Tortola - Carnival Drops PortCarnival Cruise Lines is dropping the British Virgin Islands port of Tortola next year. 

Carnival intended to send five cruise ships to Tortola through April 2015.

The port is overhauling its cruise ship dock, and passengers may be required to tender from the ship to shore, Carnival spokeswoman Jennifer de la Cruz said.

The Carnival cruise ships involved are the Sunshine, Freedom, Liberty, Glory and Valor

Tortola was the port where a Princess cruise passenger died in an excursion bus tour three and one-half years ago. 


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  • Andy Smithers

    The way that Carnival, and all of its name plates, treat these nations is horrendous. I have not made, nor will I make a reservation with them every again. I say good riddance and be gone.

  • Kat Starr

    this info has been completely twisted against carnival and you will find other ships having to overhaul the emissions along with carnival. get you head out of you @$$. ports decide if a cruise ship can come back based off off this and carnival has chosen to fix Thiers for mi!lions of dollars and then return. another thing from being on many cruises and having a port not care of safety, clean port or tours/shopping, why would they stay. would you be happy if you were dumped somewhere a whole day and you had these bad conditions, after spending thousands on a cruise. I am not thinking so.