Cruise Ship Crime Nassau BahamasYesterday it was announced at the marketing debut of Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas, that one of the ports of the new cruise ship would be Nassau in the Bahamas when it was launched in 2014.  My first reaction was that Nassau was a dangerous location to host the new Royal Caribbean cruise ship.

Well today, there is a headline in a newspaper in the Bahamas "Cruise Ships Warn on Crime."  

The newspaper reports that cruise executives have met with Bahamian officials about crime levels in New Providence, and in particular downtown Nassau, escalating at a pace which is no longer safe for passengers. The concern was not just crime affecting passengers but crew members as well. 

From what we hear from cruise passengers who cruise to Nassau, it is not a particularly safe place to visit.  

We have written several articles about the crime problem in Nassau, including the rape of young women who go into the bars near the port.

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  • You are SO right, Jim. Life is just too dangerous for anyone to even consider travelling. Anywhere. By road, by train, by plane or by cruise ship. We should stay at home and venture no further than our backyards. Except that’s where most accidents happen. I’m never going to get out of bed again. You never know what may happen. Except, of course, that whatever you do, there’ll be some crazy lawyer warning of the risks, and ready to take up a lawsuit against whoever is responsible. Because whatever happens to you, wherever it happens, it’s not your fault. There’s always someone else to blame.

  • Captain Greybeard:

    When armed bandits point their guns at 30 cruise passengers in Nassau or rape young women near the port (yes it continues to happen) who were never warned that the tropical cruise vacation advertised and sold by the cruise line included these dangers, I tend not to blame the victims. The cruise lines are legally required to warn their customers of such dangers but usually they don’t because they don’t want to scare off the passengers and their money. “Personal responsibility” are code words for cruise line apologists who don’t believe in “corporate responsibility.”