Royal Princess Cruise ShipA number of crew members have contacted us about the difficult work and long hours the crew are required to work aboard the Royal Princess cruise ship.

We are informed that 12 dishwashers signed off the Princess cruise ship in just the last 2 months because of what is being described as a heavy work load and extreme work hours, reportedly more than 14 hours work everyday.  Other crew members may be leaving as well before the cruise ship embarks on its transatlantic crossing to South Florida.

One of the problems which crew members face when a cruise ship repositions from Europe to the U.S. is that they have to work additional hours to prepare for inspections by the United States Public Health (USPH) inspectors. A failed USPH inspection is a kiss of death for a Food & Beverage supervisor or the senior managers of restaurant and galley operations. 

I’m sure that the guests aboard the newest Princess luxury cruise ship have no idea how hard and how long the crew members from Indonesian, Indian, and the Philippines work.

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  • mich

    “I’m sure that the guests aboard the newest Princess luxury cruise ship have no idea how hard and how long the crew members from Indonesian, Indian, and the Philippines work.”

    Passengers know exactly how exploited the crew members are!!! But everybody love the cheap cruises or “special deals”, and just close their eyes to this situation were crew members have no other alternative to a better live. But the passengers (well, most of them) just don’t care about it, as far as they have few bucks less on their vacation.

  • Renee

    Sometimes you do know! Every now and then you will talk to a crew member who might say something that gives you that impression. I’m sure they are being worked like dogs especially considering the problems they have had on that ship so far. My parents are on board that ship for the repositioning and were on for the leg before that as well. My parents are also the type of people who talk to the crew and they tip well (directly to the crew) because they are well aware of what they endure. From what my mother has said, the ship is beautiful and I’m sure it is painstakingly difficult to keep up that appearance!! Perhaps if enough employees quit, eventually they will have to pay more to those they hire…then again, I’m sure that is like rainbows & unicorns. I love cruising but I hate the fact that there is so much injustice to the crew members and yet the hierarchy are living large.

  • dario

    I had the same experince on costa classica on the laye 90s and my salary was 350.00 a month , a lot of racism bosses.
    Also on corsica ferries a lot of racism, a loy of hours work, one day we work till 3 am in the morning loading groceries, and the nex day we have to be ready at 7am. 2days after that I hurt my back, they send me 2 days after to see a doctor I had to remain between on the dock from 7 to 1 on the dock or seating at the dock bar i couldn’t walk proppely, the frery drop me at 7 am and pick me up at 9pm no room to rest. They don’t treat you like person, they treat you like slave. they treat you like s**t insane. They don’t care about workers they only care for money.
    In 2008 I didn’t go back to work and that year was the worse, ex coworkers sign off and call ITF that night the ferry had to departure with the half of crew members.
    I wondering if I can still sue them?

  • Paulo Carvalho

    I’ve been working on danubio a boat cruise and also worked as slaves on average 14/16 hours a day …. Precisely because we were few, because they could not be more crew … And with up to 40 degrees fever and serving customers … Hence not recommend this company to anyone …

  • gregory rosario

    that’s the problem will almost all cruise companies, i worked for carnival cruise liners and quit the job within 6 months of my very first contract due to heavy work load less man power in each department. i think the company should recruit more man power specially in the galley department for dishwashers as the work load is lots and less people to carry on the work.


    good to know that someone has finally reached the dishwashers of princess, i worked for princess cruises for 8 years as a dishwasher with a promise that I will be promoted as a dining staff after my first contract but nothing happened to the next 8 years all that was happening was just exploitation an harsh working conditions ,hours were stretching to 23 hours an just 1 hour break when asked why it is like this, the ans was”we are in US waters “finally I gave up an left princess,my last words…princess cruises is the worst night mare of my life…..Thomas

  • Adrian Calderon

    Well, i did work in cruise ship, and is true we work, around 9 hrs per day, if you take the time off you have, but my point is, when you get your contract you know that you can work till 13 hrs per day, BUT NO ONE DO!
    as a fact i know, if some one complain, ussualy is because simple they do not like the ship life.
    and on land you work as hard as well, do not make big deal for something that is not!

  • xyz

    This is true for all cruise liners. This happens on every new cruise ship.

    A crewmember cannot work for more than 14 hours a day, 72 a week.

    A crewmember should have a minimum rest of 10 hours a day and 77 hours a week

    Except in an emergency declared by captain the above rules cannot be broken. Make sure ur ILO reflects extra hours worked. Two Galley supervisors were sacked because they were making crew work for 12 hours a day and instead filling their ILO with 10 hours. Contact the Carnival Compliance Hotline If they find the compliant genuine be prepared for their visit in the next port.

    A cruise liner is a Modern Slave Ship

  • Ryan Ronquillo

    Its been going on for so long …. I was once a member of the crew, i used to believe that hard work will do you good, well it does, but certainly not in a cruise ship and definitely not with princess… So political and so racial… Its just plain nightmare…

  • Mike Ward

    Sounds like slave labor.

  • xyz

    I hope one day the royal princess or the queen go on board and wash some dishes, not to go and see coz on that day the managers will make sure everything is so smooth. A very pathetic condition and very low salary . Forget salary , stealing the tips money which guest are paying to crew by companies is so sad and no one is doing anything.

  • Alexandre Coelho

    Good afternoon. I read all your postings on Facebook and I am gratefull for your website and all the news and information that you make available to us.
    I am a crew member with Princess Cruises and I find it hard to believe that crew members are forced to work 14 hours. The company has very strict policies and follows the ILO (International Organization Laws)and all crew members must also follow it laws. No one crew member in the Hotel dept. is allowed to work more than 13 hours(split shifts) and must get a 10 hour break, one of which must be 6 hours. All of this must be recorded and checked by the Dept. Mgr. and is audited by the HR Mgr. I often see crew members not filling out their time sheets or lying on them. Mgrs and Crew members are disciplined with verbal or written warnings(also recorded) and sometines even dismissed. What i do see very often, are new crew coming on board for the first time and then realizing that this life is not for them and then make up excuses or lies to get out and go back home, without having to pay for their flights back home. The next time someone complains about this,ask them if they went to HR, ask them for their Mgr.´s name or ask them for their ILO´s. All crew members before being hired must sign a contract agrreing on pay and hours that they must work.

  • suresh babu

    This is not going to change unless somebody really looks into what is happening inside the cruise ship,same Like United states public health comes without announcement ,some labour inspector can come inside the ship ask the crew regarding the work hours.I worked with princess Cruises for Nine Years .If somebody from united states government really sees this message please take some action (it will be helpful for lot of Crew members for the future)
    please do something as i have gone through this thing find a solution .

  • miss.s
  • crew member

    the worst thing is that most companies don´t give any tips to the people “behind the scenes” who are working a lot for the guests as well without them realizing it.
    guests may be nice tippers to the people they do see and I am sure everyone one in each department works hard for it but especially dishwashers or the poor guys in the laundry are not visible to them

    “Perhaps if enough employees quit, eventually they will have to pay more to those they hire..Rennee”
    Trust me even if the entire department quits at the same time they will just hire a lot of new people. Maybe not the same “race from the same hiring company” anymore but there will always be new hires for the same or even worse conditions.
    the only thing that changed is that CEOs make more and more money while crew gets less.
    In other companies you expect to get more the more years you worked for them. for cruise companies its the contrary less and less pay for the same amount of work or even more work.

  • claudia

    well that is so true, I worked with princess all crew members work hard no only people come from Indonesia or philipines or india… salary well no comment about it every year is worst …

  • Patricia e Edward

    well, me and my husband used to work in princess but we said no more. If you want to have a life, childrens, mental and pysical health for sure this is not for you!!….. its slave labor and only the knoledeg will tell you…….

  • Georgi

    It is true that the ship life is taft. But everyone of the crew before to join the ship sign a contract with specific job descriprion and hours of work. If this things are exceed this is a foll of the particular crew member that is alowed to be like this. I work for Princess too. On particular Royal Princess, becouse of the weling of the company to cut the money, it is iscuess with the man-power. But everything is anout the global cryses, and the policy of the Company to deal with it. What the people expected from “American” company, part of Jues corporation, registred in Bermuda with crew members from all around the world. Last employers are from China and South Corea.

  • ddd

    I can`t believe indonesians or indians people are resigning,I worked on a cruise ship and never heard anyone of them to complain about something despite the working and living conditions.I know how many hours the dishwashers work and in what conditions.

  • Joan Escalante

    Someone said it lookslike slave work… It is a slaves work! I’ve been photographer for princess for two contracts and we were forced to work more tan 13 hours! Even most when we were on Alaska at the Island Princess the photo department girls were forced to use dress costumes, on freezing weather. It was horrible to watch how they were forced to work in such terrible conditions. Passengers of course didn’t care but the girls had to work in heavy cold weather!

  • juventino velazquez zarate

    my name is juve i am was diswasher for long time 7 contracts 8 years strigth ,. the conditions onboard princess cruises very bad very heavy,. very dirty ,.the salary si very low becouse the company sopossed that gives acomodations one cabina
    and food ,. buffet for employes but yeaa is very hard work and the supervisors very rudes the official s onboard WHITE UNIFORM THE BOSSES ., never kind of privilegies onboard than rest of the crew ,. the diswasher only countries mexico india peru and philiphines ., the problems is very low salaries and the hours work every day more than 14 ,….no HAVE OPTIONS NOBODY CARE ,. THE CREW OFFICE IN MEXICO CITY NO CARE JUST SEND THE PEOPLE FROM MEXICO – TO CRUISE SHIP NO INFORMATION JUST A SIGNED A CONTRACT AND LAW NO PROTECCTION IN MEXICO AND UNITED STATES. THE LAW JOB DOESNT EXIST,. NO SINDICATO NOTHIMG WHO CARE. thanks sincerely juve.

  • Monica

    With Princess, and other lines, the sad fact is that you’re onboard for 6-9 months. I was made to work upto 15 hours per day and then forced lie on my ILO. In my first month i refused and was confronted by manager who said “Money isn’t made on easy life…” Myself and the rest of the team in the time I was on-board took her to HR but that proved as useless as the ILO system.
    Cruise Companies get away with exploiting ambiguity of international law, paying different nationalities lower salaries, taking away incentives, forcing different nationalities to take medical exams, working longer contracts… the discrimination is limitless.

  • martin romero

    me despidieron trabaje 11 años y cometi un error me hicieron ena especie de corte marcial el capitan y sus oficciales decidieron despedirme no me pagaron mis propinas y no me dieron el vuelo a mi ciudad de residencia la verdad si se gana bien pero el personal lo exprimen mucho no hay dia de descascanso y las leyes no valen nada por el mar es universal osea no hay ley en el y si pides ayuda a tu gobierno no puede por que la empresa tiene muchas representaciones mundiales y impone mucho esto se necesita dinero y tiempo

  • martin romero

    I was laid off work 11 years and made ​​a mistake I made ​​ena kind of court martial the captain and decided to say goodbye oficciales not paid me my tips and you gave me the flight to my home town the truth if you win well but staff squeeze it day long no de day off and laws are worthless by the sea is no law universal bone in helps and if you ask your government can not because the company has many global representations and imposes much this needs money and time

  • to much discrimination between of the word country!! did you think before if the one made excellent service is your crew member,.. how can they going to give passager the best if you give to much stress to the crew member… the best think just for officer,.. i did for tree years in princess cruise company, i know very well what happening there,.. invent me!! i am never going to give recomented to other people looking the job in princess if the sistem still like that,.. better stay home,.. how many your crew member go away right now,, ???
    long house work time for asia crew,.. and in ILO we still have to make 13 house but we work more than that,.. all never fear!!! the one do more work,. no money,.. but the one easy work,.. good money,.. what is this,.. !! soon you going to cry looking the crew member,.. and another thing,.. if we work more than 10 years in this company,.. we don’t get nothing,.. bad food in crew mess,.. we are human,. hard to make carrier to next step,.. but other new hire come,. they come not better than our knowlage about the system on board and them position better than us the one stay long in company,.. i hate your system,.. just to much story but nothing happen!!! philipine, indonesia, thailand, mexico, india, china, we get hard time for 10 mounth,.. but we the one take care the company verry well

  • dave

    I spent 5 years working on cruise ships and they were the best 5 years if my life. I knew a lot of phillipinos etc who would spend 10, 20, 30 years working on ships as it gave them a life they otherwise would not of had. They build there own houses and send children to private schools. Like anything in life, you can start at the bottom, work hard and succeed. I font think you need to blame passengers and think they live in denial.

  • Victoria

    What can I say? I am really, really happy that I don’t work on this company anymore.I hate everything in this company especially that you have to lie you are the happiest person because you work on them and tell everyone with a smile “I’m excellent” or “I’m great”. “From good to great” every day. I has been 9 months after the life on board but I still wake up in the night with horror. I don’t wish anybody to feel the same.

  • Slippers McEwan

    For guys who spent a lot of time working long hours like the rest of us who do as well. it never seemed to stop them finding the closest Best Buy, Target or Walmart and stocking up, also never stopped them running to the casino to gamble for all sorts of hours on such a limited salary.

    I am not saying they are not worked hard in fact we all were some just can’t hack it and when they realize they have spent all their money they do the easiest thing and blame others Oh and this was not an isolated incident on 1 or 2 ships 12 years 5 cruise lines 21 ships.

  • Mac

    All of what they said are really True! on-board, there is Racism, if you have a little problem with some white crew even you are right, you’ll be fired, I think the wrong judgement is only for the Asian crews,some HR Manager are very biased, esp. if the HR manager is white, like European, British, Australian, they look down on Asian crews. crews are not treated equal on-board. If they want to terminate the Asian crew, they want to be sure that the port is not in the U.S. territory. because the crew might cal the ITF. RACISM is one of the problem on-board. It’s not fair, hopefully this kind of wrong doing on-board will stop, Crews are working to support their love ones,families back home, not to make some mistakes or trouble on-board. They don’t care about this, but sometimes small problem became PERSONAL & POLITICAL..if you are white crew & you know somebody on-board you’ll be safe, uou don’t have to worry about, we are people, I hope Management will treat all crew as equal, I’m sorry to say but I’m not a white crew, Pity.

  • Mary

    I fell sick on a princess ship and the Dr was going to send me home but the company told him not to send me and take care of me until my contract ended and then they sent me an email telling me that I am unfit for duty just so they wouldn’t have to pay my medical s bills while on shore as I got sick on the job.

  • John dsouza

    SLAVE SHIP! These cruise ships might be a fairy tale for passengers, but they don’t have a clue as to what goes on below the decks. Crew members are forced to work long hours and also sometimes overexerted crew member are pushed to work to the point of passing out. Captains and officers push and push and push crew till they get the job done, undermining health and safety for the crew.
    Crew member from different countries doing the same job are paid in different wages which is unbelievable since they are doing the same work. Anyone from not a first world country is treated like a slave and everyone who is from a first world country is treated as royalty. Racism and discrimination is at its worst on these cruise ships. I can compare this cruise line to Sweatshop in China and India, only difference is that they are shiny and on water.

  • ex crew member

    I used to work as a buffet steward I did only one contract on Ruby Princess and that was 4 years ago I still remember how the f&b supervisors forced me to fill the ILO with no more than 12 hrs and of course I was working more than 12! And when the USPH was coming onboard it was a nightmare I remember that the supervisor always told us nobody can go to cabina until everything is completely clean! so imagine working from 6am until around 11 or sometimes 12 am and with only 3 hrs break and another thing we never get a full day off they give you only hours off. There are so many racists supervisors. I am a girl and I remember when I was working on the horizon court the supervisor used to tell me everynight to put the trays full of dirty plates in the dishwasher and the boys sitting in a room folding napkins… And so other many things that me as a girl a had to do not caring if you are less powerfull than the boys.. But SMILE YOU ARE ON STAGE!!!!!

  • Bill Jones

    I currently work for Princessand work an acceptable amount of hours. The ILO convention assures nobody is exploited. Anyone who says differently is either lying, delusional, bitter or was fired for being a dumb ass


    I WAS READING ALL THE COMMENTS AND SOME OF THEM MADE ME LAUGH BECAUSE I’VE SEEN SOME OF THEM FROM MANAGERS LIKE ADRIAN CALDERON OR ALEXANDRE COELHO…AND I KNOW THEM BOTH.They forgot how it was when they were waiters or buss boys??….COELHO TALKING ABOUT ILO???..,…. ILO IS a bull-shit and if you dare to write the exact extra hours that you actually worked on that day …they will call you from your cabin to come back and refill-up another one they will tear your old ILO and you have to fill it up the way the managers wanted.How about the Maitre ‘d Nicola Furlan that was sued regarding ILO because the hungarian couple dared to fiil it up with the real hours??…How did they get hard time every single day until they quit???…WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT THE HR MANAGERS????…They are a joke…they are on board just to give you the false impression that someone listen to you and as soon as you stepped out from there Office’s they call immediately the Maitre’d to let them know that somebody is complain about them or about the extra hours or the hard time !!!!

  • FBI

    Don’t like? Go home…..nobody says how much they are paid tax free.

  • Dante

    i worked at princess cruises, i had a mexican supervisor who said to the assistant maitre’d that i did not work well, i worked so damn hard but he wanted me to work harder, at the end he got fired or had to quit, i don’t remember well, but it was because all the dining room staff collected signs to get rid of him, anyway i got a bad performance appraisal becuase of him and now i can’t rejoin princess, nobody helped me after that. The thing is that i considered myself as a committed employee but sometimes you are just unlucky, prove? i work at the US embassy in Lima now and i’m doing great but i would like to go back to Princess soon. can anybody assist me in any way? but really, really help me?

  • Joseph
  • Rose

    5 years on a cruise ship was enough for me..ILO bull. if they needed you to work you worked. I had managers that would threaten to fire us if we didn’t work 17 hours. We would be allow to have lunch at 2pm and not allow to eat again until after midnight. Each department has it own crazy hours, and no one gives a shit if you are tired, you must work.
    Princess pretends to cares, they get on land managers to come on board and investigate the department, unfortunately they only see or ask questions in front other managers where you are unable to respond truthful. They treat there employees like children and pay them peanuts.

  • Edward
  • Schmagges

    The truth maid lay in the middle.There are strict rules on what, how long, breaks ect. need to be followed for a Crew member.I worked for 8 Years in two different Cruise Ship Lines as Ex. Chef and know very well the situation on the Ships special for the Dishwashers.
    I am not quite sure is there are still Dish wash Supervisors forcing to lay on the hours worked. That will be immediate dismissal for the Supervisor. For the Crew there are several options to complain, Ex. Chef,F&B Manager, Hotel Director, Staff Captain or even Captain,HR Manager and there is normally also a person on Board for any Crew problems.Further there are also Whistle blower hotlines to complain if someone wants to stay anonymous. To have “Special Cleanings” before or during the crossing is also normal but if the Ship was in a not good Sanitary condition it is a Management mistake. In Europe there is no control from USPH. Let the Ship down in Sanitation standards during Europe season is a mistake most Ex. Chefs or F&B Managers still doing. It takes twice as much to bring it back to a good standard. However also Crew and it was written before are laying on their actual Time worked. I also agree that sometimes stories been made up only to get a FREE ticket home. As a Dishwasher there are sometimes good opportunities to be promoted I did several promotions to a Asst. Cook as well. But I have to say sometimes not all Dishwashers are on the same educational, physical and psychical level and this maid be the reason that some stay a long time or even forever in the same position. To conclude; Working more hours than allowed is not good but sometimes happen like everywhere else in our Business.But it is the Managers responsibility that every Crew member they are responsible for is kept motivated and treated with respect as a human.

  • cucumber

    I was working on Princess and Celebrity. It is a stressful life. I was running like a chicken. Lots of crew members war hurt. Some of us broker fingers, toes, it happened very often. SO much work that we didn’t have time to take care of us. With smile on the face, making the guests happy. It must be done radical changes.

  • dhani paschell

    since 1998 i work in the cruise ship. The one that always makes me can’t sleep is USPH. before in 1998 its been long hours working and no over time pay. the salary is only 550$ a month for 10 – 12 months. the smallest salary you have, more jobs that you have to do. Especially when you go around the world cruise, its been too much inspection in every country.
    no body care about any body. all i know its the cruise is always busy and be prepared for inspection even if you burn your butt. thank god now, no more cruise ship job.

  • Shara

    It’s not the passengers’ responsibility – don’t include them in the problem – it’s the cruise line management that need to look at appropriate staffing and reasonable work levels instead of greedily seeking profit at the expense of staff.

  • Billy Bob

    I worked on Princess, Carnival, Celebrity and P&O. I have seen managers alter the employees digital time cards. One of the reasons I told my Hotel Director that it was BS I fill out mine. They added breaks, cut the hours down to make the max hours allowed worked and so on. My experience working on the ships was amazing and I loved every minute of it. Then again with my job I had unlimited access to the ship at all times and had my own room. The cruise lines use agencies in different countries to fill the different positions. They find the country who will do a specific job for the lowest amount of money and only pull from that country. Don’t forget these crew members pay up to or over $5,000 to the job agency for finding them a job. But don’t let just $500 a month fool you. I knew a nice guy from the Philippines and he said he made more money on the ship than selling cars for Nissan. Yes its a rough life for the “crew” members. They are worked to extreme degrees. For “staff” and “officers” its a whole different life. I loved my life on the ship. I saw many countries and made many friends. But for some its just a way to support their families back home. Its a good and a bad life. You just have to stand up to people and make the best of it.

  • adriana

    yes,some story is true, especially one, assistant mdh mister Justina is the worst on princess, he called the people monkey, but the true mr justina is the one who walked like monkey, especially when he drink like a gasoline. and the next day he will give the hard time to the buffet stewards. shame on you mister justina..

  • wolfgang

    The problem in cruising industry is that there is only one way to offer such cheap deals………….to safe money by the crew and the food. Crew gett´s used by the companies cause they know they need money, even they work hard it´s still much more than they can earn at home, but how long this will go on?

  • Banana

    Yes, i remember on Ruby. I worked during one month couple days over 13 hours. I showed that in ILO. Alberto came, called by my Hwtr and they teared apart my ILO. Generoso was monitoring that to make sure I will fill another ILO, the way they want. That’s it !
    Sad thing, as Generoso has always some people they do almost nothing. Some stations are being closed and other people need to cover that.

    But if the passengers loved their brown nose headwaiter, who got them sth extra to eat and showed them trick, etc and if they decided to not “pay at the desk” and gave 60% to waiter and bussboy, 40% to headwaiter, then…..
    Waiters need to give it back to office, but headwaiter will stick it deeper in his pocket. Is that correct ? Tell me. Are you ok there in PCLA ? Or you do not know about it ?

    HR in Princess is a joke, they are not able to cover up the workload. It is not possible technically, physically. It is a good sign, but after Carnival “merge” it became mass-production manufacture. Menu is poor, simply poor. It used to be known for food. I personaly know people (few couples), who walked our of restaurant, after reading menu…. I know, they had option. But this just shows, how it has changed.
    Focus is on sales. How many of us heard on meetings, that in LA they do not care about complaints regarding agressive sales ? They want to see those complaints, to be sure we do sell !
    Thanks to that, first day of the new cruise looks like a visit to very poor country, where locals will jump on arriving foreigners to sell them something. Isn’t it ?

  • Martha

    USPH was the worst we always worked over 11 hours preparing for surprise inspections, cleaning till 2 am up at 6 :30 am to be at our locations for inspections by the bar manager who ended up have breakfast in Horizon court before making up to the lido deck to inspect which meant about 1 hour break that and our 12 hour day ahead.the pay is the pits and should be updated as its been the same for 7 years and the tips are based on sales , location and how much supplies(straws, peanuts etc that gets taken off for your locations. as far as the ILO we would have 4 bartenders in the lounges and 6 passengers in the lounge just to make sure we worked at least the 11 hours or more a day.they got a feel of how people felt with the questionaire a while back all they did was change the food a bit in the mess.the only recognition we got was the BLUE cards and they took those away a while back.

  • Bartender

    I spent 5 years working on Princess cruise ships and they were the best 5 years of my life. I knew a lot of phillipinos and Indians etc (as they are 70% of the crew member on every single ship)who would spend the rest of their life working on ships as it gave them a life they otherwise would not of had. Complaining about other nationalities and complaining about work hours is an international sport on ships and drinking a lot of alcohol for free and when I say a lot i mean that as that also makes people make mistakes and feel tired and confused; every nationality got their own little groups of people with some stripes(officers that can make decisions) in order to cover each other for everything or anything!!!!!!Working on the ship is the best way to travel around the world ….. and all you have to is work normal hours. Before you join any ship you’d sign a contract so I guess not a lot of people read that….. it would be very helpful if you have problems. All you need to do is understand what’s on the contract.

  • anna

    i worked for carnival. what i can say about working in f&B dep. it is just one word – HELL. we had USPH insection “about to show up” each 4 days and day before it, we worked from 6 a.m. till 2 a.m. my position was ass waitress but my job was to clean dinning rooms for crew and staff – nothing to do with waitressing.rasism, sexual harrasment and working every day about 14h was a standard there. nobody will tell me that they respect the law – we had to log out from “fun time”- system counting worked hours, and wokred without being paid for overtime.they posses all your time there you dont have any minute which belongs to you. i resigned after 5 months. this slavery should be stoped….

  • B. Witched

    This goes out to Nicole Antoine, HR Manager for Princess Cruise Line.

    Land of snap decisions
    Land of short attention spans
    Nothing is savored
    Long enough to really understand
    In every culture in decline
    The watchful ones among the slaves
    Know all that is genuine will be
    Scorned and conned and cast away
    Dog eat dog
    People looking, seeing nothing
    Dog eat dog
    People listening, hearing nothing
    Dog eat dog
    People lusting, loving nothing
    Dog eat dog
    People stroking, touching nothing
    Dog eat dog
    Knowing nothing
    Dog eat dog

  • ex-Princess Crew

    I have worked for Princess 13 years. I am Hungarian from Europe. I say it ’cause most people think that there are only crew from Asia & India because they are cheap. This is why I recently quit from them because that money AND tip for an Asian & Indian might be great but NOT for Europeans. And ZERO pension all these 13 years.
    Now I work for a river cruise line where the work is even harder AND MORE hours per day because we are only a few crew-members per boat. For example stateroom stewards not only clean YOUR rooms but clean public area, do the loading, refilling of the boat,do ALL your laundry, towels AND even your dirty linen EVERY DAY. But at least now I have REAL insurance and even pension.
    The passengers tip the same or even less than on an ocean ship because the ticket is more expensive. So We Europeans, same as EVERY CREW also work our ass off and passengers tip 5-10 bucks after the cruise. What is that good for in Europe? It’s a joke… Wake up people, this is modern day’s slavery.

  • Abby

    I am here to say my story. The road goes both ways and yes I understand there are roles that require strenuous hours. Completely disagree with photo dept. lets look at the lower ranking that also share very small rooms with more than 1 person. The money you earn is relevant to the dollar. Plus we also hv no bills to pay. When many people go home from contracts they are going home to brand new houses they hv built a d new cars in the drive way. Have sent their children to private schools. With promotions it’s like being on land work your ass off get noticed and go to the training and development manager.. Hours are very controlled and we now hv the mlc law to protect sea farers though it was for the tankers not the cruise line. Is it also not true that on land you work rediculous hours to get to where you want to be?? no one has forced us to sign our contracts and yes you do need to make sacrifices in life as there may not b money back home. But I assure you there is also a hr department nd crew welfare making sure there are parties wine and cheese night baskets nights quiz nights bingo etc. when I first came to
    Ships I was astonished with the hours but hen I realized my days on land where long as it wold take an hr to get to and from wrk I would hv to cook and clean! On ships you do none of this. Life is what you make of it and when you get Into the routine of ships and find the ship you like where it like a big family it’s great. I do know that there are things that go on Ships that is deemed unacceptable but this to happens on land! What’s the difference! A d when I last left my ship the asst chief housekeeper took his team out to one of the specialty restaurants to thank them. You defiantly can’t please everyone but in the news feed some said that people quit because of the hours. Yes there are some departments that wrk there ass off but but make the most of it. people that say long hours and poor conditions just want a excuse because they don’t want to look like a failure. The ship you also go on is also by your presentation and dedication to your role. It’s the difference to working in a very cheap department store to a lavish Prada or Gucci. I have meet amazing people of all ages and the most happy are the older workers in all departments tht everyone absolutely respects even their superiors I. Don’t judge it if you truely hv not done it or a proper contract. It is hard wrk but well worth it there is a joke on ships ” this is my last contract” then you get back on land and realize very quickly how great it was and of course go bk. I dd my first contract 2010 that was meant to b my last.. Here I am just finishing my 3rd contract and planning my next and I cannot wait! Yes there are days where I wake up and say I QUIT!! But we all hv these moments! Enough said!

  • Mr. Hidalgo (Princess Crew)
  • steve

    I’ve recently finished my third contract with princess and here’s some facts 1) crew members are worked to the bone while bein treated like 2nd class citizens 2) the food offered to crew is a disgrace (princess health wise is a joke) 3) in California ports fillipino Indonesian Chinese and Indian crew are detained on board by CBP like criminals and any crewmember from these countries are escorted to the airport and detained in a room until flight out…. 4) 10 months. Without a full day off then ask why accident rates are increasing? 5) some crewmembers wil l work 4 hours a day some will do 14the last month of the Alaska season I clocked up 303 hours on my ilo 6) if your from a first world country your chance of promotion is greatly increased wither you best for the job or not! I wont go on but I could

  • Sadick

    Terrible company and Cruise ship. RACISM IS VERY VISIBLE, starting from the salary of different nationalities working, European, Americans, Australians were paid higher than Asian countries, one reason ? high cost of living in Europe ? and low cost in Asia ? thats stupid !!!! we all work and gets tired at the end of the day !!!!

    Where is ILO ? reason ? All members are from Europe, Australia, America so they will not listen to Asian,reason, sad, Asians, they will get fired than white people !!! They created ILO laws yeah and they will also break their own rules, see, non sense !
    Therefore, don’t complain, why ? ILO MEMBERS WILL NOT LISTEN BECAUSE YOU ARE IN THEIR OWN SHIT TERRITORY AND YOU WILL BE FIRED IF YOU COMPLAINT !!! Lawyers !Lawyers !Lawyers ! God gave you that role in this world, use it the right way, help the seamen and REVISED the LAW for ILO don’t be so unfair ! all must be equal from SALARY, WORKING HOURS, DAYS OFF MUST BE GIVEN ATLEAST 1 DAY OFF THE SOLUTION FOR THIS WILL BE TO HIRE MORE PEOPLE SO THAT EVERYBODY WILL ENJOY LIFE FROM THE MANAGEMENT, STAFF DOWN TO GUESTS ! Life is too short !

    We are spending most of our lives on sea, away from our families, it’s a privilege but don’t treat us slaves !!! specially Asians !!! DISCRIMINATION number 2 is very evident ! specially when it comes to training,white people crews don’t treat us and not trained Asian crews well but when we are task to do the other way, we do ! We are the best trainors !!! mind you white people !!!!! I’ve known also people worked for almost of their lives 30 years-40 years but only SINGLE word HARRASMENT and others which other WHite people or even CAPTAIN did not investigate or give leeway sometimes tend to be jokes !!! IF the white people commits harrasment they will keep and let it stay of course CAPTAIN is white, but if ASIAN have done which sometimes not a personal and a joke, sorry to say to ASIAN crews WE WILL GET FIRED immediately, why ? because the white people complaint for harrassment and indeed CAPTAIN is white !!! hahaha !SAD and POOR ASIAN PEOPLE ! pity on us !!!! AND THE WORST!!!!CAPTAIN owns the lady !!! hahahaha, CAPTAIN’S girl friend !!!!VGO TO MY CABIN and lets have …. all OFFICIALS no exceptions SAD part ASIANS and other crew wants also that for PROMOTIONS !!!!! therefore, all of YOUUUUU ARE STUPID !!!

    See your life! ASIANS, Filipinos are known for crabmentality !!!, one of my cabin mate is from the Philippines ! crab mentality to them is rampant, very political !!! stupid also, nations from all nations and all staff must help each other not destroying for the position, again all of YOUUU are stupid !!!!

    Once mentioned company from the Philippines, MAGSAYSAY LINES is poor one handling cases they follow ILO and they just earned, they don’t care for the staff because they are corrupt !!!! each crew members who will be working on the ship, fleet managers get percentage to all crewmembers who will let them leave and be onboard !! sad and stupid, Philippines as mentioned by my cabin mate ! that is why, until now Philippines cannot move and be wealthy for those reasons !!!!

    Crewmess is really a mess for the staff FOOD are just like you are in jail, always chicken, porridge, eggs, very salty food, not a good taste !!!!! POOR

    Officers mess ? Wow !!! delicious because most of the members are white !!! discrimination again !!! ohhh very sad !!!!

    Therefore, dollars are now low, if you can look for a job in your country do so , you will be only working 5-6 days and 1 day off ! that is too far from ILO poor law !!! ILO must do this on the ship to enjoy and have fairness of HUMAN LABOR !!!!

    To end, God took his 7th day as a rest when He created this WORLD !!!!!! Amen !!!!

  • Alex

    Hello every one! I was worked on Grand. It was the most hard and happy time of my life. We past USPH for 100 points I`am still proud of it. The system of motivation and control close to USSR,even better, really, it`s were like ugly kid of wild capitalism and Orwell`s “1984”.
    Double standards, ILO, Sex for promotion, discriminations it’s exist. Just corp. needs an idiots and and they finds… like me) The best place to get knowledge about human nature. I wish happy to Corp. and crew.
    And I`ll be back)))

  • Fran

    I had this indian manager who expected me to sleep 4 hours and then come back at 7 am to serve people with a huge smile on my face? I lasted three months. It was not my first experience. I loved the job, dealing with pasaengers issues and staff but it was too much. Lack of sleep, rude management and complaints all day from elderly pax… Too much.

  • Alfredjan- Princess crew for 7years
  • Kylee Tresidder

    I am one that has no idea how working conditions are but I know the difference between slaves and employees.
    Slaves didn’t have a choice. Slaves didn’t get $. Slaves were also used for sex. Slaves were killed.
    So I’m thinking the crew may be a llittle above slave status?

  • Silviu

    Omg I am stupefied off the things that I hear I worked for Princess Cruises for 7 contracts it’s simple if you have the courage to say something you are done they will destroy you as an employee it’s an criminal organization at high level I called the office in Miami when I was destroyed by mister Generosso the mdh and they told me that they know what is going on but as long as the result are there that targets are reached there is nothing they will do so simply just don’t go or quit while you can. I was there when Mr Generosso was making every single cruise on the emerald princes was making 5 6 thousands dollars in the first day off the cruise just by ripping off passengers from assigning tables by the Window how do you think this people can afford houses in the best countries off the world for 2 3 millions each house so guys as much Ass you complain things will never change. I assisted to something on a crew party wich showed me the power off this people I saw a group off people going to this disgusting person and bow on their knees before him it’s them when I realized that is better for me to choose a different life so stop complaining quit while you can otherwise deal with it its your choice.

  • JP

    Worst cruise line i ever worked!

  • bananovski

    Well, after reading all of this, as a former crew member I have to express myself as well. I have spent quite a few years with Princess. Had some of the best times of my life onboard. It all gets down to who you work with. If you unlucky and het Generoso as your boss, better get seriously sick, back problem or emergency at home, or you need to freeze your brain and intelligence, as he hates that. Note that most of the people surrounding him are less smart. He will use them easier. ILO, ILO my ass… He will make you write, what he wants… He allows people close to him to act with arrogance towards others, he will make you work like a dog, if you dare to notice his lack of skills in dealing with personnel. He will sacrifice you to get score and revenue. Carlos Justina who will get Horizon crew @ 5:30 slammed with digusting threats, poor approach and negative gestures…. to make them smile….
    Thinking of Booby, who will release his gasses into to the face of some Buffet Steward, who kneeled for some reason. I do not want to remember you people, I wish I never met you, as you teach to hate !!!!! You should never be allowed to lead even a goat !!!! You would be blushing in front of O.S. if he ever saw, your acting. I lost my faith in those principals of company after experiencing some situations.
    On the other hand, you have people, who knows their crew, who trust and motivate their crew. People who look at their team with kind eye and understanding, who knows those extra 10k in the monthly budget will not make huge difference big enough, to make their people feel like rubbish.
    Kind regards, to Gellmini, JPM, Florencio and others who are Gentlemen. This is a Princess I want to remember, Beniamino Acler ! People with extraordinary skills in people management. These are the people who helped that Princess Family become a fact.

  • ECM

    I’ve previously worked for both Norwegian and Star Cruises, and I have to say, it’s the worst job on earth. Not only do you work 7 days a week, sometimes you work more than 12 hours a day. The worst part of all, is the inequality of treatment and salaries of workers. Coming from South Africa, I demanded top dollar, earning more than $2000 per month, whereas someone coming from the Phillipines, China, Malaysia, Thailand or the Caribbean, doing the same job, would get paid $250 per month. I have a few Philipino and Chinese friends who were all earning $250 per month doing the exact same job as I was doing for Star Cruises. The same happened on Norwegian Cruise Lines. It is utterly disgraceful to know that in spite of human rights, people are still being discriminated against on the basis of their skin colour!

  • Mrs H

    I do agree 100% to those who expressed the truth. My husband worked with Princess for more than 20 years with conviction and when he tried to eventually highlighted some issues onboard to right himself and almost have a breakdown they dismissed him like a criminal. I would expect an investigation at least or further considerations but they only listens to what the “mafias” onboard have to report to them. I’m just expressing myself due to my husband always priorities his work even never refused to any request for an early embarkation due to so and so have to dis-embark early and that’s him short on his leave, also he hardly have a shore leave either. I know that for sure as I joined him onboard quite a few and hardly see him at all and even on his rest/bed time he still get called up. I just hope they’ll do something about it soon because the unfortunate ones always get the hammering it’s absolutely diabolical that a company with the high standard of reputation doesn’t even listen and impose the rules and regulation that they implement the first place especially when it comes to equality and discrimination. I’ve said enough and thanking you all…

  • Howard

    I am a loyal passenger to princess and I am fully aware of the long hours crew are forced to endure, however, crew aren’t forced to work in this industry, they are not sold to carnival and made to work. It’s a choice they make to better their lives and they are free to leave at any time.

  • Laura

    Howard, you are not forced to be a loyal passenger if you know the truth, either.

  • Ryan carbe

    Hi I want to know the salary of buffet steward pls. I need a reply …. Thanks

  • Dejan

    Hi Ryan,yu’r interested in buffets salary. You need to now it all depends from cruise to cruise I mean how long the cruises are basicly is about $1000-1100 per mounth,but you will get it per cruise,few days after cruise ends and depends from how much the pooling is how long the cruise is ,sales etc…. It means if you have seven day cruise you can get $350 till $$450 I told you alredy from what it depends you caunt it,sometime you can have ten or fifteen days a cruise and litlle more money but less cruises so how I said before from $1000 till $1100 mounthly. I hope that yu’r get an answer on your question and enjoy how much you can in your cruise and remember work only how much you must and your contract will be over soon! By and safe see! 🙂

  • zoyi

    I have recently been shortlisted for the post of crew welfare coordinator and will be sitting across for the final round soon.Since I am from India and this will be my first voyage(if I get through),the above comments/warnings/signs have put me in second thoughts.What pay scale should I be looking forward to considering my nationality and as a beginner?

  • Masa

    Hello everyone! Can someone tell me about work as a photographer on Carnival and how Carnival treats their employees? I got the job recently, I’m still waiting for a date of embarkation.

    P.S. I know about low salaries and heavy conditions, but when you live in a country where your average salary is 200-300€ and where everyone treats you like you don’t deserve a life and to live and like you’re a piece of s**t, I guess it’s easy to accept poor conditions….long story short, unfortunately if I want to make something out of my life I have to make this step and try.
    Thank you in advance!

  • tony

    can someone tell me the salary for food and beverage supervisor in princess and how is the uniform?

  • victor jacome

    Buenas tardes
    Quisiera saber como poder trabajar con ud.

    Victor Jácome

  • avelino a. francisco

    hello to the management of this site
    i can relate to this complaints of this cre members beacause me myself is a currently working in aida ship.
    this is the reality that is happening right now. a lot of crew members specially in the galley depart ment working exceeding more than 14 hours. at present we have time tracking.the supervisors here ask us to clock out but still needs to finish the duty. the other way is you work for more than 14 hours per day then you commit a vioaltion when you clocked out,then they will edit ur time in the computer so that it will appear that you dont work for morre than 14 hours.
    this is happening up to now. and because this is a German cruise ship a lot of boss are German, we the aother nationality felt that we dont have a voice here and an equal treatment compared to Germans. if the asian do a violation they will be automatically sanctions but if the German cre do those violation they will ignored it. pls. help us here in aida. im on aida Mar. specially now that we are going to America. a lot of bad treatment is happening now to us.pls. help us here. thank you. i am open for conversation regarding this matter. just email me pls.

  • Roy

    Hi everyone

    I am glad somebody is talking about the issues relating to the crew members of Cruise Liners.
    I have worked in Costa Cruises for 2 full contracts in their Food and beverage team in the year 2006-2007. It is normal for the staff to work for 14-15 hours everyday with no weekly off for consecutive 8-9 months. The management is all Italian and you cannot be a part of management unless you are one.
    There is a lot of cases of sexual harassment and bullying happens there. The strange and shocking part is, the bosses do not even try to hide it, they do it in open, in front of the other staff without hesitation. For example, in one instance which I clearly remember, One of the Maitre d’ said to one of the waitresses, “only few minutes of my pleasure can change your life but you are refusing to give me that huh….., you are demoted for the next cruise” in front of all other crew members when they were queuing up to get the passenger meals. I did not know anything about the conversation they had prior to that but was smart enough to understand what was happening there. Also, this wasn’t an isolated incident. Nobody dared to complain as they knew they would lose their jobs for doing that. It’s like dictatorship out there.
    I wish I could do something to stop the bullying and harassment of staff there.

  • Pat

    I just went on princess ruby cruise. Our first cruise! At first seemed like a beautiful ship, good food. We began to notice a worker we had seen at a country line show several hours later working somewhere else. A girl would be working early in am in bar area then be working in a show hours layer, we saw this over and over. Our housekeeper who also worked very long hours never had a day off. He said he worked for 8 months straight , rarely saw his family. When we went off land to a shore excursion, we saw workers out in cold face timing their family and friends. Workers couldn’t talk with us very long or a manager would stop their conversation. I don’t think I’ll go on another cruise unless these workers working conditions improve!

  • Jonathan jones

    Hey anyone can help my fiancee is on rccl in nyc want to resign and get married in trinidad already have flight tickets and trinidad immigration clearance but rccl say she must fly to ukarine her gateway country or they will not let her off what to do..

  • Dawn

    I worked on The Norwegian Sea back in 1999 – I had the strangest experience> ‘One day whilst @ sea I was sat in the crew mess feeding my face She was Philippino She also had two slashes one on each wrist and then they found the trickle of blood that lead from her cabin all the way to the Lido deck. There was a lot of speculation that she had been murdered by another Phillapino (after all they were the Mathier of the ship. Because we were out of International waters the big question was who was going to deal with it> Well it was the Bajan Police that dealt with it> (for those of you that don’t know who they are – this is the police from Barbados as that was the Island we was nearest too> Now I’m not saying that the Bajan Police can’t do their job

  • Kent Dorfman Roper

    I’ve been a passenger on 5 cruises (3 different lines). I have always had a dialogue with the dining staff and the room stewards regarding their working conditions and have found them honest but with restraint. You can tell they don’t like it but they say the $ is too good not to do it as it supports their families at home (Serbia, India, Philippines, Thailand etc… ) They work long hours with very little time off in a day. They try to get off for a couple of hours at ports here and there but a lot are just too tired and choose to rest instead or they can’t get off due to tender boats and the concern that there may not be any room on them (passengers of course get priority) and they will be late getting back to work. They work multiple shifts a day, 7 days a week. It’s really just a floating nursing home. Many passengers are nice and friendly but unfortunately there are too many who are racist and just plain rude not to mention morbidly obese and only interested in hitting the buffet morning, noon and night to stuff their fat faces. The only reason I ever went on these cruises is because it was a family Christmas tradition that my parents paid for. I just returned today from a cruise – Sydney to New Zealand and back and have decided that will be my last one. Never again. The staff are wonderful and most deserving of better conditions and pay but due to ambiguous international laws, Princess, Royal Caribbean, Carnival etc.. are not obligated to adhere to any particular HR standard or minimum wage so it’s a license to exploit and discriminate against their employees.