WTSP in Tampa reports on the plight of the Carnival Legend cruise ship which left last Sunday from the Port of Tampa under full power but will return limping home tomorrow.

There’s a problem with one of the cruise ship’s two propulsion pods that is substantially reducing the Legend’s speed.

Carnival canceled the ship’s port stop at Grand Cayman.

Ironically, the Legend came to the aid of the fire-stricken Carnival Triumph last month. 



  • P. Durnin

    We were on the Legend that left Tampa on March 9th and returned on the 17th. Yes the cruise was cut short but the weather was lousy all week (chilly, windy and raining) so a lot of people stayed on board. The conditions on board were fine except for the fact that the ship went back and forth between 5kn. and 21kn. but there was no discomfort to the passengers that I could tell. Everyone was eating, drinking, dancing, gambling or taking part in all the various activities. Yes t was disappointing that the cruise was cut short and excursions cancelled but we all made it back to Tampa safely and without incident. Very few people were complaining until they disembarked and then saw the media and then they couldn’t wait to get in front of a camera. I can’t complain about the compensation. It could have been a lot less. I would just like to see Carnival do the right thing where the ship maintenance is concerned. Five ships disabled to one degree or another in a month is just five too many.