Carnival Dream Cruise Ship Following a year of fires, disabled ships, non-working toilets and bad cruise news, Carnival Cruise Line needs all of the help it can get.

This weekend Carnival received some free PR when the U.S. Coast Guard called upon the Carnival Dream cruise ship to rescue two Bahamian men stranded in the waters off Florida.

Deon Lathen and Ted Lainge’s disabled vessel, Tera Bite, was 30 miles east of Sebastian Inlet when the Coast Guard called on the Carnival cruise ship to help with the rescue.

According to CBS News, the cruise ship picked up the stranded men and transferred them to a Coast Guard cutter. The men have been taken to Fort Pierce.


Photo Credit: Wikimedia / Kuloskulo

  • Cynthia Neu

    What taxes is Royal Caribbean paying when it requires us travel agents to collect taxes from our passengers when we book cruises. When a cruise is not selling the base price of a cruise comes down, which we pass on to the customer. But at the same time Royal Caribbean will then raise the taxes for that same cruise. In effect, Royal Caribbean is taking money out of our pocket. This is because we are paid a commission only on the base price of a cruise. When RCCL drops the price of a cruise our commission becomes less. Yet, we must still collect all the money RCCL wants from a passenger and we do it. We collect both the lower payment for the cruise and the higher so-called taxes. In effect, when RCCL drops its prices we travel agents lose money while Royal Caribbean is still bringing the same amount of money for the sale of the same cruise.
    For instance,instead of collecting $900 for a cruise and $100 for its taxes we now will collect only $800 for the cruise and now $200 for the taxes. This is the perfect way to low ball travel agents on commissions. How do we find out what ‘taxes’ Royal Caribbean is paying and why is they vary per cruise depenging whether a cruise is selling or not. Please advise. Thank you. Cynthia Neu
    Fun & Fitness Travel Club in Virginia.