Watch the video of the FlowRider at the top.  Looks like fun doesn’t it?  The rider surfs on the water and never wipe-outs. Easy right?

Not at all. The person in the video is a skilled and experienced Royal Caribbean employee who has spent many hours riding the FlowRider.

Now take a look at the second video at the bottom when a novice tries to surf on the FlowRider. Beware, don’t look if you can’t stomach a gruesome accident. It’s serious. "Ouch" is an understatement. 

The FlowRider is exceedingly dangerous. It has caused at least one death on a Royal Caribbean cruise ship and many broken bones.  

Royal Caribbean uses experienced, athletic crew members like the one on the video at top to ride the FlowRider while the passengers first embark on the Allure of the Seas, Oasis of the Seas and other cruise ships. This attracts the passengers to come back and make reservations for private lessons which can cost up to $480 an hour.  The FlowRider is a major money maker for the cruise line. 

Read about the FlowRider and holding Royal Caribbean responsible when cruise passengers are seriously injured on the cruise line’s money making attraction:

Wipeout! Liability of Royal Caribbean Cruise Line for FlowRider Accidents     



  • C. Thomas Howell III

    That man had the right to not step into a wet, slippery environment but he chose to anyway. He took a risk based upon clearly visible and well understood etcetera. Duval vs. Golden Compass Ventures, LLc

  • Greg

    I am 57 years young and just started flowrider surfing. 1st on a cruise and again at a waterpark. Incredible fun. Both times the instructor repeatedly warned everyone not to try and stand in the moving water, we were told if you lose your board sit down immediately. Obviously that is good advice this guy did not receive or did not heed. Many sports are dangerous if proper instruction is ignored. Kids get hurt sledding, riding bikes, etc. but lets not take all the fun out of life.