Cruise ShipLast week I wrote a short article about the difficult working condition on the Royal Princess: Extreme Work Load & Grueling Hours Exhaust Royal Princess Crew Members. It was a short article but it struck a nerve with crew members. Over 950 readers have liked, shared or tweeted the article so far.

Today we received an interesting comment to the article:

"I worked for Princess for 7 years and the worst part for me is the blatant discrimination against certain ethnic groups. Few people know that crew from countries like Philippines, India, Mexico receive significantly lower wages for doing exactly the same job and working exactly the same hours as crew from European countries.

My roommate was from the Philippines and we were both photographers on the same level with same job description. My salary was $2000 a month and his was $1200.

The company’s defense: The cost of living is cheaper in their countries! This is so unfair in every way, even though things might be cheaper in their countries, they are still away from their countries for 8 months at a time where they have to pay the same normal western prices as us . . ." 

Have you faced discrimination while working on cruise ships operated by Carnival, Holland America Line, Princess, or Royal Caribbean?

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