Celebrity Eclipse Cruise ShipA newspaper in the U.K. reports that dozens of passengers were struck down by a "vomiting bug" on board a cruise ship which docked in Southampton yesterday.

The Celebrity Eclipse returned from a two week Mediterranean cruise which departed on May 11th. 

77 passengers and five crew members – 1.8 per cent of those on board the ship – were "laid low" by an illness thought to be the winter vomiting bug norovirus.

A spokesman for Celebrity Cruises said it would undergo an “extensive and thorough” clean now that the vessel had returned to Southampton.


Photo Credit: Wikipedia / Jonathan Schilling 

  • Darren Bowers

    I was on The Celebrity Elcipse as from the 11th~25th May 2013. The Virus I feel was spread I’m afraid to say by most of the guests on board i.e. The elderly clienettle with Wheel chairs because I seen it for myself whilst on board. I do feel some of the Senior Officers on board also could have used The Hand Sanitiser more especially when enterong Reataurants more. We were eating in The Bistro On Five restaurant & 3 Officers at the time of us eating never used The Hsnd Sanisters.

  • Paul Couldwell

    My wife an I have just returned from the cruise up to St Petersburg and Baltic departing on 25th May and returning on 8th June.

    The virus is still prevalent on-board as both myself and wife were taken ill. Also a significant number of other passengers. Clearly looking at the postings the ship has had this problem for some time.
    We took all the precautions including wiping all the surfaces in our cabin with disinfectant wipes and constantly using our own bacterial lotion as well as the ships dispensers.

    Deck 11 which we were on had many people affected.
    This experience has put me off cruising.

  • Linda Kjelgaard

    We returned from another Baltic cruise on the Eclipse today, which departed on June 8th, and can report that the virus is still very much “on board”. Given that the turnaround time between cruises is only a couple of hours, how can they expect to clean sufficiently to get rid of the bugs? They should allow sufficient time to deep clean. It is very tiresome not being allowed to handle/look at a drinks menu, and queueing for crosswords, newspapers, hot drinks and food like school children. Whilst I completely understand the need for precautions, the inconsistencies of procedures make it laughable. For example. you can handle dinner menus and salt and pepper pots in the main restaurant, but not in the buffet restaurant; the waiters in the main restaurant do not wear plastic gloves but those in the buffet restaurant do; there are no restrictions on touching the books in the library or the PC’s etc. Good luck to those leaving Southampton on the Eclipse today!

  • Lynn Stokes

    We also returned from the Baltic cruise yesterday two people in our party were infected it is all well and good building these massive cruise ships that carry lots of people but until they can control Norovirus outbreaks they will always have disgruntled passengers we have been on cruises for the last 12 years but this trip will make us think again about cruising and if we do it will not be with Celebrity apart from a letter in our cabin on the 4th day we had no further info or update on what was happening we just saw more and more sanitising measures being carried out so assumed it was getting worse .Also we were not allowed to dock in Stocknolm we were told it was because of expected high winds but we did wonder if we had been refused entry because of the bug

  • kath satterthwaite

    we also returned from the Baltic cruise with celebrity and two people in our party were stuck down with the virus one having to be put on a drip for 1 hour and injection plus medication no way will they clear the ship of this virus until it is taken off the sea for a deep vlean

  • Beverley Cripps

    We returned from the Eclipse today off a Baltic cruise. The ship was great with very little illness. At the beginning of the cruise some passengers off the same flight apparently were ill, clearly they had unwittingly brought it on board. It was contained and we didn’t hear of anyone being ill. I have actually booked to come back to the Eclipse next year.

  • David Richardson

    On board the Eclipse at present and just recovering from the worst bout of sickness and diarrhoea in my life. Many passengers seem to be affected. Sailed all the way to St Petersburg and never stood on Russian soil.