The cruise industry’s reputation is under siege.  

Cruise line presidents used to be able to appear on cable news business shows and trot out their new products and intineraries and pontificate at length without a hint of controversy.

But as you can see in this interview on FOX BUSINESS, Royal Caribbean Cruises CEO and President Adam Goldstein had to dodge and weave through what should have been a friendly interview by a FOX NEWS business reporter. It’s hard to talk about the new cruise ships coming on line, when images of the stranded Triumph and the burned stern of the Grandeur of the Seas are playing as a back drop.

Cruise fires and mishaps are "extremely rare" cruise executive Goldstein says.     

Are you convinced?


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  • Michael Bauman

    If he had said “comparatively rare” rather than “extremely rare,” I’d go along with him. As his comment now stands, I cannot.

  • Harold Kurte

    My son and I are shareholders of Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruises and we both know Adam Goldstein. Any time Goldstein is interviewed on television he spews the company line of propaganda and it is very difficult to believe what he is saying. The CLIA bill of rights is for the protection of the cruise lines not cruise passengers. Unfortunately, Senator Rockefeller will not be running for reelection in 2014 and the Commerce Committee will be chaired by either a Democrat or Republican depending on which party has the majority in the senate. Meanwhile, remember Senator Nelson of Florida who serves on the Commerce Committee will do just as his masters the cruise lines will tell him to do. Section 883 of the tax code virtually guarantees that the cruise lines pay pennies if anything in taxes to the U.S.A.