Cruise Law News has received inquiries from several Carnival Cruise Lines crew members complaining that the cruise line recently terminated the retirement benefits for crew members.

Like many other cruise lines, Carnival Cruise Lines previously offered a small retirement benefit which crew members were eligible to receive for working a number of years of uninterrupted service to the company. Although the benefits were small, many crew members we spoke to considered the benefits to be an important reason why they worked long hours under difficult circumstances away from their loved ones. Some viewed the benefits as a means to make payments toward a house when they retire.

However, the crew members recently received a short memo from the cruise line telling them that their retirement benefits were suspended. Many of the crew members who contacted us felt betrayed that Carnival had promised them retirement benefits which they relied upon to continue working with the cruise line.

It is well known that Carnival Cruise Lines is under severe financial constraints following the Triumph "Poop Cruise" fiasco including other other engine room fires (such as the Splendor) and propulsion failures. And cruise fares are historically low following the public relations fall-out.   

Carnival Cruises Lines Retirement BenefitsThe question remains whether the termination of benefits applies to all crew members at Carnival Cruise Lines of all nationalities. As best as we can tell, it does not apply to the other Carnival Corporation brands, such as HAL, Princess Cruises, or other companies.    

We reached out to Carnival Cruise line for an explanation regarding the end of the retirement benefit program. Here were some of our questions:  

Does this apply to all Carnival Cruise Line crew/staff/officer positions?

Does this apply to all nationalities?

How many crew members are affected? What is the anticipated savings to the company?

How does the termination of benefits work? For example, if a Carnival ship employee worked 14 & ½ years, he or she will not be entitled to the 15-year retirement benefits upon reaching 15 years of service. Is this correct? Will that employee be entitled to the retirement benefits associated with 10 years because he or she have already worked over 10 years?

Below is the response from the cruise line late this afternoon. 

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC 2006), which came into effect on August 20, 2013, embodies up-to-date standards of international maritime labor laws and recommendations. As of August 20, 2013, MLC 2006 was ratified by 50 countries representing 75% of global shipping. The enactment of MLC 2006 resulted in several changes to our benefits and compensation plans for shipboard employees. One such example is that we will begin paying contributions to government mandated social security programs for applicable seafarers instead of providing a company-run retirement plan. As a result of MLC 2006, Carnival Cruise Lines’ total financial investment in benefits and compensation for shipboard employees has increased significantly.

Carnival does not explain which crew member nationalities are subject to "government mandated social programs." If the crew member is not part of such a governmental program, then it appears that the crew member is left without a retirement benefit of any type from this point forward.

Also the question arises whether the crew members themselves will have the amounts paid to the governmental programs deducted from their pay. 

Is the ending of the retirement benefits program really tied to the MLC as Carnival claims? Or is this an excuse and diversion to the fact that Carnival is simply slashing benefits of its ship employees to add to the company’s profitability? 

If you are a crew member with Carnival Cruise Line and just had your retirements benefits terminated, please tell us what you think about the situation. Please leave a comment below.

Do you have to make payments for the social programs of your home countries? Do you know what, if anything, the government social programs provide to you for retirements benefits?

Please feel free to leave an anonymous comment or join the discussion on our Facebook page.


October 24 2013 Update: Here’s what Carnival’s website says about "The Fun Ship Retirement Plan:"

"To acknowledge and reward Team Carnival’s significant contributions to The Company’s success, and to help team members plan and save for retirement, Carnival has developed ‘The Fun Ship Retirement Plan.’

This plan provides a lump-sum benefit upon team members’ retirement from Carnival, provided they have at least 10 years of continuous service.

A prorated lump-sum benefit will be paid based on the individual’s position within the company. The amount of the lump sum payment will be based on the last position held for the previous five years prior to the retirement date.

The longer a team member is employed beyond the initial 10-year period, the faster the benefits increase. Simply put, the longer you stay with Carnival, the larger your benefit payment will be upon your retirement."

  • Employee

    Good Day,
    I am Carnival Corporation employee and I am trying to understand the reason why they terminated the retirement plan which they promised to all of us when we were employed by them. Regarding Carnival answer I did some research and according with the MLC 2006, 50 countries signed the agreement .There are more countries as Macedonia, Estonia, Slovakia, Romania, Ceh Republic which are not stated on the agreement list. On the other hand some of the countries for example United Kingdom will enforce the MLC rules just next year. What is going to happen with all this nationalities which are losing the benefits from the Carnival and they are not getting any benefits from their government? Who is going to help them? Why they stop the benefits for them? I understand these nationalities are not the majority here, but we have rights too. However despite all the countries posted on the MLC website it seems that the company informed just the Pilipino crew about their rights (nothing to Bulgarians, Serbians…) and that they have to contribute also monthly with a certain amount of money. None of the other nationalities in agreement with MLC 2006 was informed about this. This is right? For us out here doesn’t look like.

  • xyz

    There are lot of things Carnival Brands are not following according to MLC 2006.

    1. What type of retirement program is associated with Indian crew. Indian Government has something called PPF but ship crew is not eligible for that. So what program is Carnival offering?

    2. Are all Carnival brands offering paid leave to seafarers? NO

    Only thing that they are following is you no longer has to pay for Visas. I can send you a contract copy offered by a Carnival Brand

  • Sevara

    so as far as i understood, if one worked for 15 years,now i cant get my retirement money at all? is that right?

  • Shawn

    A weird question….We have heard for a while that they had stopped it for new hires, but if someone was hired when this was offered do they not have to give them their retirement?

  • Filipino Crew Member

    All Filipino Crew Members of Carnival Cruise Lines have been informed without any prior consultations that their retirement benefits have been frozen effective December 1, 2013. The reason given was that the Philippine Government is obligating CCL to do so through their manning agencies. However, last time I checked such contributions are voluntary on the part of Filipino workers abroad and can’t be applied to a Foreign company. There were no mention of the MLC 2006. This is terribly disadvantageous and unfair if not outright discriminatory to the more than 6,000 Filipino crew members who have been working hard for Carnival Cruise Lines all these years. This retirement benefit is so important and is the very reason crew members chose to stay with Carnival for at least 10 years. There is a huge difference between a Filipino Crew Member who holds a staff position and is entitled to receive $20k in retirement benefits after 10 years and the $38/mo that CCL will pay for his Government contributions from now on. Plus the fact that we can only avail of our Social Security benefits after we reach the ripe age of 65 years old. Majority of us believe that Carnival simply wants to renege from the contract they made to their crew members to pay a certain amount should they stay longer with the company.

  • Former Crew Member

    There are some issues regarding with the compensations of the crew members,not just about the retirement plan, most especially the people who are working in the Dining Room,( Team Head Waiter, Team Waiter, Asst. Team Waiter), where some of them are not earning enough money due to some Carnival Staffs, who are encouraging the Guests to pull out their Money(Gratuities) where all of the mentioned positions are only getting paid though that. All of them are working 12 to 14 hrs a day, and do a hard labors because the management are giving them extra side job like doing the duties that are not really assigned to them, imagine A waiter is also doing the duties of a House Keeping and a Galley Stewards and the hardest is the Loading, where every home ports some of the waiters are being pulled from their duties to work as a Stock Man, where hard work is there, they dont have proper safety equipment for our protections, so they are very vulnerable to any accidents. I would like to make it clear that they are not getting extra payment for that! “The management will just tell them “If you Dont like to do the job, then Go HOme!” What a disgrace! Crew members are patiently doing what the management told them rather than being fired out in the service, since they are just hoping that after TEN years they will get their Retirement Plan so they could stop working in the ship.
    Going back to what i was mentioning a while ago, about the wages of the Waiters, some of them are not getting their wages because their GUESTS that they served every meal they had in the ship for several days they pulled out their GRATUITIES! leaving the waiters Cashless in their accounts.It happened to several waiters in Carnival Fleetwide! Imagine doing other jobs and having long hours of work and you are not getting paid??? That is so unfair. This matters should be investigated thoroughly.
    God will Punish those who abuses, and this thing is indeed abusive! I hope that every crew members will be safe in their Voyage!

  • afraid to add my name

    Only phillipines, everyone else doesen’t make part of the mandated social program. CCL is braking a contract. We are lossing years that could add up to ur retirement in our own countries. One option will be to leave now. But in this way we are losing also what years we accumulate until now. So those who have a few years will have to wait until they make 10. But what if they will change it again ???? Is has to be a way to make CCL respect they’r part of the deal.

  • Filipino team member

    Please hide my identity as I’ve been warned because I criticize this new policy and I belong to Management staff.

    The minimum retirement benefit is 1250 a year after 10 years of dedication with CCL. The memo we received says a maximum 38/month contribution from the Company will be forwarded to the Social security and then $25 max from team members. This only applies if your on board and not when your on vacation. This is just a fraction of the benefits. What happen to the rest? Team members morale will be really low if this applies to all nationalities. I can give more details. please send me your email.

  • bryant

    …majority of ccl crew are asian. they know how life it is back there, so no matter what changes they know that crew will not leave or retire. But they are making mistakes, i know a lot of crew who are now considering moving to other cruise lines company since their wages are far way better than CCL anyway. Not only that, the management on board the ccl are full of shits and Italian officers (not all but most) are the only king of the ccl ship….

  • Seafarer

    I am wondering how someone is expecting to get anything from the government in their native countries without paying a penny during the years to their own national social security system.

  • Email is

    Regards Jim Walker

  • Bobby Kleburg

    Disturbing to read this overall, but especially the comments on the gratuities. I’d like some opinions from crew on the gratuities…would you be better off if all of your salary was paid by Carnival…meaning what you make now from Carnival plus the amount of “suggested” gratuities? There are many different opinions on cruise boards that many would like to leave as is, but also many would like to eliminate them, leaving Carnival to pay them as a salary like most companies do. I’m sure you would get more tips from most people as the cruise went on likely resulting in more money overall. Is there a reason you would not prefer this method?

  • Matt

    I retired from Carnival 4 years ago in order to pursue a university education. At that point I was at cross roads whether to stay or go. I am glad I choose go

  • Hschko

    Fuck carnival

  • ken

    The reason that we stayed in this company inspite of their low paying salary is the retirement. This company before has a good plan for the crew.but now it seems they just dont care for us anymore while we are taking care of their guest for them.. they would always say that if you have complain to the company they will tell you the door is wide open for you to leave bec there are so many people willing to take your space.this is inhuman.before they use to give solution.they are taking advantage of the crew because of the demand of the job.. its like saying “deliberately give fun to the guest and hell to the crew”. Hope that there would be people who can help us solve this abuse.This all started when this new president came. If they say they are running out of budget how come on 2016 there is a new ship coming and its a huge ship. The crew is paying for everything. May God bless these thieves.

  • This is sickening. I honestly hope this is a rumor.

    The crew members who have been promised this retirement plan should be “Grandfathered in”! You cannot tell someone “Hey I’m going to pay you this huge lump sum of money if you work this many years” then that crew member works his/her ass off, then come year 10, “Oh just kidding, we can’t do that anymore”.

    I was a crew member for several years and I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard where Carnival was purposely trying to (forgive me) screw the crew member out of their benefits. They would give them multiple drug tests in hopes the crew member would fail so they didn’t have to pay out their retirement fund. And do not get me started on labor laws.

    I truly hope they will grandfather employees in. With the cruise ship industry and their ships sailing into International waters, they fly under the flag of convenience – meaning, despite most companies flagship offices are in the United States, their ships are registered under Panamanian flags (or other countries) so they can avoid labor laws. This is just one more of those “convenient” ways they can bypass the U.S. law and hurt those hard-working crew members who deserve their retirement funds so much!

  • CLM

    Just to make some thing clear. This pension freeze applies to all Carnival Employee’s and that includes all the Casino staff that work on the various brands under the Carnival umbrella of which there are hundreds and I am one of those unfortunate ones.Having worked for Carnival (on Princess) for just over ten years, I was looking forward to working a couple more contracts and increasing my pension. Now that has been stopped and so what is incentive to back now.None.The people who have worked for less than ten years will still get their allotted cash for the respective years of service, but will have to work ten years to collect it. Once again where is the incentive? It was a big deal and the major part for most people when interviewed for postion’s that if you were a loyal employee that the pension scheme was a thing to look forward to. Many if not all employee’s were depending on that anniversary payout. But not now.I for one will no longer be coming back.Thank you Carnival. As for the MLC2006, that’s a whole new story for another day.

  • @)&$(

    Employees should all just get off at the next port and leave Carnival hanging!

  • Former Crew Member

    Mr Blubby Kleburg…
    Regarding with the Gratuities or wages, as a Team Waiter before, I am only getting paid monthly of 75 USD every month, thats why if the Guest are going to pull out their Gratuities thats what we are getting, after a hard labor of serving and providing memorable experience to our Guests, no one cares how hard it is to be a Waiter and not getting paid. And more issues are from the Management, This should be investigated also, some are not treating their employees in a professional way, im not saying all of them but there are several personality in the management who is fun of discriminating other nationalities, Carnival is hiring Unprofessional Officers, Managers, Matri D,etc etc.Thats why some events like a waiter of a crew member attacked their Matri D,or bosses because they are being treated unprofessionally or unfair they dont have a choice but to act on their own, or give a lesson to their bosses in their own ways. It always happend since no one on the ship could help them.

    There are some positions who are really working like in hell. where all the hard times and vulnerabilities are around they are called GALLEY STEWARDS.. this people are the lowest life people in the ships, they need to be creative to be recognized so they will be promoted, since the Managements are not professional they are not following the rules, because of their Favoritism, and if they doesn’t like the nationality of a person they are going to put him in the hardest schedules and hardest labors. Nobody have the balls or guts to complain because like Asians, to work in the ship is a big help for them and for their family, thats why if you will observe only brown people are being hired as a Galley Stewards, you will not see a Caucasian guy in the Dishwash, because they know that Asians are not complaining even they are being treated unfair.

    The Crew Members in Carnival should be investigated about things behind that so called FUN that Carnival is offering. Fun for the guest and HELL for the Crew! The Managements should be rated or should be really evaluated not by the crew members but by someone who could stand out for the rights of the crew members! No one their have the balls to speak out.

    Carnival Crewmembers NEED HELP! Carnival should be Investigated!

  • Robbed

    i have my official retirement set for April next year and because of this i have lost 50% of what im entitled too as you need to be in your promoted position for 5 years as of November 30th 2013. I have done it for 4 years 8 months. The only thing that drove my commitment to CCL for the past 3 years was receiving this lump sum, of which i will not now get. If somthing needs to be changed then it should be from new employees as of November 30th 2013. Face it,not many actually make it to 10 years anyway. CCL you should be ashamed.

  • CLM

    Just found out that its all Philipino crew at all levels and shipboard Casino Staff(all Carnival brands) that are having their benefits frozen. I know we all signed a Sea Farers Agreement, but is legal the way they have treated us and what can we do about it. The agreement basically says that we agree to do whatever they want and we can’t do anything about it. Is that so?

  • Sunshine

    I’m a US resident only my retirement i’m expecting to have cause i don’t pay my SSS even i wanted to pay a voluntary deduction but since carnival is not registered in US they Carnival will gonna freeze the retirement to only Filipino what will gonna happen to me? Working so many years with them for nothing is that so.. Carnival has a lot of issue for crew it’s not only retirement it also cutting the working hours, taking more than 3% from the gratuities, management giving so much stress to hardly working crew member… We need to speak up we all know that it hard to find a job but this is for our integrity.

  • Tiger87

    Carnival cruise line sucks ! I am a former employee who’s now American resident and trust me I make sure that I share all my bad experiences with folks here in California.

    I’m sure my prior disappointments are very bad for their business and I will keep spreading the word of truth !

    Hang in there crew members, consider a general law sue against this evil.

  • Putu

    New president turn the CCL like hell,,

  • Michael magnayi


  • Gener

    Should I consider myself lucky that I decided to get my retirement money after nine and a half years working with the company. If the situation is indeed true, I feel sorry for some of my colleagues in the casino department who’s just waiting for their ten year marks. Anyways, thank you Carnival for my retirement money.

  • Crew Member

    The entire crew should stage a walk out from every ship ,from each of the Carnival brands. They should all get off at a Port and do not get back onboard. Let CCL pay to deport thousands of people, would they do it – I don’t think so. If this actually happened and their business grinds to a halt because the can’t sail with no crew then maybe then they might reconsider the pension issue. The problem being, the collective crew will never have the guts to do this !

  • dejavu

    being a crew member of CCL,we all know about their malpractices and their atrocities.The reason why we are suffering is because we do not have courage or balls to unite and fight against the evil practices.CCL,knows this very well and taking all the possible advantage of this.The day crew members will get together and unite and fight against CCL can bring some changes.Till then we all will write blogs and cuss CCL and all but nothing is gonna happen in real….

  • Jim

    The above should not be a surprise to anyone here… The MLC regulations gave everyone hiring crew on ships the perfect excuse to stop voluntary benefits and just focus on what is actually mandated by the new law. Yes it’s tough to hear but are you all seriously surprised they stopped paying something they don’t have to anymore??? Time to wake up people!

  • Susie Q

    I’m an American musician and have worked for a few major cruise lines and i have to say of the lines i have worked for, Carnival abuses their crew the most. The abuse doesn’t come from bad food or horrible living conditions which are actually good but from racism from officers and management as well as a lack of respect and professionalism. This racial abuse comes in the form of forcing crew of all ethnicity’s to do amazing amounts of work and horribly long shifts(as little as four hours between shifts)while knowing full well that most crew will keep their mouths shut for fear of losing the opportunity to make American dollars for not only their own family but in many cases multiple families back home. I grew up in a place where racism and the abuses I’ve seen would not be tolerated. I know people In the land based office know what I’m talking about and still nothing changes. Crew members from all over the world come to Carnival and are willing to work hard for their money but this abusive and taking advantage of crew at any opportunity must stop!!!

  • I made ketu

    I work in Carnival cruise lines for almost 16 years and same like others, I feel what they feel right now.If Carnival Cruise Lines followed the MLC 2006 regulations, because this is the law. Why they look only in one portion? maybe they think that crew members don’t know nothing about the seaferer’s law. I saw and I read the POEA contract of one Filipino crew member onboard, and I Know that the Carnival Cruise Lines, did not followed all those POEA agreement. All Filipino’s should work 8 hours per day as per PEOA agreement and they should recieved leaved pay as 4 days and half a month & Overtime (125%) over 8 hours of work. So Carnival cruise lines disregards the rights off all Filipinos. And now all filipino’s are suffering of this MLC 2006 maritime laws…All what I can say’s, sorry Filipino’s, and wait the miracles that carnival cruise lines, will not pursue to freezed the benifits. I know why filipinos keep working in Carnival Cruise Lines for long period, because of this benifits that the Carnival Cruise Lines promised them, and this is also the reason why I stayed and keep working in carnival cruise lines because of their promises. I don’t believed that carnival lossing 30% profit. this is business what do you expect? They don’t care crew members ttha’s what I understand.

  • Anonymous

    please kept my name secret for my security

    I work in carnival cruise line for so many years and I kept working because of their promised that, when I reached a certained years I have benefits, and it looks I likes, this is my savings for the sake of family and for the future of my kids. Now all is gone, the company destroy all my dreams. We sacrifice to go far away from our family for the sake our kids to give them a good future, and now what happened? I understand what the MLC 2006 implementing, but why only one portion not all content of what our contact agreement is? Carnival abusing to much, because they knows that crew members have nothing to do. God knows who did not paid. Hoping that somebody out their help us,about all of this matter.

    Carnival cruise lines office personnel’s, if this is will happened to you or on your family and love ones? what do you feel? This is to much enought. It’s looks like you killed my family slowy by slowly.

  • Jay jay

    The company should give the retirement to the employee work for more than 5years….plsease don’t show my real identity….

  • Former Asst F&B Mgr

    I left CCL about 4 years ago, thank goodness I did. There definitely is favoritism between Snr Management and Head Office Management. You are told to report any misconducts and inappropriate behavior towards you, but when you do, the pathetic Head Office management side with the abuser. And it is correct to say that they are happy to tell you to “suck it up or leave” due to the demand for jobs.

    CCL is in decline for a reason, yet that reason would be blamed on the economy or anything other than their Head Office team. The favoritism is not just who kisses whose ass, but also relates to the country you are from. You are treated better if you are from India or Italy, than if you are from the likes of Phillipines, Serbia, South Africa and other such countries.

    The company is full of loopholes, and they take full advantage of this. I worked with Galley Stewards, and as a Caucasian (this is now directed at “Former Crew Member”) I was never against washing dishes, pots, floors, climbing into the machines to fix them, etc etc. I guess that was just my style of management, to never expect from others what I wasn’t willing to do myself. But you are correct in saying that they are treated terribly with long hours and extreme manual labour, but I never saw a waiter clean a single dish. Loading in ports, yes, but that was for a measly 2 hours where as myself and the Galley Stewards started and finished the loading, a solid 6-8 hour job and then were still expected to attend our stations afterwards.

    But I digress, and perhaps just wanted to vent, but CCL taking away what was promised should not be allowed. But as usual, as they do with the USPH, they will more than likely buy someone in power to assert their decision. I could go on and on with the atrocities that I experienced and witnessed, but that would be a series of books…

  • kbryant

    MEDIA can help to elevate this to higher level. How can we get in touch with MEDIA. I don’t mind to speak up and voluntarily withdraw my job in carnival if they will not allow me to do so. I have family to feed and support what CCL did to us, I will not regret to leave the company and look for something else…respect my rights and IMPORTANTLY shows caring for their crew….

  • Concerned Guest

    I have so much respect for everyone here. I am not a crew member but a guest of CCL. I have been on several cruises over the years and I know how hard you work. I have made friends with several crew members over the years. I want to say THANK YOU for all that you do! I love talking to the crew onboard and getting to know some of you.

    I just went on the Triumph and heard rumors that they were taking away your retirement plan.I wanted to look it up and find out. This is wrong! I intend to write a letter and tell them CCL that as well.

    What they don’t realize is that most of the guest (at least out of Texas) know that the crew is what makes carnival successful. Everyone works hard and is friendly. I have enjoyed meeting so many nice crew members and I put all of them in my survey at the end of the cruise.

    God Bless you all and I will be pulling for you.

  • paul ramacher

    the american press and american labor unions could be very helpful. e mail to them . american labor unions support abused workers in many places in the world.not just their members. but any working people. and they share information with their members and workers. try new york times and los angeles times for starters.

  • XYZ

    This is just plain disgraceful and honestly the final straw for me. This company has been in steady decline for years now but up until the Costa (owned by Carnival) Concordia incident in 2012, where people actually DIED, everyone finally realized what many members, current and past, of the Carnival family already knew, that the company is cutting corners. They went from a CEO like Bob Dickinson (who is now back as a consultant), who actual values customer service and employee relations to someone like Gerry Cahill, who is someone straight from the finance department and is only concerned with numbers and profit. Everyone understands that people go into business to make money and turn a profit, but at what expense? Then came the fires and engine room troubles BEFORE the infamous “poop cruise” as CNN put it “(CNN) — First, it was Triumph.
    Then, Elation.
    Then, Dream.
    And now, Legend” [Poop Cruise]

    If there was an issue with one ship, fine, maybe it can happen, but 5 ships in less than a year. Something seems a little off there, now in order to clean up their mess from trying to cut corners and make some extra money, they are going to do away with benefits from already down employees. ALL Carnival employees know that their “tips” have been missing a little here and there lately because the company was forced to include the crew physical in their hiring cost so what did the company do? Oh, we will just take it from their tips. Loopholes, and when it is a few bucks every month, many have not even noticed. Now all of the sudden we cannot pay you the retirement benefits we promised you when you signed on and stayed with us as a loyal employee all of these years. What a downright outrage. Then they make it worse by saying they will be paying over 150+ nationalities governments directly. What a flat out lie! To all of the current employees I understand that you have families to support back home, but stand up for yourselves and strike because if you allow this to happen IT WILL ONLY CONTINUE TO GET WORSE!

  • Salted Egg

    To all concern.
    We all know that CREW MEMBERS are the one who make the GUEST’s fulfilled their vacation. And now this is the out come of that hardship????
    Is this the the core value Mister HR??? Is this I am Carnival?
    Now may I ask you straight!!! Are you leaving the VALUES?? Is this the one that was asking by Anderson Cooper on CNN the modern day slavery? Deck department they are not paying the right hours they work. Galley Dept too they edit their fun time…VALUES!

    As what the Cruising Journal says cruising industry is a profitable business.

  • barstaff

    there was so many issue going on at carnival cruise lines, for tipping position like BAR staff they cut out our gratuities 2,5% from 15% , then they give us a free ticket ,,so you can count how much money they get from each BAR staff every month ,,,you will see karma will going on to carnival ,,, what is goes around will come around

  • Cesar

    I was working for carnival cruise lines for 10 years and i get my retirement last 2010. But here’s my comment about the people who have a problem about their retirement….fight for it you deserve better let the media knows about this problem….I wll say that all the comment that I read in this forum is absolutely true…..if any media people who will read all this comments it’s your chance to investigate this problem….this is a very very big issue…..god help them…

  • Cesar

    Gerry Cahill I hope you can sleep with all this problem you’ve given to your shipboard employee…shame on you….

  • filipinawife

    feel very sad for all this issue about the retirement of crew members of Carnival Cruise Line, hope this problem will be solve by the management or else everybody has no income 🙂 i know filipinos are working very hard to reach the goal of the company as funship cruiseline making everything to satisfied their guests. As I read the other comments my husband can testify how hard is their work on dinning room, feed the more than 3,ooo people on board, gave everything they need, so that the guests will satisfy for their cruises but where all this hardship end????? for nothing????? pls. gave the benefits for them, especially my husband is working with your company for almost 20 yrs. God how’s our children???? how’s our life????

  • alin

    GENER I need your help on how you get the money for retirement and how they calculate youre days/year. or fi somebody know about this ????? I heard it is a contract where it says about the retirement .PLEASE I NEED HELP .

  • Joseph

    Would one or more current or forrmer crew members please consider doing an AMA on Reddit?

    This is a great way to tell the world what is really happening. Basically you answer people’s questions about who you are and what you have seen. You can remain anonymous while you do it. Lots of people will read it. I have seen them done by entertainment and pirser staff but I don’t think they have the same experiences as dining room, kitchen, and housekeeping staff.

  • Orlando.

    Now Carnival has a new program,they take from the tipping position personel,God knows how much money,nobody wanna talk about that,because means HOME,captain,hotel mannager,Human resource managers,chief accountats,MSA,nobody because this is a big issue,but they knows it,the only one who ignore it is the team member,this is for the media,when you ask for something,you only have this reply. Carnival has 5,000 people awaiting for your job,if you dont like go home,simple.the company allow their guest to pull out the gratuities after 3,5 or 7 days cruises,the only one who loose is the waiter,sttateroom steward,we always loose,what the boss says;you never give a 5 stars service thats why the guess pullout the gratuities,but they ignore or prettend ignore that we are the people who work hard,they only wear a White unifform,and give us hard time.

  • Dave

    Now a day carnival cruise line facing a big issue about terminating retirement plan for Filipino crew member….the human resources manager discuss the issue without any sign agreement bind between carnival and philippines government that prove that everything was arranged according to the law…as a waiter in dinning room working away from family is such a tough job…can you imagine we’re always praying that our pay will be good enough to sustain our family needs back home, out of these uncertain cpg or graduituties from the guest…many of our guest has alway a option to pull out the money without realize that the money is for a crew member like me….while us if the management said these gonna be happen to our career we don’t have option…one more thing the maitre d in the whole carnival fleet is doing monkey business with the promotion they didn’t see those employee dedicated for a long years in the company…their in favor of those crew who can offer them sex, money, or same raise like them…be fair to everybody check the number of years of service…don’t be a big idiots…only apply for India, Croatia , and Romania Maitre d…your a Big mafia

  • Suzanne

    We just returned from a CCL Legend cruise and although
    we had a good time, reading how they treat their
    employees disgusts me. All of the crew were great, although
    we could tell that our wait staff were overworked. I can
    only imagine how hard it must be to be away from one’s
    family in order to give them a better life, and now they are
    forfeiting their retirement. This is outrageous! I was also
    suspicious of the daily charged gratuities and now that
    I know CCL takes a percentage, I wish we had just given
    crew members cash gratuities. We gave the full amount,
    plus a little extra directly to our crew, but I know there are
    alot of cheap skates who reduce their tips not realizing
    how little the crew makes per day. These issues definitely need
    media attention!

  • nilton barreneceha

    I work at the company in the position of galley steward then I change to the area of housekeeping I renounce the company only because did not have a good relationship with my supervisor and my manager, I resign by that reason to not become major problems was my first experience on Board now I want to again have the opportunity to oposite embarking the company because carnival in my life was my second home I hope you can help me I not explained to me because I can’t return to the company if i never did harm or damages,renounce to avoid more problems ,i sinceramnete i pledge to return the money of the airfare that spending by the company to return to my home ,i would like to have a new opportunity directly with the company,i felt that in my time that I worked at the company i was a good worker ,responsible and honest my ID number was 410521 please if in the event that i cannot ship only i want to know the truth because many friends that have come out of the company by disciplinary problems have returned again and many that have renounced also have returned i hope that I can Help God bless you.

  • harris

    Need a copy of the autopsy report, if only to verify the cause of death. Need a proper statement regarding benefits due and benefits paid.

  • Claire

    This just an inquiry,did the Magsaysay maritime phillipine Manning agency make a reimbursment for their Filipino seafarers became disabled because of illness?

  • indra purnama rikin

    im work with carnival for 2 year.and they fired me on my second contract.and im asking for appraisal and they dont give me.i need that for apply similar job in another cruise ship company..its hard time for me.why they dont give me?at least give me the appraisal when i was in my 1st deserve that.i believe carnival is profesional and have good reputation to solve the im jobles because carnival!

  • saputra i gst A bgs indramana

    Hi good day,
    i have a question i was started working whit ccl ince 2005-2015.and on 2006 i got accident low back pain,and than on 2010/2011 i got another accident low back pain then the sand me home for medication and the last on 2015 same case low back pain again same think the send me home for medication while im at home for medication on first 3 month yes the give me half salary until i decide to retired,but when i ask about my retiredment they said im not completly 10 years.and my question is why i cannot get my retirement,if they said cause my medical sign off,that is accident while im working and also that happening while im on board.thank you and hope you would help