News sources in Alaska are reporting that Alaska State Troopers are investigating an incident where a female crew member alleges that she was sexually assaulted on a Princess Cruises sailing between Seattle and Alaska this week. 

The crew member states that two other crew members sexually assaulted her while the cruise ship was sailing to Juneau. The Alaska State Troopers say the assault took place between 4 AM and 6 AM on Monday.

A spokesperson for the Alaska State Troopers says that “Yes, suspects have been identified;” however, Princess Cruises Star Princess Sexual Assault“No arrests have been made.”

The Princess cruise ship is making additional port calls as it heads back to Seattle, the point of origin for the cruise. Both the victim and the suspects are still aboard the cruise ship.

Princess Cruises released a statement claiming that after reporting the alleged assault, the woman "indicated she no longer wanted to pursue the matter with law enforcement." 

It’s a shame to see that the alleged victim was not taken off the cruise ship for medical evaluation and counseling and provided with a safe environment where she could be away from the alleged perpetrators.

Its also disturbing to see the cruise line issue a press statement claiming that the alleged victim doesn’t want the matter further investigated.  It smacks of Princess trying to minimize what happened for marketing purposes.

The incident occurred aboard the Star Princess.

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Photo Credit: Star Princess – Jim Walker Seattle Washington

  • Alex

    I used to work for Princess, and never in the whoe time aboard, did anything like this happen.
    Given the hours of 4am – 6am. I am guessing the crew members may have been having a crew party. which i Might add do involve a considerable amount of alchohol.
    Now i am not saying she wasnt raped, however, i have fist hand experience and have witnesed the craziness that goes on in crew area. It is worse than a brothel sometimes, and most of the time all are aware of what they are doing. And also waking up and regretting their actions. I dont fully believe that rape was involved in this circumstance, as otherwise, it would have been taken a little more seriously and followed through with the police.
    If it had in fact been rape, all involved would surely ben removed off the ship and dealt with.
    Females on board go nuts when drinking, and do very many stupid things, (as doo the guys).. again, i am not saying it wasnt rape. However, when you do stupid things, and others find out, rather than being labelled something…. its easier to say rape. When in fact it was just a drunken stupid night! I have witnessed this, and many crew evenings, where the drink and the pure confinement of living within this community on months on end, makes you a little crazy!

    I dont know, its not Princess cruises fault that people cant handle themselves. If thats the case, they should make it manadtory to stop selling that much alcohol to crew! Minimise the damage…

  • Anonymous

    Umm Alex, I think your comments smack of being a ‘fruitcake.’ How would you know that while you worked with Princess that, ‘never in the whole time aboard, did anything like this happen’ . . ?? Were you helping to monitor all of the video cameras that are, of course, placed in every cabin & state room (sarcasm)? I also used to work for them and I know, firsthand, that these situations DO happen. I’ve had a number of people confide stories to me about sexual assualts, even pregnancies. No one wants to say anything and risk losing their jobs. Alcohol is not always involved. I’m not a drinker. I have personally woken up, on the ship, with a naked stranger (another crew member – I don’t know his name, had never met or spoken to him before) attempting to have sex with me. I also had, in the crew bar, while I was lined up to order a fruit juice, had two intoxicated male crew members (that I barely recognized & had not spoken to that night) behind me pull my long (it went to about my calf area past my knees) formal dress up to my mid-back region while I was dressed up for formal night in front of a crowded room full of people. I never said anything about the incident except to them. They were drunk and I didn’t want to be responsible for them losing their employment. While sitting with a group of friends in a crew bar on another ship I had an F. and B. supervisor (that I had never spoken to before) suddenly hop on my lap facing me and simulating sex by grinding against me. It was out of the blue and incredibly strange. My group and I were too shocked for any of us to say anything. I noticed the bartender gave me a look of, what I percieved to be, a sincere look of pity and I think he was close to jumping over the counter and belting him one (which would have cost him his job, so I’m glad he didn’t). I never reported it either. What’s the point? It would have not only jeopardized the supervisor’s position, but mine as well, a job I loved. As far as I knew at the time, the company’s way of handling this stuff was to terminate both people from their contracts, so people had an incentive to keep things quiet. You may be a very nice person, and agree that many inappropriate things happen onboard because of people’s poor choices, often fueled by alcohol etc. However, I think your opinions of sexual misconduct onboard overall just reeks of ignorance. I want people to hear an entirely different perspective about this topic and, believe me, I couldn’t be standing any further away from you on the other side of the fence.

  • Karen

    I sincerely hope this matter is taken further & investigated in the correct manner, just because someone chooses to make a carrer at sea does not mean they should be treated any differently!
    I worked on cruiseships for 2 years & yes theres alot of alcohol & parties BUT when a girl says NO she means NO… at no point should she be taken advantage of or raped.

    One of the ships I worked on had a stalker of the shoppies, this was reported, investigated & he was disembarked at the next port!!!

  • Denys

    I was a Princess employee and had one contract on this ship. Never faced an issue like this. But all these kind of situations should be properly investigated, cause sometimes a victim may turn to a suspect after making it clear. Especially when you see some girls’ behavior in the crew party. Crew members, you know what I mean 😉

  • rene

    What was Alex’s comment is true…its not Princess cruises fault that people cant handle themselves. If thats the case, they should make it manadtory to stop selling that much alcohol to crew! Minimise the damage…
    to Miss/Mr Anonymous your comment is also right and true same with my experience when I was on board for 3yrs, but what was Alex trying to site is that he used to work for Princess, and never in the whole time aboard, did anything like this happen bec… no body reported the same scenario. and GUESSING the crew members may have been having a crew party which might add do involve a considerable amount of alchohol…therefore, both of you have the right understanding to the situation.