Bermuda Customs Cruise Ship DrugsA newspaper in Bermuda reports today on two U.S. cruise ship passengers who were fined $1,000 after a small amount of pot was found in their cabins on a cruise ship in port.

In separate cases, two cruise passengers, each aged 53, were arrested after authorities in Bermuda boarded the Norwegian Dawn yesterday and conducted warrant-less searches of cabins on the cruise ship.

One man had 13 grams of cannabis in his cabin and the other had five grams.  

The Magistrate fined each man $1,000 or 100 days in jail.  

Arresting U.S. cruise passengers with small amounts of pot left in the cruise ship cabins is big business in Bermuda. NCL will sell you an all-you-can-drink alcohol package for $49 a day and you can get smashed on the cruise ship and then go to a bar ashore in Bermuda and get hammered and stagger back to the ship. No one cares.

But Bermuda loves to send sniffer dogs onto visiting cruise ships to search empty cabins for a joint or two without a warrant or probable cause. Why? Its easy money.

U.S. passengers with a few joints will Cruise Ship Reefer Madnessalways chose to fork over $1,000 to $3,000 rather than spend a few months in jail in the middle of the Atlantic waiting to fight the charges.

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  • This is not shocking, although to most unsuspecting tourists, it likely will be. Warrantless searches are becoming commonplace all over the US, including the exotic islands, like Bermuda. What shocks me still is that American tourists actually bring things like Marijuana, Cocaine, etc., on board cruise ships. It is like ASKING to be taken advantage of in a foreign country. You are at their disposal and they can do whatever they want to you…unless you are prepared to pay the right price. My advice? Leave it at home. You are not safe when you leave US soil.

  • Tim

    I’ll skip any cruise that goes to Bermuda. I’d hate it if the people in my cabin on the cruise before me left any drugs between the couch cushions.

  • Tony Brannon

    BERMUDA is in the DARK AGES…..

  • Andrew W

    While i understand the problem with the illegal search and seizure… isn’t it their own fault for brining weed with them? Isn’t it illegal on all cruise lines?

    I mean if they are dumb enough to do, shouldn’t they pay for their stupidity.

  • Stir Fry

    Very interesting how quickly and efficiently a drug search operation is conducted yet crime investigations are stalled and stonewalled.