A Canadian news source, CBC News, reports that cruise passengers on a 31-day Holland America Line (HAL) cruise returning to Vancouver suffered from the ill effects of a norovirus outbreak.

The outbreak involved HAL’s Volendam.  The cruise line, which has experienced more gastrointestinal outbreaks than any other cruise line in the last decade, drained its pools and hot tubs and emptied its libraries to try and contain the spread of the norovirus outbreak.

HAL reported 28 guests and one crew member (2.37 % of the total 1,222 people on board) were sick over Volendam Cruise Ship Norovirus Outbreakthe course of the cruise. At three percent, Health Canada could launch a full investigation but will not because the reported cases did not reach this percentage.

One passenger told CBC that the problem appeared worse to those onboard than just the reported cases: “It had to be quite high, because it seemed like you would never sit at a table at dinner without someone having had it.”

After a few hours of cleaning, the cruise ship sailed on a week-long cruise to Alaska at 5 p.m. on the same day it returned to Vancouver

Yesterday we reported on another HAL disease outbreak on the Veendam.

The last time we reported on the Volendam, the article involved a crew member fatality when a cable to a lifeboat snapped.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Barek

  • Julie

    No one should have boarded the Volendam on May 1, 2013. Buried inside the daiy program was a letter offering my husband and myself a full refund if we still had concerns regarding boarding this repositioned ship traveling to Alaska. We have been home in Washington State since the evening of May 8, 2013. Neither one of us has ever been this ill. I still don’t think the full story is out there yet. We have had the high and low grade fever, cough like we should die and body weakness so bad you just lay. We washed, washed our hands, spent ALOT time in our balcony suite, no side trips or large gatherings. We are still sick and not back to work still. We have been to ER and our DR’s many times. We are three star mariners never been sick on board EVER, but never on this ship or a ship coming out of Asia. Talked to Pinnicle grill staff while having lunch one day and the staff told us that the last three sailings people have been sick. I think it’s time to boycott Holland.