Princess Cruises Crown Princess Toilet Problems"Poop ships" and Carnival have become synonymous this year following the public relations debacle as thousands of passengers aboard the Triumph cruise had to endure several days without working sanitation as they were towed to Mobile Alabama.

This evening, a news station in Houston is reporting that the Carnival-owned Princess Cruises’ Crown Princess is experiencing grand problems with its toilet system as well.

KPRC-Houston reports that the Crown Princess experienced a blockage within the vacuum toilet system which affected some 410 staterooms in the aft part of the cruise ship. The news station quoted a passenger saying "by the bathroom, it was flooded, it was wet in the carpet." Another passenger said the ship "smelled of backed-up sewer." Many passengers couldn’t use the toilets in their cabins. Passengers had to get up in the night and take elevators to use the public restrooms.  One passenger told the Houston news station: "I will never, ever, ever, ever cruise with Princess again, ever."

Our last articles about the Crown Princess included a passenger going overboard last month and a dreaded norovirus outbreak on the Crown Princess during its transatlantic voyage from Venice Italy.   

Hat tip to Professor Ross Klein’s website CruiseJunkie where I first read about the story.

Photo Credit Wikipedia / CB2379  Watch the video below:


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  • Patti taylor

    I was on this ship. Our stateroom was one of the ones affected. It was horrible and all the staff could say is well the public restrooms are working. The entire 14th floor smelled like sewage for days. Luckily I had my sister on the ship in another stateroom with a working toilet so I just kept going to her room.
    I also contracted strep throat on the ship and are now home sick.

  • alfred olsen

    We just returned from a cruise on Crown Princess, 8 people travelling together, our room smelled of sewer for days, toilet did not flush lst day on board, next cabin flooded for half an hour before anyone even came to stop it, all of us were afraid to use the toilets, never knew if they would flush, the ship actually turned off the water on the whole Riveria deck to try and fix the problem, next day toilet would not flush again, Princess did nothing to alleviate our complaints