by 11 & 1/2 feet.  The hull was ruptured above the water line. Interior damage to the ship was reported as you can see in other photos on our Facebook page.  

MSC Magnifica Damage - Piraeus

Photo Credit: Top – MSC Bridge Cam; Bottom – Anonymous