Maria La Camera - MSC CruisesNewspapers in Italy are reporting that a 27 year old crew member died on July 14th on the MSC Preziosa.

Maria La Camera. known as "Titti" to her friends, worked aboard the MSC cruise ship as a hostess. She was found dying in her cabin, according to the newspaper Napoli Today.

Her co-employees made ​​the discovery, after they went to her cabin when she did not show up for her shift. The cruise ship docked the following day at the port of Naples where local police inspected the cabin and will review video cameras to determine whether anyone entered the cabin. They will also be investigating whether she suffered from any personal problems, according to the newspapers.

The initial medical examination on board the ship suggested that the young woman may have died due to an aneurysm, which is unusual in a young woman. Her body will undergo an autopsy in Italy. Her family and friends described her as a healthy woman who did not use drugs, was of a cheerful disposition and was very good at her job.


Photo Credit: Crew Center

  • Louise Benavides

    My Husband Miguel Benavides died onboard Carnival Fascination on the 22nd of July. He was found dead in his cabin when they went looking for him as he did not show up for his shift.

    He was a healthy 37 year old, he mailed me during the night and told me how sick he felt while being on duty, and the next morning he still called me. He was found dead in his cabin later that afternoon.

    Authopsy said that he died of acute intestinal myocarditis.

    I can not find that Carnival made an announcement about his death anywhere. The results are inconclusive to us, as the main cause of his death is due to a virus or bacteria, but we can not get the name as they did not perform those test to confirm at the hospital where the medical exam took place.

    I just want to understand what was so strong, that could kill him so fast???

    I am wondering why Maria Titti La Camera died, it was also first told to me that Miguel might have died due to an aneurysm.

    Louise Benavides