Celebrity Summit Cruise ShipLast week we published an article which featured a comment by a passenger aboard the noro-infected Celebrity Summit cruise ship. 

A number of people commented or contacted our office about the comment, both pro and con. 

We rarely handle norovirus cases, but the discussion around the subject, we think, is still important. How the cruise industry treats gastrointestinal infection cases reflects the cruise lines’ standards for hygiene and the cruise companies’ attitudes toward their customers.

Here’s the latest comments about the situation on the Summit:     

We too were on the Summit recently. We reported how dirty our Royal Suite was. They said they cleaned it, but the only evidence was that they used epoxy on the dining area parkay floor. The smell was horrendous.

I had allergic reaction tongue swelled, face, nose, eyelids and had hives on face and upper body. The doctor on call would not acknowledge this and commenced to tell me that I was having an allergic reaction to blood pressure and cholesterol medications I have been on for years. He told me to stop taking these medications and he filled new prescriptions together with benedryl. They put in a IV to rehydrate me two times.

At the end of the cruise I was taken off the ship in a wheelchair. I had been sick the entire second week. Our butler was under orders to charge us for all the bottle water we needed. They clean the suite with a dirty rag and some kind of spray they use in all the rooms and hallways. It’s disgusting! You wouldn’t use someone elses used tissue. How sanitary is that?

They charged our ship account $600 for the doctor and pills (that I didn’t use except for the benedryl). When we questioned the charge even though we had bought the travel insurance, the Concierge said we "must read the fine print." Three days after my allergic reaction, my disabled husband got the norovirus. Through all of this the doctor refused to come to our suite. They said we needed to come to the doctor office.

This trip was from hell!

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  • Hygiene standards

    Royal, Celebrity and Azamara have been doing very bad on their USPH scores over the last year. Just look at the cdc scores. they are lower than the years before. Every outbreak you hear on one of there ships are very high numbers of sick people compared to other ships I worked on. They need to replace their health inspectors. If they were good then the scores would be much higher and not so much outbreaks. They had a great inspector but she disappeared (someone should look into that) and no one says why she left.

  • Margarida Miguéis

    All cruise lines make a great effort for sanitize and cleanness . But a great amount of passengers don’t wash their hands after using the public bathrooms. I saw it everyday. It’s impossible to avoid this problem like that!!

  • Mike

    Agree with Margarida,not washed hands one of the reason for NV.

  • Johann

    I worked on cruise ships for a while and the norovirus was not a funny thing. I had gone through the “we have to sanitize the whole ship twice a day” drill just because the pax dont wash theor hands, follow unhealty diets and blames drinking water in mexico on the ship. Im not saying its a perfect world, but most noro cases are due to unsanitary passangers. Just have a walk through the windjammer and see how many people actually wash their hands… well it must be more difficult for them to wash their hands than a trip to guest relations complaining about the fact that they only got 1 lobster for their $350 7 day cruise…