Queen Victoria Cruise Ship DeathThe Daily Echo reports that a Cunard crew member died during a Mediterranean cruise on the Queen Victoria cruise ship.

The newspaper quotes a Cunard spokesman saying: “We can confirm the very sad news that one of our crew members on Queen Victoria died last night. We are providing support to his family back home and also to his friends and crewmates on board.

The luxury cruise ship is sailing from Piraeus to Majorca. 

Cunard has not identified the man’s name, nationality, age, job position or cause of death.

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  • QV

    A Pilipino Crew member 21 years old passed away in his sleep, he went to sleep as usual the night before but next morning he didn’t wake up, his cabin mate tried to wake him up but couldn’t so he called 911 emergency line, but the doctor could only asses the time of death that is not certain but it is believe that happened sometimes during the night. The cause of death is unclear and this is still under investigation.

  • Cunard employee

    The above comment about working too many hours is incorrect. There are strict rules onboard ship that we have to adhere to when working onboard ship. I am an officer onboard and every single crew member adheres to the same working hours regulations. Nobody is allowed to work over the legal working hours limit. In the case of galley utilities and other similar crew members they are given the option to work a few extra hours in other departments to gain a bit of extra money but only if it does not break there daily working hours limit. In response to the above comment, you dont have to work any extra hours if you dont want to and the money that you earn might seem low to a westerner, but it in fact gives you a significantly modest lifestyle at home in the phillipines.

  • QV

    I am also an Officer and whilst we/officers enjoy a significantly better lifestyle aboard ships, and this includes allocated cabins, privileges including Officers mess dining facilities the crew often has to put up with poorly set facilities for food consumption. and whilst ‘Officers’ do everything to push their work out of their ways often requesting other staff or crew to complete tasks required for them to finish the crew really does work extended hours. 12-14 hours is what they are contracted. Officers by 6PM are all piled up in the Wardroom(Officers bar) finishing the day. I’m often ashamed to be an Officer when I see how some Officers behave, absolutely overrated positions aboard. 10% of all who work on ships have almost ALL what they can get, and 90% the general crew can suck on their fingers instead. And they are underpaid, extremely underpaid in comparison to any Officer. Whilst it is true that a Pilipino national can do more with those few dollars then any westerner let’s not forget that are plenty European crew who are walking the same shoes.

  • Ignatious

    The officer who wrote the above comment does not know what he writes as he as an officer he don’t know what are the hardships the crew face . I mean to say the lower ratings as an officer they don’t work but they cruise on board using and abusing the lower ratings, and of the lower ratings react in any manner the answer from the officers are either my way or gangway which means you work or go home , he also mentioned about overtime but he didn’t mention how much overtime is paid or what rate of pay is paid it will not be more than 70 pence per hour and not like uk double the time ,I am not writing this hearing from somebody but I have worked for P&o cruises for 14 years and faced the same , I only did it beacause of my family at home ,

  • jane

    I worked onboard the qv at beginning of this year and was assaulted by a fellow crew member and emotionally abused by them and bullied by my supervisor and when i went to get help from officers and the crew member admitted to threatening me which is apparantly a sackable offence and they wiped it under the carpet tried to hush hush it all…crew welfare health and safety is nt paramount they dont care and head office arent helping me either,keep lying to me and trying to hush hush me, fighting a battle as i am being harrassed and stalked by the crew member who assaulted me! Still to this day!!

  • Sian lloyd -Henck

    I was the 1st female manager to work for Steiners, on the Camania, Franconia, and Caronia .I spent 6 very happy years, however we had the salon open from 8 am to 8 pm , we worked very long but that is what sea life is all about. I went to live in Canada and worked for a very large International Hair Colour company, in fact the hours in North America are much longer than Great Britain. Also the vacation is 2 weeks per year. So if the seaman think the ships are long hours, try Canada I would love to hear from seafearers Sian Henck

  • Sian LLoyd Henck

    I still feel working on a cruise ship is a very good experience However, I would like to hear from some STEINER’S staff , as the salons used to be open from 8 am – 8 pm, so we all had to work those hours , Infact there is very little to do when the ship is at sea .
    Love to hear from some seafarere’s

    bye a happy ex seaman